Picha za Naftali Kinuthia kwenye mtandao wa jamii wa Facebook wiki kabla ya mauaji ya Ivy Wangechi

Ivy Wangechi alizikiwa juma chache zilizopita, sasa korti kuu ya stahili kutoa maamuzi yake kuhusu kuachiliwa kwa dhamana kwa Naftali Kinuthia mwezi wa Juni tarehe kumi na saba, huku akisubiri kesi yake iskizwe ambapo anasingiziwa kumuua mwanafunzi huyo wa chuo kikuu cha matibabu cha Moi.

Ivy Wangechi’s killer reveals why he killed the Moi University student

Mwanasheria Stephen Githinji alitoa uamuzi siku ya Jumatatu baada ya kuskiza maombi la Kinuthia kupitia kwa wakili wake Mbiu Kamau ila iliskumwa kutoka May tisa.

Afisi ya DPP na wakili wa familia ya muathiriwa walilipinga ombi hilo na kuteta kuwa mshukiwa anaweza hitilafiana na mashahidi ama hata kutoroka.

Wakili wake Naftali hata hivyo alimweleza Mwanasheria Githinji kuwa dhamana ni haki iliyo kwenye katiba na hivyo haipaswi kukataliwa isipokuwa kama kuna sababu mzuri sana.

Aliongezea kuwa Naftali amehitimu kupewa dhamana na anafaa adhaniwe kuwa hana hatia hadi watakapo toa ushahidi wa kutosha.

‘Naftali hatapewa dhamana ikiwa tu ata k shubali makosa, korti ikimpata na hatia ama katiba ibadilishwe na kuweka sababu yake kutopewa dhamana,’ Mwanasheria alisema huku akiyataja msingi ulioletwa na mhukumu kuwa flimsy.

Mziki wetu haumdhuru mtu yeyote’ Familia ya Ochungulo yajibu

Wakati wa mwisho Naftali alikuwa na mawasiliano ni kupitia posti zake kwa mitandao za kijamii.

Katika posti moja ya Instagram, ya miezi kadhaa, Naftali aandika:

“kwa sababu mandugu hawaachani waelekee gizani peke yao”

‘We’re really sorry’ Kinuthia’s father apologizes over Ivy Wangechi’s murder

Kwenye ingine ,Naftali aliandika hili chini ya picha aliyokuwa amepiga

”heri achukue hatua asiyojua matokea kuliko kumea kutu”

Kwenye Facebook yake, Naftali anasema alihudhuria shule kuu ya Nyandarua na kwenye uhusianio wake alisema kuwa

”siko kwenye mahusiano yoyote”







Tharaka Nithi residents flee after GSU deployed as police pursue killers of OCS and Chief


Five of the seven people suspected of killing Chuka OCS Joseph Kinyua and Kamaini location chief Japheth Mukengu have been detained for 15 days to allow the police to conclude investigations.

A Chuka court yesterday granted the DPP’s remand request.

Those arraigned and detained are Gerald Kibau, Julius Kinanga, Leah Muthoni Ngige, Sisiria Katora Rochiang and Peter Karani.

They appeared before senior resident magistrate Njoki Kahara.

5 suspects tharaka nithi murder of OCS
Gerald Muteithia for th eStar newspaper

Meanwhile, residents are fleeing their homes, fearing police reprisals.

Heavily armed police officers, including the General Service officers, were combing the area in search of the accomplices of the chief’s and OCS’s killers.

Tharaka Nithi Police Commander Charles Mbatu said five people have been arrested linked to the murder of Kamaindi location chief Japheth Mukengu.

“We plead with the public to avail any information that will help us arrest all the involved suspects,” Mbatu said.

The OCS was hacked to death by David Ikaaba, a butcher at Ugweri market in Embu East, on Wednesday.

Woman’s body found dismembered along Landhies road 


A body of a female found along Landhies road is in the process of being  identified.

Police are investigating an incident in which body parts of a human were found dumped on the roadside in Landhies Road, Nairobi.

The body parts of a female had been chopped off and wrapped in a polythene paper. Police say they found head, both legs and hands in the paper but the torso is missing.

The team that attended the scene said they were called and informed of the presence of the paper this morning before they went to pick it.

The victim has not been identified and indications are that she was killed elsewhere and the parts dumped at the scene. The body parts were taken to the mortuary as investigations go on.

Husband 28, hangs himself after quarreling with wife over conceiving plan following three miscarriages


A newlywed husband hanged himself following a row with his wife ahead of her starting IVF following three miscarriages, an inquest has heard.

Jack Gilbert, 28, and his spouse of one year Gemma were due to undergo IVF after she suffered three miscarriages.

But just three days before they were due to start the course, the couple – who had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary – had a row following which she blocked his calls and text messages.

Mr Gilbert, a joiner, was later found dead at his mother’s home in Adswood, near Stockport in Greater Manchester.

Inquiries revealed that, in the hours before the tragedy, Mr Gilbert had gone to watch the World Cup second round match between England and Columbia.

Videos of him recorded on the night of the match show him looking ‘so happy’ and singing and cheering – but tests showed he had been taking cocaine.

An inquest in Stockport heard the Gilberts had married in July 2017 at the luxurious Tudor Hall in Hale Barns near Altrincham and soon began trying for a baby.

Mrs Gilbert in her 20s, said in a statement: ‘We had a whirlwind romance. Jack had a little boy called Archie with his ex-girlfriend and we saw him a lot.

‘He proposed to me in Tenerife and we got married at Tudor Hall in Hale Barns. We had a few ups and downs, we were trying for a baby.

‘In February 2018 we lost a baby and Jack left home for three days and would not answer my calls or texts. On July 3, 2018 we argued again and he called me names and checked my phone.

‘I told him he had no right. I said something like ‘go get it out your system’ and told him to come back when we were on the same wavelength.

‘I met him in the pub though and he seemed happy to see me. When we were leaving, I told him that my brother was angry about the way he had been treating me. He was really angry and just went back into the pub.

‘I spoke to him the following morning and we argued. I spent the day with a friend and wanted to clear my head for a bit. I didn’t find out that he died until I turned my phone on at about 11pm.

‘He never gave any indication that he would harm himself. We had only just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and were hoping to start our own family.’

Mr Gilbert’s mother Michelle Mulvihill told the hearing: ‘Jack was a lovely person. He was very popular and kind-hearted. He worked hard and had many friends.

‘He was a massive part of our family. We were always together, all of us. He was a great dad. I did not think he had any problems with his mental health whatsoever. He was a smiley, happy person.

‘He got married to Gemma about a year before he died. They had been arguing, they were due to start IVF on the Saturday. Gemma had three miscarriages so there was quite a lot of stress.

‘But the arguments were nothing more than you would expect. He had just won a massive contract at work. Everything was going great. He only drank alcohol socially at weekends like any other 28-year-old.’

Recalling the days leading up to the tragedy, she added: ‘On July 3 I came home from work and my eldest daughter asked if she could take me out for tea. Jack rang me and asked if I could come pick him up. I would never say no to him, that night I told him I was out for tea.

‘He said he was already at the pub with some friends watching the England match but said that his suitcase was at my house for good. It was about 8 o’clock when I told him to make his own way home.

‘I rang after the game to see if he wanted picking him but he didn’t pick up. There are videos of him that evening when they had won and was singing and cheering, he looks so happy.

‘When I got up for work the next morning I looked in the bedroom and he was not there. I had been calling him all morning and got through to him in the afternoon, he just said he had stayed at a friend’s house.

‘He sounded tired but nothing that I would not expect. He spoke to his sister on the phone as well, I just told him to get some rest.

‘I got home from work at about 6pm. I went into the bedroom and the bed looked like it was quite messed up as though someone had been on it but he was not there. Then I found him in the bathroom.’

The hearing was told Mr Gilbert’s GP records show that he never reported having any symptoms of depression or anxiety and was never prescribed any medication for his mental health.



‘Walimukata kata,’ cries father of murdered former Nation Media employee, Monicah Kimani

The nation is riling from the news of another young woman who has been brutally murdered.

Monicah Nyawira Kimani who is a former Nation Media group employee, was found dead at her house in Luciane apartments on Kitale Lane, off Dennis Pritt road.

Monica’s body was discovered by her brother George Thiru, on Thursday floating in a bathtub inside her apartment.

“….tulivunja mlango tukaingia, nilipata amekatwa shingo na ako dipped in a bathtub with her hands tied and the water was running,” George told the media.

Now, the family is crying foul over her murder pointing fingers at two unidentified men who visited the 29-year-old woman.

Died too young! Here is how Monicah Kimani lived her life on the fast lane (Photos)

George claims that the late Monicah introduced the two men by name to a neighbour before she ushered them into the apartment.

Their father, Bishop Paul Ngarama of Rebuilding Apostolic Faith Mission church, explained that his family had been unable to follow up with the witness – who had talked to the people who last saw her daughter.

Apparently the management of the apartment blocks has barred them from talking to the neighbour to get more details.

Bishop Paul Ngarama narrated how he found out Monicah had been killed. His son called him after discovering her body floating in the bath tab, with her hands tied to her back.

“I started praying, then my son told me, ‘Ohhh Monicah wamemuua, wame mukatakata.’ I started crying there and then. I couldn’t believe what he was talking about.”

Her brother added, “Her birthday was next month and she had arranged with my brother to host a party, because most of her birthdays are done in South Sudan because she works there. So she was supposed to do a birthday here with everyone. She has organised to call everyone from the grandma to everyone.”

George said that the last time he spoke to her she was in a cab heading home. The conversation was hurried.

Former Nation Media Group employee murdered in her apartment speaks from the grave

Monicah-KimaniLater when George called Monicah again, she did not pick up, neither did she respond to his Whatsapp message. This caused some alarm bells to go off in his head.

George went to visit her a day later, on Thursday night at 11pm only to find her floating dead in her bath tab.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, George said, “She was keen to return to Nairobi as she was supposed to fly to Dubai for a holiday. In fact she was to return back from her holiday on September 28. Sadly, this was never to be and this is the day we are planning to bury her.”


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Former Nation Media Group employee murdered in her apartment speaks from the grave

Monicah Nyawira Kimani was found dead in her apartment on Kitale Lane off Dennis Pritt road by her brother George Thiru.

Monicah’s hands were tied behind her, her throat was slit and she was floating on the bathtab, dead.

The murders locked her house and left with the keys. The police are yet to make any arrests.


The grieving family described Monicah as a fan loving, kind and hardworking person. Who shall forever be missed.

Churchill show comedianne Jemutai’s photo back in the day will make you praise God

 Monicah’s last Facebook posts spoke volumes to who she was as a person.

In one post, Monicah wrote: “When you have your own its just great only look towards God not man.”

Followed by this powerful and impairing quote.

Monicah Kimani

Her last post was about her sporting activity in South Sudan with what looks like work colleagues at the Dr. Biar Sports Complex. This was on September 16.

Monicah wrote, “I can kick a ball ⚽️ and surprisingly to many am good at it l. Sunday fun work out.”

Another post that caught our attention was one where she was talking about mental health.

Singer Otile Brown claims Vera Sidika aborted their child in his new jam!

She then shared the following photos.

Monicah Kimani

Monicah Kimani

Monicah wrote, “Reminding all family and friends…”

Addressing it to her close pals, “My house is a safe zone. Coffee/tea can be on in minutes, or if you prefer a glass of wine, easily done. My sofa is a place of peace and non-judgment and somewhere for you to stay if you need. Anyone who needs to chat is welcome anytime. We can talk, share a laugh or two, or just listen. It’s no good suffering in silence.”

She continued, “We can can cook food (it doesn’t have to be perfect) we can eat and cry. We can go for a walk. I will always do my best to be available…you are always welcome! This is an old value that has been lost to technology…a text, facetime, gif or emoji is nowhere near the same as face to face communication. Could at least one friend please copy this and re-post. #mentalhealthawareness #itsokaynottobeokay.”

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Mtoto auwawa na babake mdogo kwa jembe

Wananchi katika kijiji cha madende kaunti ndogo ya nambale kaunti ya busia wameachwa vinywa wazi baada ya mwanamme mmoja mwenye umri wa miaka 27 kukata kichwa cha mtoto mvulana mwenye umri wa miaka minne wa nduguye na kuanza kutembea nacho barabarani.

Kulingana na ocpd wa nambale Robert Ndambiri na chife wa kata hiyo Gerishom Wandera Pate, mwanamme huyo mwenye akili taahira alimtaka mtoto huyo kichwa kwa kutumia jembe kabla ya kwenda nacho barabarani.

Hata hivyo wananchi walimrejesha kwa boma alikotendea kitendo hicho cha unyama na kumjeruhi kichwani kutumia jembe lilo hilo.

Maafisa wa polisi waliondoa mwili wa mtoto huyo pamojana jamaa huyo akiwa hali mahututi lakini akaaga dunia alikokuwa anapelekwa hospitalini.

Leornard Acharry Ojiambo

‘We were so shocked to find her dead near a river,’ family of a girl killed on Valentine storm Tigoni police station

The family of a 30-year-old woman who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend on Valentines Day yesterday stormed Tigoni police station demanding his arrest.

The family confronted the police over the manner in which they were conducting their investigations, after collecting her body at Tigoni Hospital mortuary for burial.

Simon Ndung’u, a family member, said Grace Wanjiku was found dead on February 15 near a river at the Rironi area, Limuru, after allegedly spending the Valentines Day with her boyfriend.

“We were so shocked to find her dead near a river since we knew she was planning a wedding with him. I, however, didn’t know the progress of their plans,” Ndung’u said.

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Wanjiku’s father Samuel Kung’u said they decided to bring the coffin with her remains at the police station, since the suspect is still loitering around Limuru, Rironi and Kabuku trading centre.

“We are wondering why he has not been arrested since we have given the police all the information they asked for. We hear the suspect has been asking about the funeral plans and the plans after. We don’t know the reason,” he said.

The mourners sang dirges at the reception.

Area DCI boss Mwenda Itheiba, however, told them no one had come forward to give information of the whereabouts of the suspect.

“We are investigating the incident. I know how painful it is to lose a loved one. The problem is we hear he was seen last night or yesterday but no one has given us a tip off saying, he is at this particular area. Today in the morning, my officers reported to me that they spoke with you and you said you were going for her funeral, but you never asked the difficulties we are facing in apprehending him,” he said.

Itheiba urged the family and the mourners to give the police information of where the suspect is, so that he is arrested and help them with information regarding the victims murder.

Wanjiku was later buried at Gatimu village in Rironi location.


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Mali, Mali! Hawker sentenced to death for murdering his step brother

A quarry worker yesterday was sentenced to death for killing his stepbrother nine years ago. Patrick Muiru killed Joseph over a grudge with his stepmother on April 27, 2009, in Kangoo village, Thika town.

“The fact and the cause of death of the deceased was proved beyond reasonable doubt by the evidence of four prosecution witnesses, all of whom witnessed the body of the deceased being retrieved from the family borehole,” High Court judge James Wakiaga said.

He said killing of his stepbrother and dumping his body in the family borehole was inhuman since he had an obligation to protect him. “I find that such kind of a man cannot be allowed to continue living in the society. I therefore sentence him to death as provided by the law for murder offences,” Justice Wakiaga ruled.


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Mnyama! Riruta MCA accused of brutal rape, torture and murder of wife, Lucy Njambi takes plea

Former Riruta MCA Samuel Ndung’u was charged in a Kiambu court on Friday with the torture-murder of his 24-year-old wife.

Appearing before High Court judge Joel Ngugi, he was accused of killing Susan Njambi on January 24 in Thindigua Estate, Kiambu. He was charged with others not before the court. She was raped, doused with acid, forced to drink a corrosive substance and left for dead.

Ndung’u pleaded not guilty and requested to be freed on bond. The prosecution opposed his release. It said Ndung’u might interfere with witnesses, who are close family members of the deceased.

Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru said if freed he would make “the victims apprehensive when testifying against him”.

“The vulnerable victims are five. Release of the accused will make them feel threatened. The court should also put them under the witness protection programme,” he said.

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But Ndung’u’s lawyer Robert Mutito said he has been cooperative since January 24, when he was arrested. Ndung’u hasn’t interfered with police probe or family members, he said.

“He has not and will not interfere with the witnesses,” Mutito said.

Ndung’u asked that he be detained in Kiambu police cells, where it would be convenient for him to get medication because he has asthma.

Judge Ngugi ruled, however, that he be remanded at the Nairobi Remand Home and provided with medical attention. He scheduled bond terms hearing for February 19 and told the prosecution to file witness affidavits about their protection, and serve the defence within three days.

Ndung’u was arrested after Njambi reported he and other two men assaulted and raped her, then doused her face with acid. She sustained more than 70 per cent burns. Njambi said they had picked her from her home in Thindigua Estate in Kiambu town.

The mother of a four-year-old boy was later abandoned at an isolated coffee farm near Kamiti Corner along the Kiambu-Ruiru road. She crawled to the main road, where good Samaritans took her to Kiambu police and later to Kiambu Level-Five Hospital. She died at KNH.

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