NAIVASHA: 25-year-old barber stabs 58-year-old lover to death after falling out

A twenty five year old barber has murdered his 58 year-old lover in Kinungi village of Naivasha after falling out.

The suspect first strangled the elderly woman before stabbing her six times on various parts of the body before fleeing.

The body of the mother of seven was discovered by members of the public lying on a bed in the suspect’s house on Sunday morning after missing for three days.

Emotions ran high as police moved in to collect the body before launching a manhunt for the suspect who was said to be a loner.

According to James Kabono, a cousin to the deceased the two had a relationship for a long time though area residents were opposed to this.

Kabono said that his cousin went missing on Thursday last week and effort to trace her had been fruitless.

“We decided to check on the suspect’s house and we found it locked and on breaking in we found the body lying in bed and covered in a blanket,” he said.

Area chief Michael Ng’ang’a said that there were indications that the woman was first strangled before been stabled on several parts of the body.

The chief added that the whereabouts of the suspect remained unknown but was confident that police would catch up with him.

“The two were lovers for a long time but no one knows what transpired leading to this brutal murder,” said the chief.

Meanwhile a middle aged man was hit and killed by a speeding motorist along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on Saturday night.

The accident near Mithuri estate in Naivasha affected the flow of traffic before police moved in and towed the wreck of the ill-fated from the road.

A witness James Karanja said that the man was allegedly drunk when he was hit by the car that was heading to Nairobi from Nakuru.

He said that the number of pedestrians killed along the section of the road were on the rise mainly in the evening.

“We are losing at least two persons every fortnight due to road accidents and the only solution lies in erecting speed bumps,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the two incidents adding that the bodies had been collected and taken to the area mortuary and inquest files opened.

-Anthony Gitonga

Son of a prominent businessman arrested for allegedly murdering his mother

Police in Naivasha have arrested a son of a prominent businessman who has been on the run for two weeks after claims of murdering his mother.

The middle aged suspect was arrested at Gachie trading center in Kiambu County where he has been hiding following a tip off from members of the public.

According to a resident James Kamau, the suspect who is the last born of the well-known family ran away from the family home hours after allegedly committing the act at Lake View estate in Naivasha.

Kamau said on the fateful day, the son went home and raised an argument with her mother before he hit her with a blunt object on the head.

“The mother died two days later after being admitted at a private hospital in Nairobi and was buried a week ago in Kinangop and the son has been on the run ever since,” he said.

He said the suspect had on several occasions quarreled with the mother over the sale of multi-million assets left behind by his father who passed away eight years ago.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the arrest saying they had been looking for the suspect since the incident happened.

Waweru said the suspect had been in close contact with his friends adding that they traced the communication to Gachie area where he was found in a single roomed house.

“We are concluding our investigations and he will be arraigned in court anytime to face various charges including those of murder,” he said.


-Anthony Gitonga

NAIVASHA: Body of decomposing minor who went missing found lying in bushes

A somber mood engulfed residents of Marula in Naivasha after the decomposing of a minor who went missing a month ago was found in lying in some bushes off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Tears flowed freely and screams rent the air as police moved in to collect the remains of the boy who was said to be epileptic.

The class four boy minor had left home for school but did not come back prompting the family to begin his search.

According to a local elder Peter Wanyoike, the family had sleepless nights before the body was found by herders near the vast Marula farm on Tuesday morning.

Wanyoike said although the deceased had been ailing for some time, he was quiet and did not mingle with friends complicating his search that also involved police.

“It is sad that after our search that took us to nearly all places in and out of Naivasha we have come to a painful ending,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident saying the badly decomposed body had been collected and taken to the Naivasha sub-county hospital mortuary.

Meanwhile over ten families were forced to spend the night in the cold following a fierce fire that gutted down several homes at Kabati estate in Naivasha.

The fire whose cause was not immediately known spread fast due to strong winds leaving the owners counting losses running into thousands of shillings.

Ironically this is the second time in two months that the residential plot has been hit by a fire incident with locals calling for thorough investigations.

A resident Alice Mwihaki said the fire began from one of the houses and spread fast to the rest before fire fighters from the county government arrived to contain it.

“Nothing could be salvaged due to the prevailing winds but we managed to rescue all the occupants so there were no injuries,” she said.

The OCPD confirmed the incident saying investigations have commenced though the cause could not be identified.

“We thank the county government for responding in time before the fire could spread to other areas and we are also appealing to well wishers to help the affected families,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga

Learning in NYS training college paralyzed after a recruit drowned in a dam

Learning in NYS training college in Naivasha was paralyzed after a recruit fell and drowned in a dam in the institution unclear circumstances.

The 24-year-old recruit was on his way back to the institute from the nearby Karati trading center when he fell into the flooded dam located a few meters from the college.

Soon after the incident police from Naivasha moved in to investigate the case as the body of the deceased was identified as Kevin Majimbo.

Soon after the incident was reported, police moved in and with the help of NYS officers managed to drain the dam before the body was recovered.

A witness who declined to be named said that the recruit was stationed in a camp located near the training college when the incident occurred.

He said that guards on duty spotted the trainee who had sneaked out returning to the camp and challenged him to stop but he fled.

“The guards claim that they came to learn of the drowning in the morning after searching for the fleeing recruit in vain,” said the witness.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident adding that an inquest file had been opened though initial investigations pointed to drowning.

“The guards claim that the deceased slipped and fell into a dam but we have launched our own investigations following the incident,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga


Naivasha Couple Arrested After Their 2-month Old Ailing Baby Died While Undergoing Prayers

A middle-aged couple from a village in Naivasha has been arrested by police after their two month old ailing child died while undergoing prayers in one of the clergy’s home.

The couple who hails from the Church of God and which does not believe in hospitals were arrested in Kinungi village for negligence.

This came as it emerged that this was the third child the family which does not believe in hospitals had lost in the last couple of years.

The area has tens of members of the church (Kanitha Wa Ngai) which does not believe in modern medicine but relies on spiritual intervention when sick.

First to be arrested was the mother of the infant after she went to seek a burial permit from the area chief hours after the incident.

According to the Chief Simon Ng’ang’a, cases of negligence among members of the church were on the rise in the area.

He said that they were seeking the religious leader of the church who escaped after learning that police were seeking him in connection with the death.

“We have arrested the husband and the wife in connection with the death and we are waiting for a postmortem report to determine if the death was caused by negligence,” he said.

Ng’ang’a noted that this was the third minor from the family to die while undergoing prayers in the same church after falling ill.

“In the past the family had lost two other minors after ailing and it has emerged that this is due to negligence and they will be charged on court,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga

Mother, Four Siblings Among Those Arrested Over Sh8b NYS scam

The purge against suspects involved in the mega-NYS corruption scandal kicked off in earnest with five suspects arrested in Naivasha.

Incidentally, the five suspects are from one family and their companies had been listed among those that illegally received part of the loot of the NYS cash.

The five who included a mother and her four siblings were arrested in their palatial home in Lakeview estate in Naivasha following a raid by CID officers.

During the raid, the investigating officers confiscated three cars from the homes of the suspects and towed them to Naivasha police station as part of the investigations.

Among those arrested was Ann Wambere Ngirita who was in the news last week after she allegedly received Sh60m from NYS yet she had not delivered any goods.

Others were her mother Lucy Wambui, younger sister Njeri Ngirita, older brother Jeremiah Gichini and his wife Catherine Mwai.

Relatives watched in horror as the family was herded into two waiting police vehicles before been transferred to Nairobi waiting to be charged.

Two of the suspects were accompanied by their young babies to police cells as investigations into the mega-scandal took in its first victims.

Drama started at around 4am when the sleuths raided the homes of one of the suspect arresting him as he slept.

Later in the day, they moved to the other homes briefly holding them at Naivasha police station before whisking them to Nairobi.

According to a source who declined to be named, various companies associated with the five had received part of the NYS loot.

The officer who is not authorized to speak to the press said that the five were directors of the companies that had fraudulently received the cash.

“The five have been taken to CID headquarters in Nairobi to record their statements and we expect to charge that with various offences,” said the officer.

“The Ngirita family is among those who for years have supplied NYS Gilgil with goods mainly cereal products and vegetables,”

Some of the companies associated with the Ngirita family and which are under investigations include Ngiwaco Enterprises, Njewanga enterprises, Ngirisipa, Pamuco and Ann Wambere Wanjiku investments.

It also is emerging that six commercial banks and their executives could be forced to pay hefty fines for facilitating the NYS pay-outs.

-Anthony Gitonga

Two Suspects Behind Rape, Robbery Cases Lynched In Kayole, Naivasha

Residents of Kayole estate in Naivasha can now have sound sleep after two suspects said to behind a spate of rapes and robberies in the area were lynched by members of the public.

The two were cornered while ferrying suspected stolen pork meat on Tuesday morning and set ablaze before police could come to their rescue.

The main suspect nicknamed ‘Machete’ due to the weapon he used to carry and antagonize his victims with had been on the run after defiling a five year old girl and the mother a week ago.

Former Lake view MCA Simon Wanango Wanyoike narrated he they have had sleepless nights trying to deal with the increased cases of insecurity in the area.

Wanyoike said everyone was afraid of the two suspects who would attack even during day time raping women and carting away household goods.

“They begun robbing from houses then they went ahead and started raping women and defiling school going children before members of the public caught up with them,” he said.

According to another witness Steve Mwangi, the two suspects have been terrorizing residents mainly in the evening as they left their places of work for home.

He said that after the two were cornered in their house, word went round that they would be lynched in a public place where they committed the atrocities.

“All motorcycle operators were involved in the operation and we decided it was time for them pay for their deeds,” he said.


-Anthony Gitonga

Kifo hakina huruma! 5-year-old boy killed, property worth thousands of shillings destroyed in Mai Mahiu floods

A five year old boy was killed and property worth thousands of shillings destroyed following flash-floods that his Mai Mahiu area in Naivasha overnight.

The floods from Kijabe hills wrecked havoc in the area with sand being washed to the Mai Mahiu-Narok highway for the umpteenth time.

The minor was in the company of other pupils when they decided to cross a flooded section and was overwhelmed by the gushing waters.

According to a resident Paul Kimani, the group was heading home after class but the rest managed to cross safely.

Kimani said a four-year old girl was also swept by the waters but was rescued a few meters from the scene by a well wisher who was passing nearby.

“Due to the nature of the situation, the well wisher could not save both of them and the body of the young boy was recovered minutes later after an alarm was raised,” he said.

Mai Mahiu chief Zachariah Igeria confirmed the incidence and called on parents to be careful of catastrophes occasioned by the ongoing rains in the area.

Igeria said the body had been collected and taken to Naivasha sub county hospital mortuary while the rescued girl was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The chief at the same time said they were monitoring situation on the highway as one way of avoiding accidents due to the rains.

“The washing of sand to the road has been contained but we will continue to observe the same in conjunction with the relevant government departments,” he said.

Meanwhile food produce worth thousands of shillings has gone to waste in Eburru village Gilgil Sub County after roads in the agricultural rich area were rendered impassable by the rains.

Farmers have been left counting losses with vehicles that had gone to pick the produce for the market being stuck for the third consecutive day.

According to a youth leader Joseph Muchendu, the blame lay with the county government which promised to rehabilitate roads in the area but was yet to do so.

Muchendu termed the roads from Gilgil-Eburru and Naivasha-Eburru as the most affected and called on area MP Martha Wangari to intervene and save the situation.

“Governor Lee Kinyanjui went round this area that is the bread basket of the two towns promising to look at the infrastructure but this has turned to be an empty promise,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga

Fears of a disease outbreak hit several estates in Naivasha town

Fears of a disease outbreak have hit several estates in Naivasha town and its suburbs following an acute water shortage.

The shortage has been blamed on three water pumps belonging to Naivasha Water Sewerage and Sanitation Company (NAIVAWASS) that blew up due to power upsurge.

Following the move residents of Kabati and Upper site which are the most affected have been forced to dig deeper into their pockets to get water.

Already, water vendors have doubled the price of a 20lt jerrican from Sh10 to Sh20 as the crisis headed to the fourth week.

According to one of the affected consumers Liz Wambui, the shortage had adversely affected sanitation in Kabati, Site and Lakeview estates.

Wambui added that water vendors had taken advantage of the situation to increase the price of water making it unaffordable to many.

“For the last three weeks we have not received a drop of water despite getting inflated water bills from the Naivasha water company,” she said.

Speaking on phone, the water company MD Joseph Theuri admitted that some estates did not have water due to the pump crisis.

He was however quick to add that engineers were working to revive the pumps adding that one of them was already back in operation.

“There was a power surge three weeks ago which blew up three pumps and this saw some estates go without water,” he said.

Theuri added that the company had been forced to use over Sh2m to repair the pumps located around DTI College off the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

“Due to the crisis we had to ration water in some estates but by next week the problem will be resolved and water flow will be back to normal,” he said.

Meanwhile Nakuru county government has started unclogging the town’s drainage system following a visit by the governor Lee Kinyanjui last week.

According to Viwandani MCA Eric Gichuki, several streets that were affected by the floods had been cleaned in a bid to resolve the perennial problem.

“We have also managed to divert all water from Kinangop away from Naivasha town and the issue of flooding will now be a thing of the past,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga

Shock as police arrest drunk students as young as 13 years in Naivasha

Residents of Naivasha are in shock after police arrested a group of drunk students some as young as 13 years old engaging in illicit sexual activities.

During the arrest near the town center, majority of the youths escaped while ten of them and who included seven girls were arrested some too drunk to even walk.

The students from different schools had converged in the house belonging to a parent of one of their colleagues for a house party when they were arrested.

According to a witness Simon Kibe, the teenagers had arrived in the house in the morning each carrying liquor and cigarettes.

Kibe added that as the day went on, the youths became drunk hauling abuses to neighbors and playing loud music.

“The tenants became agitated and informed the police who moved in and arrested the group while others managed to escape,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident adding that the youths would be arraigned in court facing various challenges.

“Though they are minors the rule of the law must be followed and we are calling on parents to be keen on the whereabouts of their children especially during the school holidays,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga