The Sky Is The Limit! Former NTV News Anchor Larry Madowo Joins BBC As Business Editor

Former NTV news anchor, Larry Madowo has joined The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as a business editor, the broadcaster has confirmed.

Larry Madowo terminates contract writing Front Row column with the Daily Nation

Madowo joins BBC just weeks after quitting NTV where he had been presenting prime time news bulletin alongside Victoria Lubadiri and had been a popular figure on TV screens among the youth, a connection which he grew thanks to ‘The Trend Show’ which he left last year.

Larry Madowo joins the BBC on Wednesday 11th April, leading the new Business Unit. The appointment is part of the BBC World Service continuing expansion in TV nad digital video content for audiences in Africa, including new business programmes. BBC’s statement read in part.


Kwaheri Ya Kuonana! Larry Madowo Treated To A Farewell Party As He Leaves NTV

Madowo could not hide his joy after he put pen to paper to his new deal which will see him work with the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation.

“I am thrilled to be joining BBC and look forward to amplifying stories about entrepreneurship, ingenuity and innovation that I’ve witnessed as I have travelled all over Africa..”  He said.

It’s an honour to be part of a bold new team that will tell authentic African stories for audiences across multiple platforms.Added Madowo.

We wish Madowo all the best in his future endeavors!

Has she found a new career? Former NTV host Sheila Mwanyigah impresses fans with her next project


Former NTV host Sheila Mwanyigah is proving she is not about to go broke anytime soon.

Celebrities these days are just stunning Kenyans with all manner of news. From Swaleh Mdoe selling his kidney after declaring he is dead broke, it’s not shocking for us to hear someone else who may be headed in that direction.

Sheila has taken up a new project, and it appears to be some construction project, as she handles an excavation machine. She shared videos on her social media, to show off her skills when handling the machine.

The former AM Live host shouted the news saying;

Woooohoooooo🎉🥂📸 I tried something new and sooooo wooooohoooo today!!!
Learned how to operate an excavating machine!! 🤩🤩🤩 How do I want one of these for my own???

Her fans had opinions about her skills at the job site;

xnickyhyox…That looks really fun

pkilonzo738..I like your heart, so courageous💞👍

chrishivutse..Wooow Sheila ur super star

hatterlloydclifton..You Never Know What You Can Do Until You Try !!!!.

mayking_loney..Hii iko na wenyewe lol

maina_kimondo..Is the jacket different for all exercises

gabby_mwalii..Hahahaha tumia tu vitz lol

liammakau..Your face 😂😂😂 depiction of a kid in a candy store! 😂

paulkyalo42..this gyal though

mesimariaMao kwatimaa malagho, big ups

oimekameka..You’re making it look a hard task!

lutomiagodfrey..Go girl go….

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Communications Authority Shuts Down Citizen, NTV Ahead Of Raila Swearing-in

The Communications Authority has shut down Citizen and Inooro TV ahead of Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s inauguration at Uhuru Park.

Royal Media said the CAK switched off its ADN signals at the Limuru station, disabling all transmission. Radio stations in parts of the country have also been affected.

Nation Media’s free to air platforms are also down because of control by the authority but access through DSTV has not been interrupted.

Wachira Waruru, who is Royal Media Services managing editor, confirmed the shutdown and said they were looking into solutions.

“We would like to confirm that this morning the Communication Authority disconnected Citizen and Inooro TV transmission,” he said.

“There has been no official communication as to why this action was taken. We are actively engaging the relevant government authorities to establish the reason for this action.”

Waruru said they hope to resume normal transmission as soon as possible.

The authority is yet to give a comprehensive report on the shutdown but on Monday, the government threatened to switch off and revoke the licenses of media houses that cover the controversial swearing-in of the two Opposition leader.

According to Ipsos, Royal Media and Nation are the most influential brands, respectively, in Kenya.

RMS beats Nation Media Group, the region’s biggest media house, which runs Nation, Kenya’s leading newspaper in terms of circulation and readership.

NMG also runs NTV and two radio stations. Standard comes in at position three.

Kenya Editors Guild chairman, Linus Kaikai, took issue with the summoning of media managers from the main media houses to State House, where shutdown threats were reportedly issued.

Editors were divided after allegations that State House on Friday threatened to shut down TV stations that will broadcast the event live.

Kaikai said the direct threat was subsequently echoed off record by other senior members of the government.

-Nancy Agutu

Arama Za Dukuduku! Comedian Teacher Wanjiku Makes Major Comeback At Churchill Show As Kenyans React

Teacher Wanjiku born Caroline Wanjiku Tharau is one of the funniest female comedians in town.

Wanjiku made a major comeback last week at the Churchill show during the Churchill at 40 edition, one that celebrated 15 years of the comedy show and 40 years of Daniel Ndambuki’s life.

And yes, she has changed.

The sexy lass who has lost weight since giving birth shocked fans after making a comeback showcasing her new bod and look.

Churcill himself then took to social media to appreciate the comedian for the successful comeback.

“The comeback of the night!
Wanaume na kuenda Kinyozi mara mbili kwa wiki 😂 😂 😂
Thank you teacher wanjiku and a Happy Birthday to you too!


Since she left Churchill show, Teacher Wanjiku has bagged major advertising deals but has failed to capture fans’ attention like she used to.

Let’s just hope the lass will go back to stand up comedy where she will capture the audience’s interest and make them laugh again.

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Photos Of Linus Kaikai’s Palatial Home And The Supportive Beautiful Woman Behind His Success (PHOTOS)

Linus Kaikai is without a doubt one of the best journalists Kenya has ever produced. The award-winning journalist was among the first clique of media personalities who made the Kenyan TV industry what it is today. He has risen through the ranks to become one of the sought after media personalities around.

Linus Kaikai

Kaikai, who is the current Managing Editor of a leading TV station, NTV, is among the few celebrities who have managed to keep their lives under wraps.

As they say, behind every successful man there’s a supportive woman and Linus Kaikai is no exception. He is married to a beautiful woman, Jacinta Mueni Kaikai. The power couple, who got married in a colourful wedding ceremony that was held at Nkoroi Catholic Church in Ongata Rongai in December 2012, have been blessed with three children; 2 sons and a daughter namely; Lenkai, Leon and Resiato.

Well, while many are struggling to make ends meet, Kaikai and his family are enjoying life. They are living in a multi-million shilling palatial home that can be compared to Kenyan politicians’ homes.

More photos of Linus Kaikai’s home have surfaced leaving many green with envy. Here they are;


Linus Kaikai


Linus Kaikai




Linus Kaikai









Linus Kaikai

Also, check out photos of the beautiful woman who has melted Kaikai’s heart


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni



Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni



Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni


 Jacinta Mueni Kaikai






 Jacinta Mueni Kaikai


 Jacinta Mueni Kaikai


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni


Linus Kaikai and his wife Jacinta Mueni




Here are photos of Allan Wanga and His Wife Brenda Mulinya that prove they are the most adorable couple

Kweli waliangukiana!

She has been on our screens for the longest time now, while he has put Kenya on the world map in the field of sports.

Brenda and Allan Wanga are one beautiful couple who have clearly grown stronger together through the years.

Their love is a match made in heaven as she met while through her love for sorts. Brenda is a sports reporter on NTV, and Allan plays for Tusker FC. Any sports enthusiast and a lover of love, will surely appreciate these two.

I mean just look at some of the cute things he posts about his gorgeous wife. Who wouldn’t love such a man?

You can’t make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to the person to realize your worth.

Here are cute photos of the two love-birds through the years, proving they have grown stronger in love since their paths crossed.










“We Cried Together & Slept Together After My father’s Funeral” – Janet Kanini’s Sisters Eulogizes Her


How would you describe Janet? How can you talk about an amazing shining meteoric personality. Janet was always very much her own person, with her own unique way of seeing and doing things. She was born 4 years behind us and was very much the darling of our parents. In her early years, she used to love playing so much and would be chasing us to play hide and seek and catch, when we were trying to get our homework done.

She loved dolls and had one favorite one called Betty. She also loved cats, much to our parents chagrin, as they thought that these pets were the cause of her frequent sore throats and skin infections. This was way before Horatio, the long haired dog sitting at home! Janet was the darling of everyone who met her, particularly her grandmother, Grannie,met her, particularly her grandmother, Grannie, Mary Kanini Kitwa, whom she was named after.
janet 2
Whereas we two elder siblings were more into the sciences, it was in the arts where Kanini or Kan, as we called her, really excelled. She loved to dance to music from Top of the Pops and wanted to have piano and guitar classes. She was a dreamer from early on, with questions about why things were the way they were and why they couldn’t be changed. She looked up to us and to her older cousins and close friends for guidance and was always asking us questions. She had a fearless spirit, shown
by the fact that she was the quickest to learn how to ride a bike and how to swim! Janet absolutely loved her time in campus.
She found her studies easy, and immensely enjoyed the freedom offered there. She had lots of creative outlets for her energy, some in theatre and arts and several social ones too! Janet found a new social engagement there. Our parents missed her and would complain that she wasn’t coming home as frequently as they wanted. However, Janet would endeavor to be home at least twice a month, even if only to do laundry and stock up on chapati. Janet was deeply involved in planning Juliana’s wedding. She was a part of the lineup and brought amazing charm to the group. She was a doting aunt to Kirigo and Ndunge. George and Janet lovingly took care of their nieces when Juliana was studying in South Africa. When Naima made a family with Cecilia, Janet and George stood as alternate parents.
Janet took each stage of her life with amazing enthusiasm. Even when she thought that storm clouds were gathering she would find something bright to talk about. When our father fell ill, she was always in the house trying to make him laugh. She would entertain him with stories of her day’s activities and leave him with a smile on his face. In April 2015 we planned to have Easter together as a family. Janet woke up with some pain in her leg. She was however determined that the holiday should proceed as planned.
All the children were helped to bond using a ball game and some kites that we bought at Nyayo Stadium roundabout. She made sure everybody had a great time, even though she was in pain. She went to hospital after coming back, and the rest is as you know Janet was a sister we had a great relationship with.
janet 1
We laughed and loved and quarreled and made up with gusto. We danced together to my mother’s old records, and laughed at my dad’s version of twist dance. We cried together and slept together after my father’s funeral. We shared secrets and we knew that they were absolutely safe since only us 3 musketeers know about them. She has now gone before us to sing and dance in heaven with dad. To you loving sister, we say we miss you and love you. We remember your faith and dedicate these words to you: “I know not why God’s wondrous grace to me hath been made known Nor why unworthy as I am He claimed me for his own But I know whom I have believed And am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed Unto Him against that day.

House Team To Question Nairobi Aviation College Over Fake Certificates

A Nairobi Aviation College in Nairobi. | image source:

Nairobi Aviation College Communications Manager Eric Okulubera flanked by the Institution’s Kahawa Campus Principal Norah Joseph addresses the press at a Nairobi hotel on Monday, February 02 over protests by students after an expose by a local TV station titled certificates of doom. | image source:

Officials of the troubled Nairobi Aviation College will today meet the parliamentary team investigating its operations.

The officials will face the Parliamentary Committee on Education over allegations that the college admits unqualified students and issues fake certificates.

An expose, Certificates of Doom, aired on NTV last month, showed lecturers taking bribes from students in exchange for good grades.

It claimed the college admits primary school dropouts.

“The story was done in bad faith. It was malicious, bordering on witch-hunt, and defied all rules of journalism of fair and objective reporting. It has slowed our operations by denting our image,” said college chairman Peter Manyuru on Monday.

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Television Stations Risk Losing Digital Signals Over Self Switch Off

An advertisement running on Citizen TV, NTV, KTN and QTV telling audiences they will be off air after CAK allegedly switched off their broadcast. | image source:

The African Digital Network consortium risks losing broadcast signal distribution licenses for going off air Saturday, ICT Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has said.

Addressing a media briefing Sunday afternoon Mating’i said the decision by Citizen TV, KTN, NTV and QTV to go off air amounts to blackmail and contempt of a court order.

Matiang’i further said that an advert posted by the consortium explaining the reasons for being off air are untrue.

“The three media houses opted to screen inaccurate and misleading messages in an effort to incite the public. Both switching themselves off the digital transmission and screening inaccurate messages is illegal and a breach of their licenses,” Matiang’i said.

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Supreme Court Orders Citizen, KTN & NTV Licenses Restored

Supreme Court. | image source:

The Supreme Court has ordered that Citizen TV, NTV and KTN’s digital broadcasting licenses be restored.

The court however ruled on Friday that digital migration will take place as scheduled by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

The court had issued a directive for analogue and digital TV platforms to run concurrently.

This was despite a protest by the CA that Royal Media Services, Nation Media Group and Standard Group would have an advantage over other media houses.

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