Tazama picha za mwanamke aliyeanguka Thompson Falls akichukua picha

Familia moja ya Kenya inaomboleza kifo cha binti yao aliyeteleza na kaunguka katika mto kwenye  Thompson falls huko  Nyahururu.

Jemimah Oresha  alikuwa amewatemebela jamaa zake  alipomtaka  kakake kumpeleka katika eneo hilo maarufu.

Kakake alikubali  na Jumapili wawili hao walianza safari ya kwenda thompson falls, Jemimh aliona jiwe ambalo aliamua alitaka apigwe picha akiwa amesimama juu ya jiwe hilo katikati ya mto.

jemiamh 2

jemimah 3

Akipiga pozi ili picha zichukuliwe aliteleeza kwa bahati mbaya na kuanguka mtoni  huku kakake akiangalia bila kuweza kumuokoa dadake.

Kulingana na Mangafu dadake  alifaa kusafiri kwenda nyumbani kwao Kitale siku ya Jumatatu  lakini  hilo halitafanyika kwani hadi sasa mwili wake haujapatikana.

Nyahururu Falls   ni maporomo ya maji yenye urefu wa  (243 ft)  katika mto  Ewaso Ny’iro  katikati mwa Kenya  na kilomita kadhaa kutoka  ziwa  Ol Bolossat


Eight Family Members Killed In A Grisly Road Accident In Nyahururu

Eight passengers were last night killed in an accident involving a bus along the Nyeri-Nyahururu road.

Police said the eight were family members and the accident happened when the matatu they were traveling in rolled in Kianugu area.

They were coming from a burial in Muranga when the driver of the bus they were in lost its control before it rolled. Police said five other passengers were injured in the accident.

The bodies of the deceased were preserved at the Nyahururu hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem while the motor vehicle towed to station and detained awaiting inspection.

In other news, a night guard was this morning shot dead in a robbery on Lower Kabete Road in Nairobi. The guard was on duty when a gang struck at a private residence.

Police say he tried to resist which prompted the gang to shoot him in the chest. He died on the spot. Police say the gang escaped with unknown amount of money and other valuables.

-Cyrus Ombati

Nyandarua Governor Denies Visiting Female Bishop’s Home At Night

Nyandarua Governor Daniel Waithaka. | image source: nyandarua.go.ke

Nyandarua Governor Daniel Waithaka has denied claims that he visited a female bishop’s home on Monday night in Kinangop constituency.

Speaking on Tuesday at his office in Ol Kalou, Waithaka said that he was appalled by false reports that a crowd stormed the home of Bishop Rahab Muthoni of GECK Church in Engineer town, claiming he was holed up there.

Waithaka blamed a local vernacular station for spreading the reports which he termed as evil, satanic and malicious.

“This report is not only evil and satanic, it is malicious to the extreme and is calculated to malign my character and social standing.”

The governor said he was at his home in Nyahururu town on the said day.

He added that the crowd must have been sent by his political enemies.

– See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/nyandarua-governor-denies-visiting-woman-bishops-house-night

NYAHURURU: Leopard Killed By Speeding Vehicle

Warden carry away the dead body of leaopad which was allegedly hit by a speeding vehicle. | image source: the-star.co.ke

A leopard was found dead on Sunday at Mairo Inya Shopping Centre on the outskirts of Nyahururu town in Nyandarua county after it was allegedly hit by a vehicle.

Nyahururu Senior Game warden Wellington Gathungu said although there were no blood stains around the scene they suspect the leopard was hit by a speeding vehicle.

“We suspect the animal was crossing the road from South Marmanet forest,” Gathungu said.

He said they are waiting for a veterinary doctor to perform a post mortem to confirm the cause of the death.

Gathungu said the animal’s paws and skin were intact but its tail had been cut off.

He also added that they are taking human-wildlife conflict seriously.

“We have constructed an electric fence at the northwestern side of the county. The initiative is sponsored by the national government in conjunction with the county government,” he said.

Gathungu urged residents not kill the animals when they stray but instead report to KWS offices.

– The STAR

I use bhang to keep off mosquitoes, man tells court

Photo source: Kiss100.co.ke

A Nyahururu court was on Friday treated to a light drama when a middle aged man claimed that he smoked bhang to keep off mosquitoes.

Peter Mureithi, a night guard at Maseno area in Subukia Sub County told resident magistrate Willy Cheruiyot that he was told by a friend that bhang is a mosquito repellent and it would be helping him while on night duty.

Mureithi further explained to the Magistrate that he burns the marijuana leaves and so that its smoke keeps off mosquitoes adding that since he quit alcohol the bhang has been keeping him going.

However, Mureithi pleaded not guilty when the charges were read to him for a second time and insisted that the bhang he was alleged to be having was not his.

He was released on Sh.50, 000 bond with a surety of a similar amount.

The charges stated that on October 6 this year at Maseno area in Subukia Township he was found in possessing of 250 grams of bhang.

The court was told that on the material day police officers from Subukia police station were on a normal patrol when they received a call from a member of Nyumba kumi initiative informing them that the accused was seen smoking bhang.

They rushed to the scene and found the accused smoking the drug and arrested him. They took him to Subukia police station where he was charged with the offence.

The case will be heard on January 14 next and mentioned on December15 this year.

NYAHURURU: Four Survive Chopper Crash

Losogwa residents mill around the wreckage of a chopper that crashed in Nyahururu on Monday evening. | image source: the-star.co.ke

Four Dutch citizens suffered minor injuries when a helicopter they were in crushed at Logoswa Trading Centre in Nayahururu on Monday evening.

The chopper, owned by Helicopter Charter, developed mechanical problems as it was landing. Nyahururu AP boss Daniel Masaba said that the propeller failed hence causing the chopper to crash.

A witness said that the pilot flew around the trading centre twice as he tried to land.

The injured were taken to Nyahururu’s Charity Medical Centre before being airlifted to Nairobi for further treatment.

At the time of crash, the Dutch citizens were heading to the home of the late Paul Githinji Mundati. Mundati was a tour guide and he passed on July 5 this year. The Dutch citizens missed his burial last week and were going to lay a wreath at his grave.

– The STAR

NYAHURURU: Four Men Hospitalised Due To Alcohol Withdrawal

Bottles of second generation alcoholic drinks impounded during a crackdown on illicit brew in Gatundu. | image source: the-star.co.ke

Four men collapsed in Nyahururu on Sunday after failing to get access to alcohol. The four were the rushed to the Nyahururu County Referral Hospital where, according to a medical officer at the hospital, they were hospitalised efforts to revive them using milk failed.

Their condition later improved with the medical officer adding that their collapsing was due to dehydration.

“They need to undergo rehabilitation and be guided on the recovery process,” the officer said.

The incident followed the destruction of 50,000 bottles of second generation alcohol in an exercise led by area MP Wachira Karani.

The exercise was condemned by some residents who claimed that their bodies can not function without them taking alcohol.

“The government should consider us and come up with solutions other than eradicating all spirits,” said a man clutching drinks stolen during the operation.

Karani urged residents to collaborate with the government in the war against illicit brews saying it had turned youth into zombies.

“We shall start rehabilitation centres for those suffering from addiction,” he said.

– The STAR

NYAHURURU: Food Hawking Banned To Curb Spread Of Cholera

image source: the-star.co.ke

Nyahururu County Public Health Officer John Kago has banned hawking of food and water in Nyahururu town as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of cholera, which has been reported in the neighbouring Nakuru County.

At the same time, Kago urged licensed hotel owners to extend their working hours saying that food hawkers take advantage of closed hotels at night to sell their delicacies.


NYAHURURU: Man Fined KES 100 000 For Sending Abusive & Threatening SMSes

A girl texting. | image source: the-star.co.ke

A man was fined KES 100 000 by a Nyahururu court on Monday after he pleaded guilty to sending threatening and abusive messages to a woman.

If he fails to raise the fine, Samuel Njeng’a, the accused will be jailed for one year.

Appearing before Principal Magistrate Dennis Mikoyan, Njenga was charged that on October 7 2011, at 7.25pm he sent a threatening and abusive text message to Mary Mwaniki.

Read more: http://the-star.co.ke/news/nyahururu-man-fined-sh100000-abusive-messages

Origin Of The Names Of Some Kenyan Localities

image source: tripadvisor.co.uk

Not so long ago during a Breakshow Show on Radio Jambo anchored by Ghost and Bramwell Mwololo (Gidi was on leave at the time), there was focus on the origin of the names of some Kenyan localities.

From the discussion had on that December morning, it was evident that names of Kenyan towns and places were inspired either by economic activities, wars or contact with colonialists.

Language barrier also contributed to the naming of most Kenyan places as some places have retained names which resulted from the mispronunciation of their original names by locals or colonialists.

For instance, the origin of the name Dagoretti is said to be a mispronunciation of the word “The Great” in reference to “The Great Corner”. However, the that theory has been disputed by another which claims that the name actually came as a result of the local Kikuyu residents disputing an illegal takeover of their land by British colonialists.

Apparently, the locals were shouting “Ndagurite” to mean “He has not bought it!”. The word later to mutated to “Dagoretti” following mispronunciation by white settlers and hence the name Dagoretti stuck.

Other places which are said to have got their names as a corruption of English words include Rumuruti (Remote Route), Ikolomani (Gold mine), Kilifi (Cliff), Roy Sambu (Royal Suburbs), Kapropita (Corporal Peter), Kariakor (Carrier Corps), Kariobangi (Carry Your Bags), Eldoret’s Sisibo (Sixty Four), Kirigiti (Cricket) and Thogoto (Scotland).

However other arguments have disputed the origins of Rumuruti and Roy Sambu as being a corruption of their similar-sounding English words. The counter-arguements perhaps reflect the impact of the Maasai’s migratory nature on the naming of Kenya towns.

Already Maasai’s are credited with giving the city of Nairobi (from the Maasai words enkare nairobi meaning “the place of cool waters”) it’s name as well nearby Limuru (from ilmur to mean “donkey droppings” in tribute or in mocking of the many donkeys that inhabit the area) and towns like Naivasha (from enaipasha to mean “lake”), Nakuru (from nakuro which means “dusty place”) and Nyahuruhuru (from enaiwurwur which means “a windy place”) the names they use today.

Such naming patterns definitely highlight the the joys and sorrows the Maasais of those ages encountered in the search for food and pasture for their animals. Such names could also come up in a bid to remember them for purposes of recommending them or warning fellow tribesmen from heading to such places.

The need to make giving directions easier could have also inspired such names. For instance a Maasai directing a fellow Maasai from Nakuru to Nairobi would easily say mention a lake, a place of donkey dropping and a place of cool waters. The traveling will find it easier to get his way to Nairobi by using such names since the reflect observable features of the areas they will pass through and their destination.

For Rumuruti the purpose seems different however seeing that the word is said to have its origin in the Maasai name olmuruti which means a short cut. The same does not go for Roy Sambu however which is alleged to have borrowed its name from the Maasai words esoit sambu to mean “a place of grey rocks.”

There are however no disputes to the origins of the name Kirigiti where locals first encounter with the sport of cricket gave birth to a name that has been used to identify the place since then. Kirigiti came up as a result of locals finding it difficult to pronunce “cricket”.