Autopsy reveals boy who died after altercation with Octopizzo had multiple head and stomach injuries

A 19 year old boy whose death is under investigation and has linked musician Octopizzo had multiple injuries in the head, stomach and legs.

Kenneth Abom, died as he jumped from third floor of a building in Woodley area as he escaped from Octopizzo.

The teenager had been in the house belonging to Henry Ohanga popularly known as Octopizzo, when a fight broke out. The boy ran out bleeding in the head, before he entered their house and later jumped to the ground thinking Octopizzo was pursuing him.

Police are investigating the incident.

On Monday, Kenneth’s big brother Antony said: “Octopizzo’s sister is giving two contradicting stories. She is saying she let Kenneth in and in another statement, she says he knocked the door and pushed her in.”

‘Octopizzo’s sister is giving two contradicting stories’ – Boy’s brother

An hour later, the brother said, Kenneth came back running and bleeding from the head.

Neighbours claim they heard Octopizzo threaten the student’s life, while wielding a panga, he said.

“That is when he ran for his life and locked himself in the bathroom, and an hour later jumped off the 4th floor and sustained injuries,” Antony said.

“By the time he came back into the house, he was disoriented and even talking to himself. Octopizzo was again seen by neighbours carrying a panga and threatened to use it on Kenneth.”

The family of Kenneth is trying to find out if the two knew each other because they can no longer depend on Octopizzo’s sister.

Kenneth was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital and seemed to be recovering but succumbed on Saturday noon.

‘Octopizzo’s sister is giving two contradicting stories’ – Boy’s brother

As rapper Octopizzo denies involvement in the killing of a Strathmore student last week, his sister has baffled relatives with contradictory statements.

Kenneth Abom, a 19-year-old ICT student, died on Saturday after an alleged altercation with the rapper in Nairobi’s Woodley estate on Thursday. The rapper claims the boy broke into his house.

Kenneth’s big brother Antony told Word Is yesterday: “Octopizzo’s sister is giving two contradicting stories. She is saying she let Kenneth in and in another statement, she says he knocked the door and pushed her in.”

An hour later, the brother said, Kenneth came back running and bleeding from the head.

Neighbours claim they heard Octopizzo threaten the student’s life, while wielding a panga, he said.

“That is when he ran for his life and locked himself in the bathroom, and an hour later jumped off the 4th floor and sustained injuries,” Antony said.

“By the time he came back into the house, he was disoriented and even talking to himself. Octopizzo was again seen by neighbours carrying a panga and threatened to use it on Kenneth.”

The family of Kenneth is trying to find out if the two knew each other because they can no longer depend on Octopizzo’s sister.

Kenneth was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital and seemed to be recovering but succumbed on Saturday noon.

On reaching out to Octopizzo, the brother said he seems not to be cooperating with them.

“We can only get the right information from Kenneth, but unfortunately, he is dead. And from Octopizzo, but he is turning out to be arrogant and rude,” Antony said.

“On Saturday I went to the hospital and requested to get the explanation from Octopizzo but he did not want to do it freely. We have even reached out to his management but he is arrogant, saying that Ken stormed into his house.”

The family was waiting for the autopsy report yesterday to decide if they will institute a lawsuit against Octopizzo.

Messages and numerous phone calls to Octopizzo went unanswered. However, he was quoted by a local daily denying he beat the boy.

Are these the most fashionable celebrity kids in Kenya?

Smart fashion statement is a norm among adults, but when you see a stylish kid, it’s quite uncertain whom the credit goes to.

Is it the parent who dresses the kid or the kid who beyond doubt slays the outfits.

Not just well dressed kids but well and stylish kids are running these Kenyan streets for a while now.

Below are our top stylish Kenyan Kids;

Ladasha ( The Muraya’s)


Heaven Bahati


Jaguar’s son & Daughters

MP Jaguar's son
MP Jaguar’s son

Jaguar with his daughters Tamara and Toria

Eko Dydda’s sons


Octopizzo’s Children


Pierra Makena’s Daughter



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Lamba Lolo’s Ethic, Octopizzo voted as Kenya’s most promising artists

On Thursday, a by ‘8020″ shocked many when it revealed a list of Kenya’s top 10 musicians in 2018.

Sauti Sol led the way thanks to their hit song ‘Melanin’ while Willy Paul followed with ‘I do’. The likes of Nyashinski and Mercy Masika followed while the president of single mothers, Akothee, closed the list.

I Coined The Phrase ‘Lamba Lolo’ From Gregory Isaac’s ‘Border’ Song – DJ Brownskin

Check out the list:

1. Sauti Sol- Melanin

2. Willy Paul-I Do

3.Mercy Masika- Mwema

4. Nyashinski-Malaika

5.Otile Brown-Chaguo la Moyo

6.Eunice Njeri-Nani Kama Wewe

7.Angela Chibalonza- Ebenezer

8.Sanaipei Tande- Amina

9.Florence Andenyi- Kibali

10. Akothee- Sweet Love

#IfikieWazazi! Here is the female version of Lamba Lolo that will make you blush

The research also classified Kenya’s most promising talents ranging from secular to gospel industries. New kids on the block Ethic, famed for their song ‘Lamba Lolo’ as expected made the list. However, how can the likes of seasoned artists; Ruth Wamuyu, Solomon Mkubwa and Octopizzo still be ranked as ‘promising’ artists?


Fans respond after Octopizzo and Jaguar attack each other

Forget Jaguar’s fight with Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino.

Singer Octpizzo and his counterpart Jaguar were yesterday publicly attacking each other on social media, and their beef has to do with a comment Jaguar made.

Jaguar took to his social media to wish Kenyans a happy mashujaa day with this comment;

‘Wishing all Kenyans a happy mashujaa day pray for our nation as we elect leaders and forge towards a path of national prosperity’.

But Octopizzo wasn’t happy with the comments. He responded attacking Jaguar by asking;

‘Buda watu wanamadwa Kisumu na umenyamaza tu? No one is happy & we don’t have mashuja anymore, when are you going to condemn the killings?’

Then jaguar responded by asking Octopizzo another question

‘What did u do to the victims of Gikomba fire???’

Now their fans are not happy and everyone is responding attacking each other. Read some comments.

Isaac Ocham understand that was fire.It wasn’t intentional killings by the current government.And you may not know what he did…

Derek ouma‏ .Jaguar is just a pretender. Very selfish. That kigeugeu song was about him. Dont expect anything from this ninja.

Ingrid‏ ..Jaguar what did you do??? Visit them? Give them handouts?The work Octopizzo does for the youth can’t be compared to your visit to gikosh

mutunga mwanzia‏ …You’re part of the young ELECTED leaders mhesh! Criticizing what is wrong doesn’t belittle you in any way. You OWE Kenyans a VOICE!

Sammy Mwalili‏ ..dude are you a leader in our parliament today? May God help us all, we are doomed if you can ask such a question.

Sakata Ya Ngono! Top 12 Kenyan Male Celebrities Who Look Like They Are a Good In Bed

Every woman wants a man who will drive her crazy when it comes to intimacy, and please don’t act like what I’m saying is a big deal, lungula is something that happens in relationships and marriages.

Kenya has some really hot male celebrities from all corners of the industry, from artistes, to models, sportsmen, and even media personalities and truth be told, there are some who make ladies go bananas with their cuteness and good looks.

In no particular order, check out my list of these Kenyan male celebrities;

1. Willy Paul
Sorry that I had to start with a gospel artiste, but come on this is one of the gospel’s bad boy and trust me, a man can’t hook up with so many women if his game was boring. Willy Paul hooks up with very beautiful women and with all the scandals you can be sure there’s something spectacular ladies get. Plus he has a hot, masculine body and his dance moves can give you a hint of what he can do behind closed doors.


2. Rapper Kristoff
He’s one of Kenya’s top rappers and is always bragging about being a “Mluhya Wa Busia”, and as we know, Luhyas are said to be very good because of their stamina. The rapper has been linked to several female celebrities, with some even fighting over him in public. What does that mean? The D must be very good!


3. Bien-Aime Baraza Of Sauti Sol
He’s one of the most loved and popular singers from Kenya’s top boy band Sauti Sol, and not just because of his amazing voice but his good looks and hot boy. The vocalist has a body to die for and when he dances on stage, his moves drive women crazy and yes, he looks like he’s a beast you know where. The hunk is dating trainer and dancer Chiki and the two make a lovely couple. Sorry ladies!


4. Delvin Mudigi aka Savara
This Sauti Sol member is also a lady’s favorite and it’s obvious why. He has the looks to die for, a masculine and toned body and likes showing off his six cubes, and not forgetting his handsome Luhya face. His vocals are also spectacular and you can bet he’s used to women throwing themselves at him on stage.


5. Octopizzo
This Kibera-born rapper is the real deal. He has 4 baby mamas and is not married to any of them. No wonder all these baby mama’s want this Dholuo man even having his babies. Oztopizzo has that bad boy demeanor but it seems to work for him just fine.


6. Biko Adema
Other than just being one of the hottest Rugby players in Kenya, Biko Adema is so alluring he can’t help himself. He’s a great pick because he’s soft-spoken, has a mummys boy look that’s very deceiving.

Biko Adema

7. Prezzo
He’s one of the most controversial rappers in the Kenyan music industry and is known for having a trail of women. Prezzo has been linked to a number of women most of whom are celebrities and models, around East Africa, and you can’t have all those women if your skills are non existent. Actually, he has severally declared that his game is on point in interviews and social media.


8. Wilson Munene
He’s one of the most celebrated male models in Kenya, and oh my, his abs are insane. Munene has been in several commercial adverts and magazines. His dark, hot complexion and his energetic look make him part of the list.


9. John Allan Namu
Though he’s no longer on TV, John Allan Namu’s is still a heartthrob and honestly, stamina should just be his first name. The celebrated media personality has a body to die for and any sane woman would literally drool for him. Should I even mention his voice?


10. McDonald Mariga
I know he has this innocent looking face but he comes off as the kind of men who walk the talk and to him. Keep in mind the stamina from the workouts and running on the field lands him on this list.

MIL08 MILÁN (ITALIA) 24/4/2010.- Mariga McDonald del Inter de Milán celebra tras marcar un gol al Atalanta durante el partido de la Serie A italiana que disputan en el estadio Giuseppe Meazza de Milán, (Italia), hoy, sábado, 24 de abril de 2010. EFE/Matteo Bazzi

11. Rapper Khaligraph
You know they say about Luos, they are not just romantic but can talk you into anything. This Luopean has a hot body, and that aura he carries around we think proves alot.khlaigrah-jones-3

12. Redsan
Top ragga/ reggae artiste Redsan is definitely a heartthrob and can get it anytime. His masculine body, neat dreadlocks and his lips just earn him 10 points in that department.


Check Out 11 Of The Cutest Celebrity Babies In Kenya (Photos)

There is nothing as beautiful as having your own child and family and Kenyan celebrities have not been left behind when it comes to this.

Over the years, we have seen various celebrities and public figures leave the singles club to settle down and have a family. Others have children without necessarily being in a marriage.

Even some of the celebs who you would never think would have children or embrace parenthood, end up being the best parents, husbands, and wives.

This year, we have witnessed many celebrities getting hitched, or having children. Of course, some have broken up, but let’s focus on the positive news.

Some of the celebrities who have walked down the aisle in 2016 include;

Daddy Owen and his long-term girlfriend Faridah Wambui, Bob Collymore and Wambui Kamiru, Eunice Njeri and Izzo, Rapper Collins Majale (Collo) and Phibby Ida and more.


Other than weddings, there are those celebrities who have been blessed with bundles of joy, with some opting to keep the faces of their little angels away from the public eye. Others happily flaunt their cute babies on social media, a few days after welcoming them.

Some of the celebrities that welcomed kids this year include; DJ Pierra Makena, DJ Soxxy, news anchor Anne Kiguta, Tina Kaggia, Ababu Namwamba’s wife and many more.

In regards to this, I decided to compile a list of the most adorable celebrity children in the music and media industry. Check them out below;

1. DJ Soxxy’s daughter and son
The gospel deejay, real name, Jackson Kamau, and his wife Ciiku Kamau had once struggled to have children, now look what God has done for them. These children are too cute and cuddly.


2. Size 8 And DJ Mo’s Daughter
The celebrity couple is blessed with the most adorable daughter, Ladasha Belle, who is now a year old. She is the first child for the gospel couple and is a spitting image of her father, Sammy Muraya, aka DJ Mo.


3. Octopizzo’s Daughter
The Kibera-born rapper has two daughters and two sons from different women and they are all gorgeous. It looks like he has good genes, or maybe he just knows how to choose his ladies…


4. Janet Mbugua’s Son
Baby Ethan Huru Ndichu is the son to stunning news anchor Janet Mbugua, with her banker husband, Eddie Ndichu. The cute baby boy turned a year old on the 29th of October.

Janet Mbugua's Son

5. Grace Msalame’s Twin Girls
Media personality Grace Msalame has the cutest twin daughters, Zawadi and Raha, who have grown up very fast in the last couple of years. Her baby daddy is the twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s hubby.

Grace Msalame

6. Vanessa Kovac’s Daughter
Reverend Kathy and Allan Kiuna’s daughter Vanessa and her hubby Robert Kovac welcomed the sweetest baby girl this year after walking down the aisle in late 2015.


7. Jaguar’s Daughters And Son
Singer Jaguar has two charming daughters and a son, all from different women. They take after him physically and he’s one proud father who likes to show off his kids on social media.

8. Nameless And Wahu’s Daughter
The lovely couple is blessed with two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge. Nyakio is the last born among the two and she’s absolutely delightful, having inherited her father’s looks.


9. DJ Creme’s Daughter And Son
The celebrated deejay has a beautiful daughter and first born son, Jamari who take after their parents with enchanting looks and beautiful eyes. The proud father always finds time to spend with them despite his busy schedule.


11. Lynda Nyangweso’s Daughter

The stunning Kiss FM ‘The Drive’ radio presenter was blessed with a cuddly baby girl on the 24th of June 2016 after getting married to the love of her life, Lance Osiro. Her cute daughter is growing fast and the radio host has now embraced motherhood, though she has admitted that it’s not a walk in the park.


12. Shaffie Weru’s  Daughter

I chose to go with the Kiss Fm’s second daughter because his first daughter with ex-girlfriend Debbie Asila is all grown up now and currently residing in the US with her former Tattu singer mother. Shaffie Weru has a very cute and cuddly second daughter, Nia, with his hot wife and you have to agree she’s too sweet!

Shaffie Weru's daughter

Octopizzo Narrates How He Helped Propel ‘Bank Otuch’ Hit maker Luodollar To Fame

By now we can all unanimously agree that the song ‘Bank Otuch’ is currently an anthem in Kenya. This is all thanks to Octopizzo and Vicmass Luodollar’s exploits behind the microphone, which has seen the song take the local entertainment industry by a storm.

But how exactly did Octopizzo and Luodollar manage to achieve such huge success?

Speaking in an interview this morning Octopizzo whose real name is Henry Ohanga narrated how he met, mentored and helped propel the fast rising Luodollar (Victor Ochieng Ondeye) to the fame he’s enjoying now.

“Vicmass has been sending me his work since 2009, so I remember meeting him in Kisumu streets back in the day while he was hawking biscuits and bottled water armed with his business cards.” Narrated Octopizzo who is famed for his club bangers; Something For You, Ivo Ivo, This could be us, On Top and Swag featuring. Amina.

Vicmass Luodollar ‘s Journey: From A Hawker To The Next Luo Rap King

“He introduced himself as an upcoming artiste who needed support in recording his music.” I encouraged him to work harder and push himself to the limits till he saves enough to hit the studio. There’s no way I could have funded his recording because I wanted him to enjoy the fruit of his labour.” Added Octopizzo.

Octopizzo showered Luodollar with praise for his passionate journey to making it big on the scene.

“Luodollar never gave up, he kept on sending me his songs some which I approved, some I disapproved and a song after another he matured greatly.”

The trend continued until when the 26-year-old finally recorded ‘Bank otuch’, a song which he never knew would change his life for the better.

“When he released Bank Otuch he never even called me, so one day I bumped into the song on youtube and I was greatly impressed and equally amazed why the song was not getting airplay.

So I reached out to his producer requesting for the beats without his knowledge. Did a remix and a bit of sharpening here and there as I waited for the original song to pick up.” Added the Sofapaka supporting artiste.

Listen to the clip below as he narrated how he invited Luodollar for an impromptu video shoot.

He also opened up on why you will never see him in a political arena and most importantly why he will probably never record a gospel song.





VIDEO: I Want To Be The President Of Kenya One Day, Says Octopizzo

Kenyan Hip Hop musician Octopizzo will be launching his LPDC album on Saturday and as he and his fans gear to that day, the following is a video of him urging youths to enterprising and not be picky about jobs. Talking about how he used to work as a mason and a mechanic, Octopizzo says that rapping is a stepping stone for him to greater things as he aspires to the president of this country, a senator and even an ambassador.