“Tetesi za kumuua Ruto ni uigizaji. Anajaribu kufunika habari feki,” -ODM

Cheche za maneno zimezuka ghafla kati ya Naibu wa rais William Samoei Ruto na kiongozi wa upinzani Raila Odinga. Vita hivi vya maneno vilianza wakati na ambapo Raila Odinga alisema kuwa viongozi wanaochanga maelfu ya hela katika harambee kanisani wanafaa watokee na kuwaeleza wananchi chanzo cha pesa hizo.

Soma hapa hadithi nyingine:

Mwili wa Bob kuchomwa Kariakor ! Orodha ya viongozi waliochomwa baada ya kuaga

Kijembe kama hiki kilimpata vibaya William Ruto na akaamua kumjibu. Ruto alisema kuwa Raila ni “mungu wa umaskini” na lengo lake kuu ni kuwafanya wakenya waishi maisha ya ukata ili wazidi kumfuata kila uchao.

Ruto aliahidi kuwa atahakikisha kuwa kiongozi huyu wa upinzani hatapata nafasi ya kufanya hivyo katika utawala wa serikali ya Jubilee. Baada ya masaa chache, katibu mkuu wa chama cha ODM Edwin Sifuna akamjibu kwa ukali kwa kusema kuwa Ruto amekuwa kichekesho kwa wakenya. Edwin aliongezea kusema kuwa naibu wa rais anajaribu kufunika habari zake feki za watu kulenga kumuua.

Soma hapa hadithi nyingine:

(PICHA) Taarifa za mazishi ya Bob, msafara wa magari kutoka hifadhi ya wafu ya Lee

Edwin alisema kuwa jina la Ruto lipo katika kila skendo ya ufisadi nchini na kumtaka agome kuhubiri jina Raila Odinga anapozuru sehemu tofauti tofauti nchini na awajibike kufanyia wakenya kazi.

“Hatushangai kusikia Ruto anamtusi kiongozi wetu Raila Odinga… usambazaji wa mbolea feki ambayo iliathiri wakulima wengi nchini inamhusisha yeye na marafiki wake wa karibu.” Alifoka Sifuna.

“Kazi yake ni kumsaidia Rais kutengeneza mazingira mazuri ya biashara na nafasi za kazi nchini ili asianze kubeba bunda la noti katika magunia katika harambee kudanganya watu wamuunge mkono.”

“Tunashangaa sana. Malengo yake ni yepi? Kati ya kuigiza kuwa analengwa kuuawa na kutaka kuwafurusha mawaziri katika baraza.” alisema Edwin.



Raila, Gideon Moi hold talks for hours in Nairobi

The AU special infrastructure envoy and ODM chief Raila Odinga today held a four-hour meeting with KANU leader and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi in Nairobi.

The between between the two  is expected to generate wide political interest, and even re-ignite the succession politics debates.

There has been debates about leaders who descended from powerful families regrouping to stop politicians from “poor backgrounds” from assuming power after President Uhuru Kenyatta term expires in 2022.

Politicians allied to Deputy president William Ruto have been particularly vocal about this and with this meeting in perspective, it is expected that the rhetoric could raise again.

Sources close to the two leaders confirmed the meeting, but refused to give more details on what they discussed.

The meeting is said to have been at a Nairobi hotel and was closed door.

While the Baringo senator has announced that he will be running to replace Uhuru in the next election the ODM leader has not be forthcoming on whether he will vie or hang his boots in favour of a young leader.

Odinga has vied four times but maintains that he only lost once and that in the three other times, he was rigged out.

He would then have a truce with President Uhuru in March last year, neutralizing the opposition and developing a working relationship with the government.



Conflict as Raila and Orengo fight for control over Nyanza

A ferocious but unspoken battle to control Nyanza politics has erupted and promises to define combat in 2022 for the country’s top job.

NASA principal Raila Odinga is sworn into office as the People's President surrounded by Miguna Miguna, Tom Kajwang' and James Orengo at Uhuru Park in Nairobi on January 30, 2018. /JACK OWUOR

The conflict pits Opposition chief Raila Odinga against Siaya senator James Orengo, his former ally and close legal adviser. The two have been rivals in the past and more recently Orengo was not privy to talks on the handshake between Raila and President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9.

Outside Nyanza, Mombasa governor Hassan Joho and his Kakamega counterpart Wycliffe Oparanya are scheming to take over the ODM political machine, despite signals that Raila has no intention of hanging up his boots. The former Prime Minister has not declared his intentions.

Orengo is said to have assembled mostly first-time MPs, particularly those with legal background to oppose Raila’s position on a number of issues. They call themselves intellectuals.

At the centre of the row is Raila’s decision to work with President Kenyatta.

The clearest and most recent sign of trouble between Orengo and Raila was the controversial vote in Parliament on Uhuru’s Finance Bill that imposed an eight percent VAT on fuel and other taxes.

While Raila rallied his troops to support Uhuru’s tax increases, Orengo rubbished the proposal and urged the National Assembly to reject the presidential memorandum. In was adopted after tumultuous sessions on September 21.

On Orengo’s side are MPs Otiende Amolo (Rarieda), Paul Abuor (Rongo), Peter Kaluma (Homa Bay), TJ Kajwang (Ruaraka), Millie Odhiambo (Suba North), Martin Owino (Ndhiwa), Mark Nyamita (Uriri) and Women Representative Dr Pamela Odhiambo (Migori).

Also siding with Orengo is ODM secretary general Edwin Sifuna.


The Orengo group is facing off with a group that takes marching orders directly from Raila and Joho, the ODM deputy party leader.

They include ODM chairman John Mbadi (Suba South), Junet Mohamed (Suna East), Woman Representative Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay), Peter Masara (Suna West), Tom Odege (Nyatike), Jared Okello (Nyando), Woman Rep Rosa Buyu (Kisumu), Samuel Atandi (Alego Usonga) and nominated Senator Rose Nyamunga.

Asked yesterday about the existence of camps and factions, Junet said, “I do not know.”

The Orengo group opposed the Finance Bill in the House, despite an earlier party meeting that agreed ODM lawmakers would support it.

Soon after the acrimonious vote in Parliament, MPs Otiende Amolo, Abuor and Kaluma, among others, took to social media, saying they didn’t toe the party line but voted with their conscience.

“President Uhuru’s memo on [lowering to eight per dent] the 16 per cent VAT is subterfuge and diversion. We need to reject the 16 per cent VAT and discuss other ameliorating mechanisms later. Let each MP stand up and be counted!” Otiende said.

In another signal that fraying party unity was getting out of hand, Raila’s spokesman, Dennis Onyango, urged Otiende to resign from ODM.

“I think you should go a step further and resign from the party and seek a fresh mandate since your views are no longer consistent with those of the party. That would make you truly honourable,” Onyango told the Rarieda lawmaker.


He went on, “If you choose to live by principles, you go whole hog.

It is not conning. Taxation and budget are serious policy matters. If you don’t agree with your party on those two fundamental issues, you should not continue being in the party.”

But Otiende took on the challenge and asked Onyango to write to him formally requesting his resignation, and then he would do so.

Soon after the passage of the Finance Bill, ODM secretary general Sifuna hit the ground, condemning it.

He told journalists later that supporting the Bill was not an ODM position and instead referred the section of the media that needed clarification to the the head of the Nasa secretariat, Norman Magaya.

Raila, on the other hand, thanked those who stood with the party and supported the taxation Bill.

He has since explained in various forums that support for the Bill was dependent on certain conditions, including a vigorous war on corruption, repatriation of stolen public funds and property and reducing government waste.

The two ODM camps also have figured in the just-concluded Migori senatorial campaigns. The by-election is today.

Last weekend, Orengo led his team to Migori to campaign for the ODM candidate, Ochilo Ayacko.

Migori MPs kept off, except for Dr Odhiambo and Abuor.


The problem of the two factions was discussed extensively at ODM’s Central Management Committee meeting two weeks ago. At that time Sifuna was at pains to explain that he was only opposed to the process through which the Bill passed in the House — arranging lack of quorum — and not the Bill itself.

Raila is expected an informal gathering of Luo MPs to iron out the differences but he is said to be fully aware of what is at play and who is behind it.

The Bill is said to have merely been a trigger for Orengo — who remains bitter that Raila sealed the deal with President Kenyatta without involving him and appears to be relying on junior MPs for advice.

A contest between the two preeminent Luo leaders, Raila and Orengo, has happened before.

The first major rift was in 1994, soon after the death of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, when a contest erupted over the leadership of Ford Kenya.

At the time of Jaramogi’s death, Orengo was the chairman of Ford Kenya and the undisputed leader of the Luo community. Raila held a junior position of deputy director of elections.

Nyatieng, as Orengo is commonly known, made no secret of his intention to take over the leadership of Ford Kenya and that of the Luo community.


In that contest, Orengo sided with Vice President Wamalwa Kijana.

Raila was later to leave Ford Kenya and formed the National Development Party, which swept the Nyanza parliamentary seats in 1997 — consigning Orengo and Anyang’ Nyong’o to the cold for five years.

The other time was in 2002 when Raila threw his weight behind former President Mwai Kibaki.

At that time, Orengo broke ranks with Raila, ran for President and lost.

However, Orengo was later to become one of Raila’s trusted lieutenants.

Last year, he led a battery of lawyers that secured Nasa’s initial victory at the Supreme Court when, in an unprecedented decision, it nullified Uhuru’s election victory on August 8 last year.

In more recent developments, Orengo was vociferous in opposing the Raila-Uhuru cooperation pact. Orengo also defied Raila’s warning against toppling Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula as Senate Minority leader and destabilising ODM’s base in Bungoma.

Orengo went ahead and now himself is Senate Minority leader. Wetang’ula swore revenge.

The Star

Raila Odinga’s Former Aide Kicks ODM Out Of Orange House

The Orange Democratic Movement Party will soon be homeless after Raila Odinga’s former aide and landlord, Caroli Omondi, declined to renew the lease of its expansive headquarters on Menelik Road in upmarket Kilimani area of Nairobi.

In what is likely to be an emotional end of an era for ODM diehards, the Star has established that the party has up to December to vacate the premises it has occupied since its birth 11 years ago.

Set with a unique Hindu architectural design, Orange House had become synonymous with ODM and the nerve centre of Raila’s political machine.

The party began using the office soon after it was formed in 2006. It was to become the seat of Raila’s campaign operations when he ran against President Mwai Kibaki in 2007 presidential election.

The party’s summit, the Pentagon, operated from Orange House and but had another exclusive facility along Ole Dume Road christened Pentagon House.

The lone house compound was ideal for political meetings that sometimes ran into fist-fights and physical confrontations. Sometimes, it was just an attempted putsch to dethrone officials at the secretariat, such as when former Executive director Magerer Lang’at was violently ejected by party hardliners on October 30, 2014, from a meeting of party officials.

Director of strategy Wafula Buke swiftly installed himself as the acting chief executive until order was restored later.

In yet another incident after a lull, on June 14, 2016, Edwin Sifuna declared himself the secretary general of the party, deposing Ababu Namwamba who had fallen out of favour with the party after a protracted duel.

Despite the occasional fracas and drama, Orange House remained the ODM headquarters through three elections as Raila faced Kibaki, and later Uhuru in 2013 and 2017 polls.

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Pesa Si Shida: Former Starehe MP Parliamentary aspirant Steve Mbogo shows off his expensive gift for his wife

Steve Mbogo has made a name for himself as a lavish spender. The former Starehe MP Aspirant has been living life in the fast lane, enjoying almost everything that most people would die to have.

The Mbogos
The Mbogos

Accompanying him in this life is his ride or die, that is his wife Sabrina Jamal Mbogo, The two make a lovely couple with the comely Sabrina worthy eye candy to a man of such wealth.

Sabrina Mbogo
Sabrina Mbogo

From super expensive and fast cars to designer clothes to exotic holiday, Steve Mbogo’s lifestyle is a perfect definition of good living.

The Mbogos
The Mbogos

This past Valentines Day was no exception for the man as he went all out and spent savagely. Hehehe!

The father of two decided to treat his lovely spouse to a wonderful watch.

The Mbogos
The Mbogos

Mbogo broke the bank and splashed a whopping KSh 200,000 on a designer watch, which was a Valentine’s present to his wife. His wife could not resist gushing about it and showed her followers on social media.

Sabrina Mbogo
Sabrina Mbogo Valentine’s gift

Mpasho.co.ke has learnt that Mbogo bought his wife a Longines Automatic watch for ladies which set him back with over KS 200,000 in price and shipping charges.

Longines watch
Longines watch

Upendo ni pesa! Ama?

Junet Mohammed Arrested In Homa Bay Over Hate Speech Remarks

Suna East MP Junet Mohamed has been arrested over hate speech remarks.

Junet was arrested on Friday morning and locked up at Homa Bay police station.

But the specifics of the accusations remain unclear as police are yet to release more details.

Reports indicate that he was arrested at Homa Bay airstrip while on his way to Migori county.

Several ODM leaders led by Mombasa governor Hassan Joho are at the police station.

Homa Bay woman rep Gladys Wanga urged ODM supporters to converge at the station to show solidarity with the MP.

“Let’s meet at Homa bay Police Station to demand answers on Hon Junet’s arrest. Intimidation tactics by a failed regime is unacceptable!” she tweeted.

More to follow.

-The Star|

IEBC Yamchunguza Gavana Ranguma Kwa Madai ya Kutumia Nembo Za ODM

Tume Huru ya IEBC imeanzisha uchunguzi dhidi ya gavana wa Kisumu Jack Ranguma, kufuatia madai ya kutumia rangi za chama cha ODM na Muungano wa National Super Alliance – NASA kwenye mabango yake ya kampeni, licha ya kuwa mgombea huru.

Afisa mkuu wa IEBC katika kaunti ya Kisumu John Lorionokou, amesema watachukua hatua mwafaka baada ya uchunguzi huo.Viongozi wanaoegemea chama cha ODM katika kaunti ya Kisumu, wakiongozwa na mbunge wa Nyando Fred Otieno Outa, wamemkosoa gavana Ranguma kwa madai ya kutumia rangi na nembo za chama hicho cha chungwa.

Viongozi wanaoegemea chama cha ODM katika kaunti ya Kisumu, wakiongozwa na mbunge wa Nyando Fred Otieno Outa, wamemkosoa gavana Ranguma kwa madai ya kutumia rangi na nembo za chama hicho cha chungwa.

Hata hivyo, Gavana Ranguma amepuuzilia mbali madai hayo.

Ranguma anawania ugavana kama mgombea huru, baada ya kushindwa na Seneta wa Kisumu Profesa Peter Anyang Nyong’o, kwenye mchujo wa chama cha ODM mapema mwaka huu.


Kenyans send their get well messages to NASA leader Raila Odinga after he’s rushed to hospital

NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga was yesterday campaigning in the coastal region, as Kenyans await to vote in the much anticipated general elections.

He was joined by co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula among others where they addressed Mtwapa residents.

Much later, news doing rounds on social media indicated Raila Odinga was rushed to a local hospital, where he was treated for an undisclosed ailment.

A photo of Raila lying on a hospital bed is being circulated on social media, shocking many. Kenyans have sent in their get well messages to the NASA leader, wishing him a quick recovery.

His team have also responded to questions from Kenyans wanting to know more about his condition.

Here is the response from his team;

The ODM presidential candidate is said to have had a suspected case of food poisoning, and was treated and discharged from hospital.


NASA Presidential Candidate has left a Mombasa hospital after a brief visit for medical check-up.He is stable& in good Health.

No cause for alarm. NASA Presidential candidate says after being discharged from a Mombasa Hospital.

KNUT Not Affiliated To NASA, Nzili Says After Sossion Nomination

KNUT is not affiliated to NASA, chairman Mudzo Nzili has said, amid speculation since ODM nominated secretary general Wilson Sossion to the 12th Parliament.

“I am here to remove any doubt that KNUT supports a certain political party. We have not held any meeting to agree on the party we will support,” Nzili said.

Speaking during a rally in Kinango on Thursday, he said although he supports Jubilee Party, teachers are free to back parties of their choice.

“The Teachers Union has to work with the government to realise its mandate and the the government had agreed to increase teachers’ salaries as agreed with the union,” he said in Kwale at the meeting DP William Ruto attended.

Sossion defended ODM’s move on Wednesday saying he will continue representing the labour movement in the National Assembly.

“I shall carry the spirit of workers to the floor of the House. I will do this for the best interest of the Kenyan workers,” he said.

“I applaud ODM party for nominating me and taking the interest of workers at heart.”

The SG said he will not resign despite ODM’s nomination.

He maintained will continue serving as secretary general and Trade Unions Congress of Kenya, which proposed his nomination, defended the decision.


‘Men in black’ Force ODM Tribunal To Suspend Hearings

ODM Appeals Tribunal was forced to suspend its Monday sittings after suspected goons stormed their meeting at Marsh Park hotel on Ngong road.

The men dressed in black stormed the premises when the tribunal was hearing a complaint lodged by aspirants from Nyakach constituency where Aduma Owuor won the primaries.

The men are said to have roughed up and assaulted some of the aspirants who were meeting to challenge nomination results.

Some aspirants were reportedly attacked in the corridors as they struggled to get a chance to present their complaints.

Though the Star could not ascertain where the men came from, sources allege the goons were hired by some aspirants to prevent their opponents from challenging their victories.

Tribunal chair Willis Otieno led members in vacating the premises and suspended sittings until further notice.

ODM concludes its primaries on Monday but the process has been marked by chaos and confusion.

During the 2013 primaries, men dressed in black stormed the Kasarani stadium where the party was holding nominations, smashing ballot boxes and scattering voting papers. The process was then called off.

-The Star