‘Mpenzi wangu amepachika wanawake wawili mimba,’ Mwanamke asimulia

Mwanamke mmoja alifichua jinsi mpenzi wake na atakaye kuwa mume wake alipachika wanawake wawili mimba baada ya kuchumbiana mwaka jana.

Akieleza alisema kuwa walikuwa wafunge ndoa mwaka huu lakini haya yote yametokea.

Kupitia mtandao wake wa kijamii aliandika,


” Niko na uchungu mwingi na nimejawa na mawazo mengi, mpenzi wangu wa miaka mitatu amewapachika wanawake wawili mimbai, na tulichumbiana mwaka jana na mipango yetu ilikuwa tayari ili tufunge ndoa mwaka huu.

Mmoja wa wanawake aliowapachika mimba alinitusi mbele ya mpenzi wangu na hakusema chochote , uchungu mwingi ni pale tulikubaliana na mpenzi wangu hatutaoana mpaka pale tutafanya harusi, nasikia kujiua.” Alisimulia.

Baadhi ya hisia mbalimbali zilizoibuka ni kama vile zifuatavyo;

nellyprecious_nene It’s well my sister you don’t need to take your life but move on and yours will come.

gbadecares My dear life it self is mystery . pls move on God will give you your own

sweetdiamond Move on.. I know it ain’t gonna be easy,, just move.. if u kill your self now it won’t still change anything and that you mum that isn’t strong enough na she u go put for tears so pls don’t do it,, not worth it some of them will always be dogs

mobebe Don’t kill yourself o because he will still get another girl pregnant when you die

icez_lamia That man can give you HIV Better don’t kill your self you’ve done your best,he has a serious problem.

scentsbyhz Thank God you didn’t get pregnant. It is well

khikky_1 It’s so painful, May God mend your broken heart☹️

mz_kkc It may be very depressing right now but you’ll look back in future and be grateful to God you did not marry such a person. God is your strength

official_queenta Move on sist… God just saved you from entering the wrong marriage.. it hurt, but be strong


Gathoni Wamuchomba Draws Mixed Reactions After Calling On Kikuyu Men To Embrace Polygamy

Controversial Kiambu woman representative has ignited another storm after she advised men from Central Kenya to embrace polygamy in order to increase the region’s population.

The first-time legislative added that the move will also play a huge role in reducing infidelity cases as well as reducing the number of children born out of wedlock.

As quoted by The Star, Wamuchomba believes that as many men rely on illicit brews there are many women out there who are yearning to get married.

“The situation has forced young women to sire children with married men who end up abandoning them to raise the babies single-handedly.”

“As much as we are talking about our church and our culture, we must go back to the drawing board and get solutions to some of these problems,” the MP said.

Her comments has since attracted a wide range of reactions from Kenyans with some criticizing while also drawing a number of support.

Check the reactions below.

Ciira Maina : if you can afford, bora unga isikose Kwa nyumba,,, If a man can manage to have a mpango wa kando without her wife’s knowledge,,Mtu hujikuna afikiapo! Iko Nini?

Duncan Mugah: Gathoni WA Muchomba should know that polygamy is an option thing which only few individuals who think they can do should, polygamy isnt right according to the Bible. That’s greed of women, I say. I disagree with Gathoni.

Douglas Kiplagat: I agree, in fact we should legalize polygamy. its so saddening when we struggle with abandoned children after one is dead.

Kinoti Eng: We men by nature we r polygamy this colonization of one man one woman is the problem causing rise in sponsors. I support her and this as introduced a topic many fear to speak about. Kwani iko nini heheheh

Husband sharing may lead to greater wealth and health – Study

Photo source: Theguardian.com

Children can thrive in polygamous families and are often better off than those from monogamous households in poor communities, researchers said on Monday, calling for greater cultural sensitivity among campaigners seeking to ban polygamy.

In Tanzania, polygamous families owned more cattle and farmed more land than monogamous ones in the same villages, according to a study involving 3,500 households in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

There was no evidence that children whose fathers had more than one wife were less healthy or hungrier than those in monogamous households.

“Children in polygamous households either do better or just as well as children in monogamous households within the same village,” the lead researcher, David Lawson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

First wives, who tend to live with their husbands, had significantly better nutrition and less stunting among their children than monogamous families.

Read more: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/sharing-husband-may-lead-greater-wealth-and-health-study-says

Woman On The Run After Poisoning Husband Over Second Wife

A cup of tea. | image source: the-star.co.ke

Police in Kikuyu constituency are looking for a woman who allegedly poisoned her husband after discovering that the man had a second family.

The incident happened at Ondiri village and according to the area OCPD Mutune Maweu, the suspect allegedly put rat poison in the man’s breakfast after she found out about the second woman when she happened to overhear a telephone conversation between her husband and the second wife while standing at the balcony of their house.

After consuming the food, the man started writhing in pain while lying on the floor of the sitting room and was found by his seven-year-old daughter. The daughter alerted neighbours who then rushed him to a private hospital and reported the matter to the police.

The OCPD consequently warned residents to seek for diplomatic ways of resolving domestic issues. He added that anyone engaging in criminal activity to vent their anger on their spouse will be dealt with according to the law of the land.

He also asked members of the public to report on the whereabouts of the suspect to the nearest police station so that she can be apprehended to help police with investigations.

The doctor who attended to the man, Dr. Bonface Kimani, said the man had been rushed to the facility in time and he is now out of danger.

A neighbour, Jane Kinuthia, said she was doing laundry when the seven-year-old girl came out calling her while crying. She immediately rushed to their house and found the man forming from the mouth.

“I screamed for help and other neighbours came and we rushed him to hospital,” said Jane before adding that the man’s wife was nowhere to be found.

However the neighbour confessed never to have heard any form of domestic violence in their house prior to the incident.


AUDIO: Polygamous man blames his acts of infidelity on long distance relationship

Photo source: knowledgeisking.ning.com

In today’s breakfast show’s reconciliation segment, 30-year-old Bernice from Nakuru, wanted to reconcile with her husband, 33-year-old, Evans whom they have been married for eight years.

Bernice is aware that her husband is a womanizer, something which has caused her sleepless nights. She says her husband came back as usual from home.

Moments after she prepared dinner, Evans went out and never returned home.

“In the middle of the night I heard a loud bang on the door.” Narrated Bernice. “The bang was terrifying and for a moment I thought it was my husband, but to my surprise it was a lady who happened to be one of his secret lovers.” continued Bernice.

Bernice said that the lady came complaining that she has been living with Evans as her ‘husband’.

Following the lady’s confession, that’s when Bernice came into conclusion that she was the lady whom her husband Evans was cheating her with, all in the name of ‘late night assignments.’

Upon calling Evans, he was unapologetic about the issue and instead of clarifying the matter, he went ahead to justify his deeds blaming his acts of infidelity on the long distance separating the two, when Evans moved from Nairobi to Nakuru.

Listen to the whole saga below:


South African president Jacob Zuma may marry 5th wife

Photo source: guardianlv.com

Polygamous South African President Jacob Zuma has hinted that he may marry wife number five.

The Star of South Africa quoted Zuma, 72, saying on Wednesday that he may take a fifth wife to accompany him through old age.

Zuma made the remarks during a visit to a Durban township on Tuesday in Kwa Zulu-Natal.

“Angakayakhi indlu yokugugela… laba ngisabathathile nje” (I do have wives but I’m yet to marry my last one).

Zuma currently has four wives. He married his last wife in 2012 and is believed to have fathered about 20 children.

He has also been caught having extra-marital affairs.


CHAMBURO & MITALA: Today’s Swahili words of the Day by Yusuf Juma

Yusuf Juma was sufficiently philanthropic with his Swahili lessons today as he decided to teach Gidi and Ghost two Swahili words. The first word he taught them was “chamburo” which is the Swahili word for pliers. As Gidi and Ghost were struggling to grasp that, he dropped the word “mitala” which is the Swahili term for “polygamous marriage”.