Raila, Gideon Moi hold talks for hours in Nairobi

The AU special infrastructure envoy and ODM chief Raila Odinga today held a four-hour meeting with KANU leader and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi in Nairobi.

The between between the two  is expected to generate wide political interest, and even re-ignite the succession politics debates.

There has been debates about leaders who descended from powerful families regrouping to stop politicians from “poor backgrounds” from assuming power after President Uhuru Kenyatta term expires in 2022.

Politicians allied to Deputy president William Ruto have been particularly vocal about this and with this meeting in perspective, it is expected that the rhetoric could raise again.

Sources close to the two leaders confirmed the meeting, but refused to give more details on what they discussed.

The meeting is said to have been at a Nairobi hotel and was closed door.

While the Baringo senator has announced that he will be running to replace Uhuru in the next election the ODM leader has not be forthcoming on whether he will vie or hang his boots in favour of a young leader.

Odinga has vied four times but maintains that he only lost once and that in the three other times, he was rigged out.

He would then have a truce with President Uhuru in March last year, neutralizing the opposition and developing a working relationship with the government.



Maombi muhimu! The number of times President Kenyatta has prayed in public

It is not common to find a president leading or conducting prayers. However, in Kenya it has stopped being a surprise as the current president of Kenya has done it numerous of times.

Here are the number of times President Uhuru Kenyatta has prayed.

Uhuru Kenyatta at one time prayed in front of his friends which ended up not only surprising people but also leaving everyone speechless.

During his touring different parts of the country back last year. The president at one time during his visit to Nyeri decided to pray in Kikuyu and even prayed for rain. Immediately afterwards it started raining. The people were left celebrating .

During his final rally before the general elections last year. The president made a prayer as the rally was ending. This took place in Afraha stadium Nakuru.


Uhuru Kenyatta also prayed during the National Prayer Day that took place in Nakuru, Afuraha stadium.

Chinese national who reffered to president Kenyatta as ‘monkey’ set to be deported

A Chinese national is set to be deported following his arrest for referring to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans as monkey.

Liu Jiaqi was secretly captured in a video by a worker he had threatened to sack from his motorcycle shop.

In the clip, the trader brags that there is nothing that ‘poor, black, smelly’ Kenyans can do to him even he sacks the said employee.

He even proceeds to say the Kenyans he is referring to includes the President. He speaks of how stupid Kenyan citizens are.

The employee is heard arguing a case of unfair treatment by the Chinese man who interrupts him saying it is because he is Kenyan.

“Everyone, every Kenyan is like a monkey. Even Uhuru Kenyatta, all of them,” Liu says.

“I don’t like you monkey people, [you] smell bad and foolish and black.”

Liu says all he wanted in Kenya was to make money. Police said the foreign national will be put in a plane this morning.

The video emerged barely hours after police raided CGTN studios in Nairobi and arrested foreign nationals.

The company said police arrested 13 workers, eight being the broadcaster’s employees.

Liu runs the Sonlink Limited, which sells motorbikes in Ruiru.

-The Star

‘Over the last few weeks I have lost a lot of friends’ – President Uhuru confesses in church

President Uhuru on Sunday shocked church goers after confessing he has lost friends.

He said; Over the last few weeks I have lost a lot of friends… I have received a lot of calls, ‘How can you watch all the destruction going on, why don’t you stop all this destruction’… We must fight impunity!’


Ever since announcing a crackdown on corruption, Kenyans have seen police among other authorities move in swiftly. While it has made us happy, no one has any idea what the President has been upto. We saw him announce that he has been in Mombasa for two weeks, even saying that it was time for him to leave.

Now in a revealing and rather shocking admission on sunday during a service at the Faith Evangelistic Ministries in Karen, Uhuru opened up.

He also wrote on his social media of his tribulations.

For our country to succeed, we must fight impunity. The power of change resides in each & everyone of us. Let us endeavour to develop a nation that has a conscience, driven by God-fearing people.

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Mabadiliko katika baraza la mawaziri

Rais Uhuru Kenyatta Ijumaa alasiri amefanya mabadiliko katika baraza la mawaziri na kuteua mabalozi wapya, hii ikiwa ni mojawapo wa juhudi zake za kuimarisha Serikali kuambatana na  nguzo nne za ajenda yake ya Maendeleo.

Baraza la Mawaziri

1. Waziri Aden Mohammed amehamishwa na kupelekwa katika Wizara ya Jumuiya ya Afrika Mashariki na Ustawi wa Kandaa katika wadhifa huo huo.

2. Naye Peter Munya ndiye Waziri Mpya wa Ustawi wa Viwanda, Biashara na Vyama vya Ushirika .

3. Professa Collete Suda amehamishwa kwenda katika Wizara ya Elimu kama Msimamizi Mkuu na vile vile Katibu katika Idara ya Elimu ya Vyuo Vikuu.

4. Bw. Simon Kachapin amehamishwa kwenda Wizara ya Kawi kama Msimamizi Mkuu.

Makatibu wa Wizara

5. Katibu Mkuu Charles Sunkuli amehamishwa kutekeleza wadhifa huo huo katika Idara ya Ugatuzi;

6. Katibu Mkuu Nelson Marwa amehamishwa kutekeleza wadhifa huo huo katika Idara ya Masuala ya Kijamii, Penisheni na ya Wazee;

tate House Deputy Spokesperson Kanze Dena during a Press Briefing at State House, Nairobi.

7. Katibu Mkuu Zainab Abdalla Hussein amehamishwa kwenda katika Idara ya Urekebbishaji wa tabia;

8. Katibu Mkuu Alfred Cheruiyot amehamishwa kwenda katika Idara ya Ustawi wa Mafunzo ya Kazi za Ufundi;

9. Katibu Susan Mochache amehamishwa kwenda katika Idara ya Ustawi wa Mazingira na Misitu ;

10. Bw. Joe Okudo ameteuliwa kuwa Katibu Mkuu wa Idara ya Utalii;

11. Dkt. Margaret Mwakima sasa ndiye Katibu Mkuu katika Idara ya Hifadhi za Wanyama Pori;

12. Dkt. Ibrahim A. Mohammed ameteuliwa Katibu Mkuu katika Idara ya Ustawi wa Wafanyakazi.

13. Bi. Fatuma Hirsi ameteuliwa kuwa Katibu Mkuu wa Idara ya Utangazaji na Mawasiliano ya Simu ;

14. Prof. Micheni Japheth Ntiba amehamishwa kuwa Katibu Mkuu wa Idara ya  Ustawi wa Uvuvi, Viumbe vya Majini na  Uchumi wa Raslimali za Baharini .


Wafuatao wameteuliwa kuwa mabalozi endapo wataidhinishwa na bunge:

15. Bi. Sarah Serem

16. Luteni  Jenerali Samuel Thuita

17. Bw. Francis Muhoro

18. Bw. Manoah Esipisu

19. Bw. Paddy Ahenda

20. Balozi. Peter Nicholas Oginga Ogego

21. Johnson Kimani Ondieki

22. Chris Karumba Mburu

23. Mheshimiwa Benjamin Langat

Wenye inchi: Meet Kenya’s top 10 most powerful men

Someone once told me that power goes hand in hand with money. How true this is i’ll leave you to judge.

Well, these are some of the most powerful men in Kenya, talk of money, investments, influence and property.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta. photo credit: the star

Former President Daniel Moi

‘I almost ran him over then he asked me out!’ People reveal surprising ways they found love on Twitter

Opposition leader Raila Odinga

Mwai Kibaki

PLO Lumumba



Manu Chandaria

manu chandaria

SK Macharia

SK Macharia

Chris Kirubi



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Ana Tanga Tanga kila mahali? Ruto responds to Uhuru’s comments on loitering

The trending word of the week has been tanga tanga, after President Uhuru recently remarked that his deputy ‘loiters’.

Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday told a gathering in Meru that President Kenyatta was aware of his movements.

“Lakini Mheshimiwa Rais kwa ile ruhusa na amri umenipatia ambayo ulisema juzi mimi nafanya kila wikendi huko mashinani, kitongojini,Kijiini hata na huko kwenya vichororo nataka nikupatie report. Vile ulinituma inganwaje my friend Ndaragua hakusema, ile barabara ulitunituma kuanzisha pale Mathathari, Siakago, Ugweri hiyo barabara imeisha”

Two days ago, Uhur shocked the nation after talking about Ruto saying;

“Hii Kijana anaitwa Ruto unajua kila weekend anatangatanga kila pahali atakuwa anapitia hizi machoro choro mkiona kuna kitu inaenda kona kona mumwambie,”

Uhuru said.

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Tusaidie boss! Judy Ojaamong begs President Uhuru

Busia Governor Sospeter Ojaamong’s wife Judy has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and ensure the expedition of the Busia-Malaba road.

Uhuru commissioned the construction of the road in 2016.

In statement, Judy said flash floods have rendered the road impassable after nearby rivers broke their banks.

“It is unfortunate that residents suffer because the contractor has abandoned his work. We want the President to intervene,” Judy said.

She asked the Kenya National Highways Authority to cancel the tender if the contractor cannot expedite the completion of the 28-kilometre road. Only two months, of the 18 given for the completion of the road, remain.

If the contractor cannot expedite the completion of the 28km road them the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) should cancel the contract and award it to another person,” she said.

Photo Of The Day! This is the condition of how Nairobi roads are flooded

Mrs. Ojaamong said the contractor was given to tarmac the Busia- Malaba road with another awarded the Malaba-Angurai-Malakisi, and Angurai-Moding Kawalun Road with the president commissioning the two roads concurrently.

“It is disturbing to note that the Chinese contractor who was awarded the Malaba-Angurai road is doing a commendable with the tarmacking of the road nearing completion and yet the Busia-Malaba road has stalled,” she said.

Judy said the drainage on the Busia-Malaba road in Chakol and Amaase is pathetic with the floods marooning the area, thus endangering the lives of motorists and residents of the area.

The contractor working on the Busia-Malaba road could not be reached for comment with only two months left to the 18 months period he was given to complete the project.

– The Star

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Linus Kaikai still bags job at Royal Media even after State House called to block it

Politics sio ya mama ya mtu.

You all know that Linus Kaikai left Nation Media Group in the capacity of NTV General Manager to join Royal Media Services as its Chief Operations Officer, a position previous held by now Lands CS Farida Karoney.

But that was blocked.

This is the tweet Julie Gichuru deleted about a Kenyan Spy

linus kaikai
 It is reported that State House called.

Okay let me be more specific, President Uhuru personally called RMS vice chairperson Purity Gathoni Macharia to talk her out of hiring Linus Kaikai.

Linus fell out with State House after he allowed NTV to air Raila Odinga’s swearing in ceremony. Hence his issues now.

Now, sources are whispering claiming that despite the phone call, Linus still has a job with RMS because he had already signed the contract.

‘We are also being seduced left, right and centre,’ female politicians mourn

Linus kaikai1RMS was like, what do we do now?

According to Business Today, RMS decided to woo Linus Kaikai with a sweet package. They agreed to take liability for a mortgage and regular Sacco loans Linus Kaikai owed amounting to over Ksh 20 million.

In addition to that the media house will also retain his as a consultant to enable them regularize the loans. RMS has since appointed Fred Afune as its Chief Operations Officer.

Afune served as Radio and TV Production Director at RMS. KTN Managing Editor Joe Ageyo has now been named Editorial Director at RMS.

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