Makahaba waeleza jinsi wanavyovuna donge nono huku wakikabiliana na changamoto

Ukahaba ni biashara isiyo halali lakini ambayo inaoimarika sana nchini Kenya na hivi sasa inakua haraka kupitia mfumo wa kidigitali huku wafanyabiashara hiyo wakipata faida ya mamilioni ya pesa.

Katika makala maalum tulichunguza na kuwahoji baadhi yao;

Selina (ambalo si jina lake rasmi) mwenye umri wa miaka 26 anasema kwamba ukahaba ni biashara inayokuwa kwa kasi zaidi  nchini Kenya kwa njia ya kidijitali kutokana na kuongezeka kwa wateja.

“Kazi hii ilinisaidia kulipia karo yangu katika chuo kikuu cha kibinafsi. Ninalea na kukimu mahitaji maalum kwa mwanangu wa kiume wa umri wa miaka saba, na ndugu zangu wawili pamoja na mama yangu.”

Pia anasema kwamba ana vyumba vya kukodi Kileleshwa, ambapo pato lake ni shilingi 400,000 kila mwezi.

Mzee Wa Miaka 94, Wake 19 Na Watoto 100 Aoa Tena, Kunani ?

Anita (tumelibana jina lake) anaendesha biashara yake katika barabara ya Koinange hadi City Hall.  Anasema anafadhalisha katika maeneno wazi  kwa kuwa hahitaji kukodi jumba maalum au madanguro.

‘Biashara yangu iliathiriwa wakati klabu ya Simmers ilipobomolewa. Katiba mpya pamoja na nyadhifa nyingi  kuongezwa tunapata tija nyingi sana” Anita ambaye alikuwa amevalia skati nyekundi alisema.

Rita (Siyo jina lake kamili) mwenye umri wa miaka 30, anaendesha biashara yake Huringham. Anasema kwamba anahofia jinsi ambavyo biashara hii inavyoendeshwa katika njia ya kidijitali.

“Kwa kipindi cha miaka miwili nina shauku tutakosa kazi. Baadhi yetu hatuna ujuzi wa teknolojia wa hata kutumia simu ya Android, achia mbali kutumia tovuti kunadi biashara yetu.

“Mabinti zangu huchukua vifaa vya kupima ukimwi kila mara wakiwa kazini.” Maureen alisema.

Kabla hawajaanza biashara, wanajipima kwanza. Shukran kwa wanafamasia wangu ambo huniletea vifa hivyo kila mara.

“Baadhi ya wateja wangu hujipima hata juma moja mapema kabla ya kujaamiana.” alisema.

Ijapokuwa ripoti hiyo ni nzuri, ikumbukwe kwamba ukimwi huchukua kati ya miezi sita ili dalili zionekana.

Ronaldo Afunga Bao La Kihistoria Katika Taaluma Yake

Daktari Fredrick Kinama anasema kuwa yeye hutibu magonjwa mengi ya sanaa kutoka wakahaba.

Phelisters anakiri kuwa na wateja wa hapa nchini na hata kutoka ughaibuni.

“Ninaenda kila mahali  katika baraste kuu hadi madanguro mengi. Ninao wateja wangu wa kibinafsi pia, wengi hunandi kutoka kwa wovouti,” alisema.


‘My bae spends sh 6,000,000 on prostitutes every year’ reveals distraught girlfriend

A woman whose ‘high-flying CEO’ boyfriend regularly sees prostitutes and uses cocaine has revealed why she refuses to end the relationship.

The Australian woman, who has been with her boyfriend for two years, revealed she doesn’t want to leave him – even though she is disgusted by his addiction.

Speaking of the situation, the 42-year-old said her partner had spent thousands on escorts in the past year.

‘I have slept with more than 500 men so far,’ reveals sex addict

‘He has spent Ksh 6,000,000 on prostitutes in the last year alone and that’s only what I’m aware of,’ she said.

She said she met her current boyfriend two years ago on a blind date, six months after her relationship ended with her ex-husband of 10 years.

The woman revealed this man had been married for 20 years previously and told her he had never cheated on his wife.

She said the man, a ‘high-flying corporate CEO’, had moved to her town to recover from a cocaine addiction – a problem she thought she could handle.

The woman said it didn’t take long for her to realize something wasn’t right with her relationship after she turned up to visit the man and he didn’t pick her up from the airport or answer her calls.

I burnt down my girlfriend’s house after she moved in with another lady – Narrates lesbian woman

Her worst fears were confirmed when she turned up to his apartment and saw the man passed out on his bed.

‘There was a text on his phone saying, “Baby, please call me”. So, I called the number and the woman on the other end admitted she was a prostitute – and was looking for payment,’ she said.

couple relationship prostitutes

The woman said she thought this had only happened a couple of times when he was high on drugs, but realized this wasn’t the case after checking his bank statements.

She discovered that in three months there was Ksh 2,000,000 worth of transactions to prostitutes on his credit card and he had been hiring them when away on business trips.

She said while she felt ‘absolute shock, disgust and disappointment’ over being lied to, the man told her he didn’t see this as cheating – more as paid transactions with no ‘heart connection’.

While she said there have since been countless promises of change, including a trip to Thailand to heal their relationship, the man has continued to use cocaine and see prostitutes.

She revealed the most recent of these interactions involving escorts, and possibly cocaine, was just four weeks ago when she saw another credit card statement showing he had spent Ksh 5, 00,000 in just one night.

While the situation is one she described as a ‘s*** way to live, she said she doesn’t want to leave.

The woman said if the circumstances of her life were different, she may have walked out. She explained her previous partner had killed himself, and that four days before he died she discovered he had also been cheating on her – and for a long time.

‘I absolutely adore this man and have a soul connection with him. Life is messy. I’m 42 and if I leave him and meet someone else, there will just be another problem to work on,’ she said.

She added while there are ongoing promises of change, she doesn’t trust this man, however, despite everything she has hope that one day he will stop.

And she’s not the only person struggling with these kinds of relationship issues.

Recently, a man revealed he had fallen in love with an escort who sleeps with up to 20 men – and that he was on the brink of ending his relationship because the woman wouldn’t quit her job.

Speaking about his situation, the man, named Michael, said he was initially okay with his girlfriend’s profession.

But because his feelings had grown for the woman, he was hoping she might take a step back.

The young man, who himself earns Ksh 120,000 a week working a run-of-the-mill type job, admitted his girlfriend doesn’t have sex with him at home.

‘She can see anywhere between 10 and 20 men a week,’ he said. ‘I’m at the point where I’m going to crack and I can’t do it anymore.’

While the conundrum was put to listeners to share their thoughts, it took the honesty of one caller to put the man’s situation into perspective.

This man shared how he had also fallen in love with past girlfriend who was an escort and the pair had spent 15 years together.

But while he was in jail for a drink driving offence, she fell in love with a client and the pair lived in his home while he was away.

The decision of whether to leave or stay was clearly a difficult one for the man seeking advice, and one that ultimately rested with him.


Chicharito Denies There Were Prostitutes In Mexico’s Pre-World Cup Party

West Ham striker Javier Hernandez has revealed a controversial pre-World Cup party where Mexico players allegedly had a 24-hour lock-in with prostitutes was his birthday bash.

The frontman admitted he and his team-mates would not repeat the celebration as he made the first public statement by any of the Mexico squad about the party.

But the 30-year-old angrily denied claims escorts had attended the event at a house in an upmarket Mexico City neighbourhood after the recent 1-0 friendly win against Scotland.

He said in a Facebook Live stream: ‘There was a get-together for my birthday. We had been given a day off and I invited the players.

‘Everyone went apart from the goalkeeper Jesus Corona.

‘We were there and afterwards more guests arrived and everyone went at the time they wanted.

‘There were no escorts and what has been said shows a lack of respect for all the guests.

‘We didn’t do anything bad, it was in our free time, but we wouldn’t do it again.’

Eight members of the Mexico team including LA Galaxy star Giovanni dos Santos and his brother Jonathan were ‘named and shamed’ by Mexican magazine TV Notaslast week over the June 2 party at a house in Las Lomas de Chapultepec.

The magazine, referring to the Mexican squad by their nickname El Tri, claimed the stars celebrated with a no-holds-barred party lasting more than a day in a report with photos of some of the women who attended titled: ‘Thirty VIP escorts gave the TRI their real World Cup send-off with a 24-hour lock-in.’

The magazine, whose report was widely echoed by Mexican and south American media, quoted a source as saying: ‘They arrived at the house in Las Lomas around 10.30pm on Saturday and had a great time with music, drinks, games and women.

‘They had the night off, without their wives and girlfriends.’

Hernandez was never mentioned in the reports about the party.

Mexico manager Juan Carlos Osorio said the comments by Hernandez were important.

He said: ‘I think clarifying the situation has helped the group a lot.’


SHOCKING: Referee Heber Lopes Allegedly Celebrated Officiating Copa America Final With Prostitutes

A scandal is being reported following Chile’s victory over Argentina in the Copa America final, as the referee from the event, Heber Lopes, allegedly celebrated his participation in the show piece event with two prostitutes. Continue reading “SHOCKING: Referee Heber Lopes Allegedly Celebrated Officiating Copa America Final With Prostitutes”

NAROK: Wheat Farmer Robbed KES 2.5M By Prostitutes

image source:

Police in Narok town have launched investigations into an incident where a wheat farmer was reportedly robbed of KES 2.5 million by commercial sex workers on Tuesday.

County commissioner Arthur Osiya said the sex workers disappeared leaving the victim farmer regretting over the loss of his hard-earned cash.

Osiya said the victim had decided to take a few drinks after the sale of a wheat harvest.

“The farmer entered the bar alone at around 8pm and after taking few beers he started bragging that he has a lot of money after selling wheat. That attracted attentions of prostitutes who have invaded the town to reap from wheat farmers. He woke up the following morning after he was drugged by the twilight girls only to realize that all the proceeds from the wheat harvest have gone,” said Osiya.

“We are on high alert as all manner of criminals, conmen, robbers and prostitutes out to swindle the wheat farmers. We are calling on our farmers to be extra vigilant of such characters,” added Osiya.

The County Commissioner raised concern over high rate of alcohol abuse attributed to the high amount of money in circulation saying that some entertainment joints in town where operating out of the stipulated time.

– The STAR

Prostitues Throng Nyeri Ahead Of Sister Irene Stefani Nyaatha Beatification

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Hundreds of commercial sex workers have booked hotels in Nyeri anticipating “booming” business due to the expected arrival of 300 000 pilgrims in the town who will be attending the beatification ceremony of Sister Irene Nyaatha Stefani in eight days time.

Some of the prostitutes, who are from Mombasa, Nairobi, Machakos and Nakuru, are camped at Gikondi area, Mukurweini, Othaya and Karatina towns.

A Catholic priest, who spoke on condition of anonymity, however urged Christians not to be swayed by “earthly things” but to focus on the spiritual matters that the event concerns.

Nyeri Central Deputy Commissioner John Marete said the town is full of “new faces” but that police are preparing to deal with any arising situations.

The pilgrims have started arriving for the beatification set for May 22 to 24.

The main event will be held at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology where a dais is being erected.


THIKA: Sex Workers To Work With Security Agents To Reduce Crime

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Sex workers in Thika town and its environs on met area security agents on Wednesday and discussed how they can work together to prevent crime.

The commercial sex workers met the deputy Administration Police boss for Thika Town Constituency Dismus Kimathi and identified means they can work together to reduce crime.

The sex workers’ spokesperson Barrack Ondiek said the meeting was meant to create a working agreement between the police and the sex workers with the aim of beefing up security in the area and getting assurances from the police that sex workers would not be harassed.

“We will assist the police identify criminals on condition we will not be harassed by the cops,” he said.

The sex workers had gathered under Wapate Initiative, an organisation that reforms prostitutes and gives them an alternative means of earning a living.

– The STAR