PATANISHO: Hutaki kunirudia lakini nirudishie kitambulisho changu!

Bernard aliomba apatanishwe na mkewe Mercy Auma, kutoka Gem, kaunti ya Siaya, ambaye waliishi pamoja kwa miaka tisa, kutoka 2009 hadi 2018.

PATANISHO: Mtu akiniita aninunulie pombe nitamshtaki!

“Tulikosana na mke wangu mwezi wa nne last year, mimi nilikuwa nafanya biashara ya samaki na tukaanza kuishi naye na nikamleta nyumbani ambapo nilimfunza kazi ya ushonaji.

Baada ya mda akasema nimfunze biashara ya samaki na akaanza kwenda baharini, kilicholeta ubishi ni kuwa alichukua mkopo bila kuniambia.” Alisimulia bwana Bernard.


Niliporudi nyumbani nikapata amepanga virago na ameondoka, kumuuliza hakunipa sababu ya kuondoka.

Nilipopigia simu watu wa loan, tukazungumza na tukaelewana tuishi pamoja kwa heshima. Baada ya mda mchache babake Auma alisema nimruhusu asafiri ahudhurie matanga nyumbani kwao lakini alipoenda hajawahi rudi.

PATANISHO: Bwanangu alinitenga na kutorokea Thika kwa mke mwingine

Wawili hao wamejaliwa watoto wawili.

“Kitu tulikosania siwezi sema lakini tulimaliza na kama anaona Radio Jambo ndio muhimu ni sawa. Tuliongea na tukamaliza, yale alinitendea na watu wao yalinitosha.” Alisema bi Auma kabla ya kukatiza mawasiliano kati yetu.

Tumewachana, sitaki kurudiana naye na nimeendelea na maisha yangu ila sijapata bwana mwingine.” Alisisitiza Auma kabla bwana Bernard kumuomba amrudishie kitambulisho chake alichotoweka nacho.

PATANISHO? ‘I am sorry it won’t happen again,’ – Martial apologizes for cheating on fiancee

Dennis Okari FINALLY weds his fiance Naomi Joy in colorful ceremony

Today Dennis Okari is walking his bride Naomi Joy down the aisle in an invite only wedding to the disappointment of many ladies.

Okari’s best Ken Mijungu man posted:

“Na suti tukavaa☺️”


‘Mungu anawaona. One day, you’ll come back for these kids,’ Betty Kyallo talks to deadbeat dads

The wedding has elicited attention everywhere has caught many by surprise given that Okari just recently proposed.

In a video that emerged online at the time the journalist was seen giving a short speech infront of family and friends before going down on one knee.

“This is going to be a special day for me and you because you are loving and God fearing person and I know that all the nice things I can get are from you, so today I wanted to just share these special moments.”

“I can’t wait to do life with you, and I can’t wait to start the journey if only I get the answer that I am expecting. So before all these lovely people, family, friends and our parents here.

“This ring is just a symbol of my commitments to the covenant that we are going to make in one of these fine days. So I want to ask you, Naomi Joy, with everything that I have and everything that I am, will you marry me?” posed Okari.


DJ Mo was under house arrest on Valentine’s Day (Screenshot)

Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu leaked the news by posting on his Instagram

He wrote:

“Attending my friend’s wedding. Join me in congratulating him. @dennisokari . #wedding.”

Okari’s fans reacted:

tkaruri: 😍😍congrats @dennisokari , wishing you joy and happiness in your marriage.

yvonne_kylan: @alaine_alaine14 toka hapa hata aitwe baba ivanna we don’t care 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂 😂 😂

peterndeleva: Congratulations Dennoh, tunakutambua. God bless you and yours big time🙏🙏🙏

umu_asya:Congratulations to the couple.

wairimu_musindi:I honestly love this guy..He deserves the best..Congratulations Dennis

anjleegadhvi:Congratulations dear @dennisokari 💖

Below is a video of the wedding

Below are photos from the wedding



Dennis Okari

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Heartbreaking: Body of missing Nation employee found at city mortuary

Nation Media group employee Mildred Odira, who went missing last week while being taken to hospital, has been found at the City Mortuary.

Mildred, who worked as a switchboard operator at the Nation Centre-based Foresight company, was last seen on Tuesday at 4am by security guards in her Kariobangi South residence.

Her sister Maureen Anyango said they found her body at the City Mortuary on Monday, with the news leaving them traumatized.

“Millie is no more, we have found her at the City Mortuary,” she said.

Kenyans have come out to condemn the murder, with many taking the chance to mourn the mother of one even as mystery continues to surround the circumstances of her death.

Below are some of the messages

Sweetpie Shikoh: RIP, its really sad when people get murdered and its like this is happening a lot in Kenya.

Midecha Lynet: Its so sad…R.I.P

Hon Ng’ash Ng’ash: But why??? Aki Kenya …. Sielewi

Tabbymercy Nyambura: Ghai… Comfort her family

Alex Njoro Njoroge: Aki hii story n ngumu kuelewa but taxi driver know it all….

Mamake Blessing Na Adriel: I saw the mother and the sister crying and the tears really touched me
Rip FallenComrade😢

Sharon Emma Maleche: oh my gosh! this broke my heart. ..I can’t imagine how much her sweet boy will feel

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Exclusive: Gospel singer Pitson reveals his valentines day plans

Lovers day Valentines is in a few days time. Do you have any plans?

Gospel artiste Pitson says valentines day for him and his wife is just any other day.

‘I have to live with early menopause,’ says 28-year-old cancer survivor

Speaking exclusively about his valentines day plans, Pitson says

“Everyday for us is valentines, because everything I can do for her on valentines day I usually do it every other day. I buy her gifts whenever I come across something she will like. We go out for plays. It’s not really special to us.”


Daddy Owen on the other hand says that he is planning something special for his wife Faridah, the mother to his two kids.

“I am still planning because I want to surprise her.”

Owen has been married since 2016 to Farida Wambui who is very quiet and media shy. She has managed to keep her life off social media.

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14, originating as a Western Christian feast day honoring one or two early saints named Valentinus.

Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world, although it is not a public holiday in any country.

Know the different colors of roses and what they mean (List)

Valentines is around the corner.

Flower vendors are stocking up for this day, but did you know different flower colors have different meanings.

Here are the different flowers and their meaning. It might come in handy lest you find yourself buying break up roses for valentines.

1. Red 

Red is symbolic of passion, love, and energy.


2. White 

White flowers are a symbol of peace and forgiveness. They are often a sign of honor for the loss of a loved one, and that’s why we frequently see white flowers during funeral services.

White roses

3. Pink 

Pink roses are a sign of Grace and elegance so the next time you want to gift someone put this into consideration.


4. Blue

They symbolize mystery and intrigue.

Blue Roses

5. Purple 

This unique hue symbolizes pride and enchantment. Even better, they’re tied to royalty


6. Green 

Green means a “constant rejuvenation of spirit.”


7. Black

Black roses signify death, or supreme hatred so giving someone a black rose on valentines may be a very bad idea.

Image result for meaning of black roses

8. Orange

Orange  is symbolic of expansion, growth, and warmth. It is also a color of friendship and community.


9. Yellow

Sunny flowers imply jealousy and infidelity. In modern times, however, this variety is associated with friendship and cheer due to the vibrant color.

Yellow rose

10. Burgundy Roses

Though not as striking as the classic red rose, this merlot shade represents “unconscious beauty.”

Homabay man arraigned in court for assaulting police officer

A middle aged man was yesterday arraigned in Homa Bay court charged with assaulting a police officer.

Moses Otieno Obunga, with others not before the court, is accused that on January 18, 2019, willfully and unlawfully assaulted and caused grievous bodily harm to Geoffrey Ochieng Onduh, a police officer attached to Homa Bay Police Station.

Ilikuaje: Hellen Mtawali aeleza vile alipo wapoteza ndugu zake wawili

The accused person committed the offense at Kapita village in Homa Bay County while the officer was discharging his duties together with his colleague.



The Prosecutor Ahindukha Shabola told the court that the said officer together with his colleague PC Martin Shikuku were going on with their duty on the fateful day when Obunga with others not before the court, obstructed them from operation before beating up PC Geoffrey thus causing  him serious injuries on his body

‘I don’t know why God didn’t let me know that one day I’ll have everything’ – Akothee

He added that the victim was taken to the Homa Bay county referral hospital where he was admitted.

But the question is why did Obunga assault the police when he clearly knows the law?

Uhuru kuwaambia mawaziri washirikiane na Matiang’i ama waache kazi

The accused pleaded not guilty before Senior Magistrate Lester Simiyu and was granted a bond of Sh 200,000 with similar surety of the same amount.

The case will be mentioned on February 14, 2019 while the hearing is fixed for February 25, 2019.

The star

PATANISHO: Mke wangu alisema atarudi kwangu baada ya miaka miwili

Michael alituma ujumbe akiomba kupatanishwa na mke wake, bi Maggie, ambaye walikosana msimu wa Krisimasi mwaka wa 2018, na tangia siku hiyo hajawahi rudi.

PATANISHO: Mwanamke akikosa kumtunza mume wake atatunziwa na mwingine

“Enyewe kusema ukweli sikumfukuza kwani tuligombana na sababu ni alikuwa akitaka kwenda kwao na akaniomba fedha za kununua bidahaa ambazo nilimpea. Tukaagana akienda akae siku moja ili siku ifuatayo twende kwetu.” Alisema Michael.

Pilka pilka ya kumpa fedha akadai haitoshi na aliomba niongeze elfu moja mia tano ili iwe elfu tatu na mia tano. Akaniambia hataenda nazo kwani hazikutosha na akanirushia fesha kwa meza na kusema nielekee kwao. Aliondoka na kurudi kwetu baada ya siku kama nne. Kumuuliza aliniambia kuwa juu sikuenda kwao pia yeye ana kwao ambapo anaweza pumzika na atosheke.” Aliongeza akisema mkewe alidhibitisha kuwa hatorudi kwao kabla ya miaka miwili.

PATANISHO: Tulikosania pesa na mke wangu

Nilitoka nikaenda kesha na kurudi nilipata ameondoka na akasema atarudi baada ya mika miwili.

Wawili hao wamekuwa kwa ndoa ya miaka miwili na wamejaliwa watoto wawili ambao mkewe aliondoka nao.

Maggie alidhibitisha kuwa alimkasirikia bwanake na kuwa amekuwa na mazoea na pia anataka kumtesa.

“Tuliachana 25th asubuhi na tulikuwa twende kwetu, hakufika na hakupiga simu. Sasa tarehe 28 nikarudi kwangu na tangia hiyo siku hajawahi kuja wala kusema lolote. Aje azungumze na wazazi na tutasuluhisha hayo mambo.” Alieleza.

Pata uhondo kamili.

Kutana na familia ya mtangazaji maarufu Massawe Japanni (Picha)

Massawe Japanni anajulikana kote nchini kwa ushupavu wake ikifika kwa utangazaji, lakini sio wengi wanao jua kwamba  yeye ni mke na mama.

Ameoleka na Tom Jappanni ambaye ni mwajiri wa Radio Maisha na wamebarikiwa na watoto wote wa kike.

Waswahili walisema kuwa

“Kupata mahali pa kuenda ndio nyumbani, kupata mtu wa kupenda ndio familia na kua na yote ni baraka.”


Baby ‘twins’ have two different dads after gay couple were both able to fertilise an embryo of a surrogate mother

Kulingana na msemo huu Massawe amebarikiwa kupindukia kwani yuko na mume anayempenda, watoto ano waenzi na marafiki wanao mpenda kwa dhati.

Jee ni nini kingine anacho kikosa?

Kutana na watoto wa Massawe kwenye picha hizi. Urembo wao ni wa kuvutia si haba.

Massawe's kids
Massawe Japanni
Radio Jambo’s Massawe



Wilbroda: Sababu ya kuacha kipindi cha Papa shirandula




PATANISHO: Mwanamke akikosa kumtunza mume wake atatunziwa na mwingine

Si watoto tu wamebarikiwa na urembo, urembo huo wameutoa kwa mamayao ambaye sauti anayo nzuri na urembo pia si wa kutafuta.


Maisha yetu yako hatarini watoto wa wamalwa wasema

Massawe ni mtangazi wa radiojambo ambaye anafanya kipindi cha ni masaa ya massawe.

Mtangazaji huyo kama vile anavyo penda kazi yake pia anapenda familia vile vile.

Flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir battling blurry vision after laser surgery

Flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir is currently recuperating after he underwent laser surgery on both of his eyes last Friday, a procedure which has since left him with blurry vision.

Kipkorir took to his twitter account to inform his fans of his current condition, in a short touching message that will leave you sad.

According to his tweet, he went under laser surgery and he cannot text nor respond to messages till the end of this week.

“Dear Friends, Clients & Tweeps: I underwent laser surgery on both my eyes last Friday & for now, my vision is blurry. I can’t read or type till end of this week. I can’t thus respond to any message. I have typed this note with extreme difficulty. Stay well.”

This man paid Sh900million for a custom number plate

Donald Kipkorir
Donald Kipkorir

His fans have taken the chance to wish him a quick recovery with a majority expressing their utter shock at the turn of events.

Below are some of their messages.

Replying to

Get well don…unaona disadvantage ya masomo nyingi..wengine Kama akina wilkins kazi ilikua kufungua watu macho.

May God heal you completely we need to see you strong,healthy and energetic.

Replying to Don May the almighty Allah grant you a quick recovery.

Check out what President Uhuru’s communication team posted on Twitter that upset Kenyans

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Kulikuaje? Msanii YY asimulia vile alivyokuwa mcheshi

YY almaarufu Oliver Otieno alizaliwa katika kaunti ya Homabay, kisha akalelewa katika kaunti ya Nairobi.

Alipenda sana kupika na kusafisha nyumba.YY aliweza kumpoteza baba yake akiwa bado shule huku wakibaki na mamake wa kuwakimu na ndugu wake watatu.

Mcheshi YY ni kifungua mimba katika familia yao, amemuacha ndugu yake anaye mfuata na miaka 8 na yule mwingine miaka 10.

“Nilipenda kupika kuosha nyumba kwa maana mamangu  alikuwa mwanabiashara. Mama alikuwa mwanabiashara, kwa hivyo alikuwa anapata nimepika alafu wakati huo kulikuwa na ‘polythene paper’.

“Sasa nilikuwa napika alafu nafunika chakula na hayo makartasi,” alisema YY

Oliver alikuwa anapika akitoka shule saa saba kisha anapika na kuandaa chakula cha usiku.

“Babangu alikuwa saa zingine anakuja nyumbani akiwa amelewa kisha anaanza kumpiga mamangu, hapo ndipo uusiano wangu na mamangu uliweza kukuwa kwa sana.”

YY alisema kuwa amemuacha ndugu yake anaye mfuata kwa miaka 8 kwa sababu yeye ndiye kifungua mimba kwa familia yao.

Aliweza kusema kuwa ana mchumba ambaye wamechumbiana kwa mwaka mmoja sasa.

Baba Oliver alipofariki alikuwa anaona maisha yakiwa magumu na kuanza kufikiria kuwa kama babake angekuwa mambo yangekuwa rahisi.

Wakati huo huo anafikiria mateso ambayo babake alifanya mamake apitie. YY alisema kuwa wanawake hawafai kudhulumiwa wala kuteswa lakini wanapaswa kuishi huru.

Ata kama  baba yao alikuwa anatesa na kumchapa mama yao alikuwa ana wapenda sana. Hapo ndipo aliweza kukua akijua kuwapa heshima wanawake.

Watoto wa baba yake ni wawili lakini baada ya baba yake kuaga mama yake aliweza kuolewa na kupata mtoto wa tatu ambaye ni msichana na anampenda sana, licha ya mama yake kupitia hayo yote.

“Nilianza ucheshi shuleni na kanisani. Nilipomaliza kidato cha nne nilijiunga na chuo kikuu cha Kenyatta kusomea (medical statistics)yaani takwimu za matibabu,

“Ndipo nikajiunga na (Kenyatta university traveling theater)”Alisema YY.

YY akijiunga na chuo kikuu alikuwa anataka kuwa meneja wa huduma za afya kwa kimombo (health service manager).

“Niliweza kua MC kisha rafiki yangu alinishauri niweze kujiunga na Churchill Show. Kesho yake nilipelekwa na rafiki yangu Lawrence Carnivore kwa mguu ili nikachaguliwe kama mcheshi.

“Lakini nikaanguka lakini si kufa moyo nilirudi tena na tena hadi wiki ya 4. Kitendo kilicho fanya nifukuzwe na mjomba wangu nyumbani kwa kusimamisha masomo yangu lakini sikurudi nyumbani nilirudi tena Carnivore kisha nikaweza kuchukuliwa.”aliongezea YY.

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