Baraka Nayo: Lucky Kenyans whose weddings President Uhuru attended

Not every body gets the chance of having a President attend their wedding, after all he is a busy man but for some, it was their lucky day.

We look as Kenyans whose wedding was graced by the most powerful man in Kenya

1. Irungu Kangata

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata solemnised his marriage to his wife Mary Wambui, in a colourful wedding graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The wedding was held at Gathinja Catholic Church in Kahuhia constituency, Murang’a county.


2. Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Mukami 

They got married in June,26 2015 in a colorful ceremony attended by the creme dela creme of the Kenyan society.


Isaac Mwaura and Mukami Mwaura

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3. Naisula Lesuuda

Naisula Lesuuda the member of parliament for Samburu West married the love of her life Robert Kiplagat in a colourful wedding.

When she announced her engagement on January 1st this year, Lesuuda posted on her social media:

“Here’s to new beginning….All said and done ,I thank God for the growth that I have experienced both politically and in my personal life…Here’s to love and light in 2018.”


Naisula Lesuuda during her wedding day.

The  wedding took place on November 17th this year at ACK St. Phillips Lesirai church.

4. Chemeli Chumo

Kenya Power Chief Executive’s daughter, Chemeli Chumo and her boyfriend Kevin Oduor walked down the aisle at a wedding that was attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta.


5. Naeem Balala

President Uhuru Kenyatta  joined hundreds of invited guests at the wedding of Naeem Balala, son of Mining Secretary Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala.

The colourful wedding between Naeem and Safiya Omar Sherman, daughter of prominent lawyer Omar Sherman, was held at the exclusive Vipingo Ridge in Kilifi County and officiated by Ustadh Sharif Abdulqadir Hyder.


Here are the best paid comedians in Kenya

Comedy as a career has been on the rise in Kenya. More and more people are coming out to try their luck in comedy and the society has been welcoming.

While some are still trying their luck, there are those that are already making it big; living lavish lifestyles, driving good cars all thanks to comedy.

Check out some of the comedians in Kenya who are making it big just by cracking our ribs:

1. Churchill


2. Eric Omondi

He is one of the best comedians in the country and he goes to great lengths to be funny even if it means thinking outside the box.

Eric Omondi is largely popular from his appearance on Churchill show, although he is now doing his own comedy based on doing renditions for songs and everyday life events.

He is clearly not shy to show that he enjoys the best the things life has to offer.


3. Jalango

The comedian whose real name is Felix Oduor, seems to be eating life with a golden spoon.

He came into the limelight after acting in a local program “Papa Shirandula” on citizen TV. His star has shone brighter with each day and he is a jack of all trades as he has many titles to his name.


4. Mc Jessy

The witty down to earth comedian hosts Churchill Raw on NTV. Known by many for his funny dance moves while on stage, this comedian has created a name for himself and thanks to his wit, he is now living large and is among the top earning comedians in Kenya.



5. David The Student

He is the famous Churchill show comedian famed for his Kalenjin accent jokes. Away from comedy, he is a model and an MC.

Thanks to his comic side, he is able to enjoy the best life has to offer. He owns a Subaru and a range rover sport. Pesa Otas!!

He recently came under public attack after being accused by people of conning them using his ‘celebrity’ status as a camouflage.



Top Kenyan female celebrities slaying after losing weight

6. Chipukeezy

He is a witty comedian known for his Kamba accent, where he tells tales from his Kamba relatives when he joined the Churchill show family. His comical nature did not go unnoticed as he is now doing his own shows on you tube.

He now runs a show on Ebru TV alongside being Director of NACADA.



7. Oga Obinna

Obinna is a local comedian largely known for his Nigerian accent. He has been on Churchill Show but is currently running his own show on Ebru Tv. He is among the best comedians in Kenya who are raking it big.



8. Wilbroda

Famously known as Shirandula’s wife, Wilbroda is arguably the only female comedian and actress standing today as the most successful in this industry.

She has been in the show Papa Shirandula for years now, where she plays a crucial role.


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Look no more: Here are the most eligible bachelors in Africa in 2018

They have either joined the world as single men, or are yet to hook up. Girls, check out this list and tell us who you would consider to date or even marry.

1. Larry Madowo

BBC reporter Larry Madowo has broken many hearts for his silence on the issue of marriage. He has managed to keep his relationships and love life  private thus it is not clear if he is dating.

So ladies the next time you go to pray, just ask God to touch Larry so that he might consider you to be his happily ever after.

Alikiba praises Kenya’s county 001 in new hit ‘Kadogo’ and a Mombasa babe

larry madowo suit 1

Former NTV anchor Laban Cliff ties the knot

2. Bien

Just recently Polycarp who is a member of Sauti Sol tied the knot with his long time girlfriend and women have shifted their focus to the tall, dark and handsome Bien.

Bien has the body to die for, a voice that can toa nyoka pangoni and the financial stability to endure that he entertains his woman.

Despite being in a relationship, women are still hopeful that he might change his might and they might hit the jackpot with him


3. Chibu Dangote

I know what you are thinking, that ooh but I thought he is married, mara ooh si he has kids; so what?

Having kids with different baby mama’s does not eliminate him from the eligible bachelors list.

Despite the fact that he recently got engaged bado hawajaoana so to team mafisilets bado kuna chance.


4.  Sean Andrew

Grandson to former President Mwai Kibaki, Sean is among the most eligible bachelors not only in Africa but also in Kenya.


5. Juma Jux

With his melodious tunes, a body worth being on the cover of magazines, who wouldn’t want such a man for a husband.

Its better to get a handsome man and get beautiful babies whom you will happily look at than marry an ‘ugly” guy and end up with the double tragedy of being a single mother to not so appealing kids, after all even ugly guys cheat.

Juma Jux

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6. Harmonize

The ‘Kwangaru’ hit maker is a potential bachelor. To top it all he is still young with a body to die for and with his busy life on the stage, he is yet to walk down the aisle.


7. Savara

He may be in the limelight locally and internationally, but Savara who is a member of Sauti Sol band, has not found the right woman to convince him put a ring on it.

So ladies go ahead and try your luck.


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Are these the most fashionable celebrity kids in Kenya?

Smart fashion statement is a norm among adults, but when you see a stylish kid, it’s quite uncertain whom the credit goes to.

Is it the parent who dresses the kid or the kid who beyond doubt slays the outfits.

Not just well dressed kids but well and stylish kids are running these Kenyan streets for a while now.

Below are our top stylish Kenyan Kids;

Ladasha ( The Muraya’s)


Heaven Bahati


Jaguar’s son & Daughters

MP Jaguar's son
MP Jaguar’s son

Jaguar with his daughters Tamara and Toria

Eko Dydda’s sons


Octopizzo’s Children


Pierra Makena’s Daughter



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Here are celebs you did not know are actually siblings

There are some little known facts about your favorite celebrity that you may not know, for instance their siblings who are also famous int heir own right.

Below is a list

1. Joey Muthengi and David Muthengi

This two were definitely born for the screens. The brother and sister duo are not only TV presenters, but are also talented artistes with David going by the stage name Holy Dave.

Joey can rap but prefers not to do it professionally and concentrate on other things


2. Victoria Kimani and Bamboo

Victoria who is among the most celebrated female artistes locally and internationally. She is sister to Bamboo who used to entertain us back in the day.

3. Bonnie and Antoneo Soul

The two are brothers  and both are artistes, the only difference is the genre of music they do and the fact that Antoneo Soul is a solo artiste and Bonnie is a member of P-Unit.


4. Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi

The two comedians are brothers and despite the two of them being in the limelight not everyone knows they are related.

5. Dj Kim Nikckdee and Ruffest DJ Moh

You have probably listened to mixes from Nick Dee but what you might not know is that he also has a sibling who is also a DJ himself.

Nick Dee is brother to spin master Ruffest DJ Moh.


6. Madtraxx and DJ Stylez

The two brothers are a force to reckon with, with Dj Stylez having been in the industry for more than 15 years. Madtraxx is a member of Kansoul whose other members are Kora and Mejja.

7. Size 8 and DJ 7

Size 8 reborn is known to many but her sister DJ 8 has managed to keep a low profile and not many know that the two are actually related.


8. Mercy Masika and Chris Masika

Not many people know that the ‘Mwema ‘ hit maker has a brother and one who is following in her foot steps through music.


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Kufanana Nayo: Celebrities who are a photocopy of their parents

Celebrities have a tendency of keeping away their families from the limelight but for some the opposite is true, some love the limelight.

Some have posted photos of their parents at one point or the other while for others their parents are online hence they post it themselves.

Below is a list of celebs who look like their parents,twinning maneno’s

1. Diamond Platnumz.

Known as ‘Simba’ by his fans Diamond resembles his mum Mama Dangote who loves publicity just like the son does.

Unlike many mums nowadays Mama Dangote is an ardent social media user who has a following of 117,000.

“My daughter ran to the clinic and they sent an ambulance..” Rosemary Odinga on discovering she was partially blind


2. Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa picked all the good genes from her mum. The two would easily pass for sisters but don’t let that confuse you.

The curvaceous damsel is a mother of two and going by the photos of her son and daughter, beauty runs in the family.


3. Janet Mbugua

Janet is a look alike to her dad, who is 70 but looks like he just celebrated his 50th birthday.

Janet Mbugua and her father
Janet Mbugua and her father

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4. Kambua

Gospel artiste Kambua is a photo copy of her mother Lois Manunda.

Not only is Kambua an artiste but she also doubles up as a TV host. Her mother on the other hand is a business woman and an author.

She recently launched her book ‘The Healing Power of Forgiveness.’


5. Sheila Mwanyigha

The TV Host is a true definition of beauty with brains. Love or hate her, Sheila knows that a confident woman is hard to resist.

Her real age remains unknown but we all know that she is in her late 30’s or early 40’s yet looking at her one would think she is in her late 20’s.

Below is a photo of her mum

6. Kathy Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna heads Jubilee Christian Church together with her husband, Allan Kiuna.

They are one of the most influential and popular church leaders in the gospel fraternity in Kenya. Below is a photo of her and her mum, si wanafanana?

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Celebs who have openly talked about having parents/siblings with disability

Disability is frowned upon in the African setting but these celebrities have broken the stigmatization by talking about it in public.

Hard as it may be, they have opened about having disabled children or siblings some even parents, narrating how the journey has been.

  1. Anne Ngugi

Media personality Anne Ngugi has a daughter who is battling hydrocephalus. Speaking about it she says

“She understands she is different from other kids. When we go out to mentor people, she is able to express herself very well. As a mother, my dream is to see her stand strong on her own, even when I am not there, and never allow anyone to point fingers at her, telling her she is different. Raising a child with special needs has not been easy for Anne, but she does not complain about it.”

Anne Ngugi with her daughter and Lulu Hassan
Anne Ngugi with her daughter and Lulu Hassan

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She adds that

“Sometimes you go to places with her and that is when I feel the weight that she is different from others but for her, Angel has developed a thick skin and, therefore, she copes. I have always accepted because I know there is always a reason.

You have to accept the fact that your child is special and start looking for solutions, as well as try so hard to love that child because no one will love your child more than you.”

2. Yvonne Okwara

Yvonne recently lost her brother who was deafblind almost all his life. In a previous interview she opened up about it saying that

“In the 60s, while expectant, my mother contracted German Measles. It has no symptoms. By the time she was giving birth to her first born son, there were complications. Mental retardation, and deafblindness started to set in.

 She tried everything, no door was unknocked, multiple surgeries, consultations. She talked to every doctor in the country. All of them, including, the professors, told her they had travelled far and wide and had NEVER seen anyone like my brother.

That he would not live beyond his 5th birthday. Or his 10th. Nor his 12th. Albert Okwara is still here! 50 years later! What a journey it has been.”


Adding that

“Friends have fallen along the way, those that could make the choice did so and exited our lives. Called it a curse. To the entire community! I won’t name names but he knows himself!

The world of disability is a lonely one! The road has been lined with tears, pain, dashed hopes. But it has also had wonderful lessons that have made me who I am today! Let me explain, Albert is deafblind. He does not see, speak or hear.”

3. Emmy Kosgei

Female artiste Emmy Kosgei is another Kenyan celebrity who has openly talked about having a family member battling disability.

Emmy’s dad is bound to a wheel chair after his limbs were affected by polio years ago. In an earlier post, the artiste expressed her amazement at the fact that her mum over looked her dad’s disability .

She says that

“My mum is my inspiration, I have grown to see my mum achieve much having brought us up having been married to my dad who is physically challenged.

I am still amazed at how she was able to overlook my dad’s physical disabilities , and marry him  even with the pressure from the society and his family on what she had seen in such a man.”

Adding that

“She  married him and she has stood by him even as he studied at the university, we were also in school but she has been there through it all”

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4. Henry Wanyoike

He is known for his love for athletics, having ran in so many races but it has not been easy for him.

Speaking about the day he lost his sight, Henry recollects how in March 1995 while he was having breakfast, numbness struck him.

One day in March 1995, Henry was having breakfast when a piece of ugali he was holding suddenly fell off his left hand, followed by crippling numbness on the same hand.

“I was confused and could only manage a stammer. I was scared.”

At the nearby Thogoto Mission Hospital, doctors could not find anything wrong with Henry. Doctors at the Kenyatta National Hospital later discovered that Henry had suffered a stroke.
That was the beginning of his ordeal. One day, Henry woke up to his mother’s loud shouts. She was wondering why he had overslept, forgetting to milk the cows. Henry remembers:

“We argued with mum. I tried to tell her it was still dark while she insisted that the sun was up. I reached for the light switch but couldn’t see anything and concluded there was a power blackout. Mum thought I was just being lazy.”

Soon, his mother realized that her son was not putting on a show and they went back to Thogoto Hospital.

Several tests revealed that he had lost his sight and that nothing could be done to reverse the condition. At 21, Henry had become blind.

“I got into a depression,” says Henry.

5. DJ Pinye
In Daddy Owen’s music video ‘Mbona’ in collabo with Denno, Pinye talks about having a brother who is epileptic.
 The next time you want to give up just think about what the people above and a million others go through everyday, and be encouraged.

Family appeal to Justice Maraga to help end 34-year land dispute

An 85-year old widow and her family in Makueni have appealed to Chief Justice David Maraga, Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji and the Attorney General to help them end a 34-year land dispute.

Mbwele Muoki and her two sons say they have nowhere to bury their kin after their land was illegally possessed by a stranger who has declined to move from the land despite several court rulings declaring that they are the lawful owners.

She says the 11.3-hectare land located in Kaseve village near Wote town in Makueni subcounty was allegedly sold at a cost of Sh29,000 to an influential son of a former Chief, Mutie Kioko in 1984 by her stepson, Muli Muoki who went missing since then.

“I have never lived a happy life since the demise of my husband, I have even been forced to bury my two sons in borrowed burial sites as I am unable to access my land,” said Mbwele.

One of her sons, Waviti Muoki was buried at Makueni Cemetery and another, John Muoki was buried at a relative’s home at Malivani village, near the disputed land.

When The Star visited the widow at Tamu Tamu village in Kathonzweni subcounty, the mother of five looked sad and troubled as she narrated how she has lived a miserable life since the death of her husband.

“I left home with my children after my stepson started threatening me and my co-wife who has since died; I later learned that the land was fraudulently bought by Mutie who has been disobeying court rulings,” she said.

She went on: “He would come home drunk late at night and forcefully pick items from the house to go and sell. When I question him he turns violent, I had no choice but to leave,” Mbwele said.

Her three sons who were little boys when she left their home said their plans to get married have been unsuccessful because of the land dispute.

“I have tried to approach multiple women but they run away once they discover am leaving on a borrowed land, just like my young brothers,” said Muendo Muoki, her 50-year-old firstborn.

According to court documents in her possession bearing both judgments and rulings from various high courts, Mbwele is the lawful owner of the land but the trespasser has never moved or evicted.

The sickly woman says that once a ruling is made, Mutie swiftly moves to court to block the eviction.

Am afraid if justice is not fully served, I may die before I settle in my land and that is his intention when applying the delaying tactics,” said Mbwele

In 2009, a certificate of confirmation of grant issued by Justice Isaac Lenaola seating at the Machakos High Court shows that Mbwele Muoki and Denis Muoki were given a grant of representation to the estate of the late Muoki Muasya.

Another ruling delivered in 2010 by the Environment and Land court in Machakos indicates that Mutie Kioko, the defendant purchased the piece of land from strangers and not from the lawful owner, Muoki Muasya the deceased and that he should claim a refund of his money from those who received it.

“In any event, Mutie Kioko has no lawful interests in this estate and he can pursue a refund of his money from those that illegally received it,” reads the ruling delivered by Justice Oscar Angote.

Mutie filed defense and counterclaim that was dismissed by the court soon after the complainant filed a case seeking his eviction.

In the premise, the application by the applicant doesn’t establish a prima facie case with a possibility of success. The applicant is unlawful and ought to have moved out latest by 2009 when the court found his claim over the property unlawful and invalid,” read part of a ruling after the applicant’s counterclaim.

Seven years ago, the complainant had to seek court intervention to help bury one their kin whose body had stayed at Kenyatta National Hospital mortuary for 1 year due to lack of burial site after the defendant allegedly chased them with bows and arrows when they attempted to access the land in question for burial preparation.

We took the body that we had moved from Kenyatta National Hospital for burial to Makueni Level -4 hospitals where it was preserved temporarily to obtain a court order,” Mbwele said.

Later, the remains of Dennis Muoki, Mbwele’s stepson were laid to rest at the disputed land in presence of heavy police officers after Machakos high court ruled that the defendant was the unlawful owner of the disputed land.

A case that was filed by the defendant in fresh counterclaims will be heard on 27th March next year and Machakos high court.

Mbwele now wants the Chief Justice and other government agencies to intervene and help her end the land dispute that has dragged on for 34 years.

She also wants the defendant stopped from making further applications and developing the land.

She hopes that justice will favour her as she is the only living appellant.

Mutua Kameti/ The Star

Radio Jambo morning breakfast hosts Gidi and Ghost celebrate 10 years working together

Well known Radio Jambo hosts Ghost Mulee and Gidi today celebrate 10 years of working together as Radio Jambo hosts.


Gidi gidi today went to his Instagram page and wrote

“Today is exactly 10 years since @ghost_mulee and I started working together at @radiojambokenya breakfast show. It has been a journey full of fun, laughter and fulfilling lessons. Thanks to all our fans all over Kenya who have kept us going. We thank God for life and guidance 🙏🙏🙏 #GidiNaGhostAsubuhi “

They have been a remarkable team hitting the airwaves every morning for the Radio Jambo breakfast show and we hope to still continue hearing more things from them in the future.

patanisho Gidi na ghost asubuhi

Patanisho: Nilimchapa dadangu akatoweka nyumbani (Audio)

Leo katika kitengo cha patanisho na Gidi na Ghost, mwanaume mmoja alitaka kupatanishwa na dadake baada ya kumchapa na kumfanya aondoke nyumbani .
“Nilichapa dada yangu mkubwa ambaye tulikuwa kazi  kwa hoteli moja.
Shida ilianza kwa sababu dada yangu akipataa pesa hakuwa anamsaidia mama wala mimi ilhali mimi nikipata pesa nilikuwa namnunulia mama chakula, kumlipia nyumba na vitu za nyumba.”
Baadaye, dada yangu alipendana na kijana mmoja wa ploti tulikokuwa tunaishi.
Kijana huyo kwa jina Rodgers ,walikuwa hawamheshimu mama. Nilipomuuliza dadangu jambo hilo lilimkasirisha sana huku akisema kuwa mimi ni mdogo wake niachane na maisha yake.
Nilimchapa akatoweka na amekuwa hazungumzi nami.
Sikiliza mazungumzo yao wote;