Video Of The Day: Check out the neat Rastafarian bedroom that everyone is talking about

For the last few days, a video showcasing a pimped out bedroom has been trending on social media.

Just like a matatu, the room which is believed to belong to a staunch Rastafarian, is fully furnished with everything that shouts, ‘Reggae lives here’.

Kenyans impressed by this mzungu rastafarian minister for culture in Sweden

From the walls to the bed sheets all the way to the floor, the famous rasta colors cover the neat room as the owner adds an extra touch of neon lights to serenade the room.

Enyewe nobody can stop reggae!

Check out the video below.

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Kenyans impressed by this mzungu rastafarian minister for culture in Sweden

In Kenya, we say that nobody can stop reggae, and this is true in Sweden as well.

Pictures of the rasta minister caught the attention of Kenyans over the weekend when it was shared on social media.

Everyone was impressed that the mzungu minister wears rasta’s as opposed to the kind of hair preferred by wazungu’s.


While some have criticized her, others are impressed.

Here are comments about the 38-year-old minister;

✨Ichiban MoMi 🇰🇪..
Rubbish colleague. She looks good 👍🏾

James Chikonamombe..
This is beyond silly! Let her sport her dreadlocks. Good for her!


Nomusa Mokgadi Maeko..
She is a beauty! I don’t know her or her political persuasion, but I do believe she is a beautiful woman nonetheless! Share more about her someone please🙏🏽!

Replying to @CelestinMonga @alykhansatchu and 5 others
She wears the locks like a rasta. What’s the problem? I don’t get it. Rasta should have no bias.

amanda lind 2

I love her hair, I am currently wearing the same hairstyle.

Truth Sanctuary…
She looks so cute rocking dreadlocks.



Father sues high school to compel them to admit his daughter without shaving her dreadlocks

A father has sued the education ministry and a high school seeking to compel them to admit his daughter to form one without shaving her dreadlocks.

The man, says his daughter keeps dreadlocks as part of religious practice and not as a fashion statement and therefore should not be compelled to shave.

The minor was home from on January 10 despite having paid school fees.

She was allegedly orally condemned and directed that she only comes back after shaving.

The father in suit papers says the action of the school amounts to discrimination meted on his daughter on the basis of her Rastafarian faith.