Samburu teacher charged with defiling a 12 year old pupil acquitted

A teacher who had been charged with defilement of a 12 year-old-girl at Milimani primary school in Samburu central sub county on unknown date and time between April28, 2017 and October22, 2017 has been acquitted by a Maralal court in Samburu county due to lack of a satisfactory evidence.

While reading his judgment on Tuesday evening, Senior Resident Magistrate Abraham Gachie said that, as per the evidence on record, in his view prosecution was unable to prove the charges of defilement and committing an indecent act with a minor in the first and alternative counts respectively against the accused person Mr Dominic Bosire to the standards required in law.

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“The accused person is therefore not guilty as charged and I hereby acquit him as charged in the main count and the alternative count here in pursuant to the provisions of section 215 of the criminal procedure cord,” he said.

While reading his judgment, Senior Resident Magistrate Abraham Gachie explained that the prosecution failed to prove that Mr Bosire defiled the girl and made her pregnant.

“What would have cleared doubts was a DNA examination of PW1’s child and the accused person as had been sought by the prosecution. The prosecution never availed the DNA results and the accused person stated that he was never subjected to a DNA examination,” he explained.

Gachie further said that the minor’s evidence contradicted to the one that was testified in court by a clinical officer who examined her at Samburu county referral hospital.

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“Further doubts are created by the PW1’s evidence that defilement took place on 5thday after they opened the schools on August28, 2017 and again four days later. That is on September2, 2017 and September6, 2017. This evidence was contradicted by the clinical officer who gave evidence that conception took place within the month of August 2017,”

The magistrate said that the prosecution failed to prove the complainant’s age with documentary evidence in court.

“PW1 gave evidence that she was 12 years old. However no conclusive evidence was tendered to prove her age, the birth certificate was not produced as an exhibit. From the evidence on record the age of the minor is not clear,” he explained.

by Martin Rwamba

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100 boys from poor families benefit from free circumcision in Samburu

A hundred and twenty boys from poor families in Samburu County have undergone free and voluntary circumcision at Uhuru Academy in Maralal town Samburu County.

The initiative, which targeted boys from all communities living in the county, is aimed at reducing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases  (STDs) in the region.

“According to a research that was done, male circumcision reduces the rate of STDs especially HIV infection by 65 per cent,” said John Ekiao who is a doctor at Samburu county referral hospital.

Shades of hope Samburu, a local NGO operating in the county has been sponsoring the program at the end of each year for the last twelve years, a move that has seen a total 9000 boys and men get circumcised at no cost.

The organisation’s founder and director, who is also an MCA representing Maralal town ward Fred Kiragu said the program was being used to discourage cattle rustling, unite communities, nurture peace and cohesion across the county.

“When youths from different communities that are hostile at each other meet here for a month after a joint circumcision, it brings and yields friendship, cohesion and this helps us to fight cattle rustling,” Mr Kiragu said.

The beneficiaries are being trained life skills and on the importance of peaceful coexistence as well as pursuing education, a situation that has persuaded some of them to make a decision of joining primary and secondary schools to continue with education from where they had left.

“Even though I have never gone to school but I will go to school from here following a training session we have been given,” said Pasaka Lekarpes, a beneficiary.

Lekarpes discouraged his peers against cattle rustling and instead challenged them to join learning institutions to acquire education that would help them transform their lives for better.

According to some of the beneficiaries, they wouldn’t have undergone rite of passage this year if it were not for the program since their families are not financially stable to cater for their circumcision bills in health facilities.

-Martin Rwamba

Politician Naisula Lesuuda is taken and set to marry soon

orry, Team Mafisi and potential sponsors, sexiest Kenyan politician Naisula Lesuuda is off the market. She’s someone’s else Salome.

Naisula Lesuuda
Naisula Lesuuda. photo credit: biggestkaka

According to Nairobi News, Naisula Lesuuda held her engagement party at an exclusive invites only event held at Mountain View estate over the weekend.

The legislator, who announced early this year that she had found someone only identified as Robert, who won her heart after Nairobian’s exposed, is set to walk down the aisle soon.

Sources say the event was attended by the who is who in the political and media fields. Naisula Lesuuda’s early this year message that broke the hearts of many reads:

“Here’s to new beginnings. When we made a decision to not only run for member of the national assembly for Samburu West but also on a Kanu ticket, we knew that it was not going to be an easy task. However, with your support and prayers, we made it against many odds. A lot was said about our candidature and even our chances to clinch the seat. you the people of Samburu west believed and together, we made it happen. Thank you.

I pray that 2018 will open a new chapter to all of us. We will all work together for the common good of our people endeavoring to implement my campaign pledges. Education remains my number one priority. Research has shown that where you invest in education, you invest in the entire community. It is in this regard that I am putting all efforts to personally meet the school fees of the needy students who did well in standard 8 and have no means to go to high school as we await CDF allocations from treasury.

All said and done, I thank god for the growth that I have experienced both politically and in my personal life. yesterday, marked an important day in my life… I said yes. Blessings in double portions. Here’s to love and light in 2018.”

Below are sexy photos of Naisula Lesuuda, go through:


Naisula Lesuuda


Naisula Lesuuda


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Naisula Lesuuda


Naisula Lesuuda


Naisula Lesuuda

Police In Samburu Investigating An Incident Where A Minor Was Forced To Undergo FGM By Her Parent

Police in Samburu County are investigating an incident in which a 14 year old girl was reportedly forced to under Female Genital Mutilation by her parent at Nga’ri village in Samburu central sub county.

The victim who had sat for her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) this year told journalists that her mother forced her to undergo the painful cultural practice.

“My mum had told me about it, they woke me up at 3 am and forced me through the painful act, i am in lots of pain now,” said the shaken minor at Maralal police station.

Samburu county police Commander Alfred Agengo confirmed the incident saying that police have already launched the investigations into the incident with an aim of apprehending suspects.

He urged communities that are still practicing FGM in the region to abandon as the harmful cultural practice has been outlawed.

“This tradition has been passed by events, it is unlawful. It is a social and a health problem because it affects a child emotionally and this might interfere with her education,” said Agengo.

Agengo said that the girl will be taken to a rescue centre away from any suspects so that she can help the police with investigations

Paskalina Naibash, a staff at Samburu Girls Foundation said incidences of FGM have greatly increased in the county especially during this December holiday.

She warned parents that whoever that will be found forcing FGM on their children will not escape legal punishment as per the law.

-Martin Fundi

60 Injured In a Road Accident While Travelling To a Political Rally In Samburu

Sixty people were on Saturday morning injured in a road accident at Nomotio area along Baragoi-Maralal road in Samburu central sub-county.

The victims were traveling in a lorry from Nomotio to Ng’ari area, about ten kilometers away for a political rally when the accident occurred.

Joseph Longu’on, a victim said the driver lost control when he approached a corner after driving for two kilometers from a place where they had boarded the vehicle.

“The vehicle was being driven at a high speed when we approached a sharp corner. The vehicle veered off the road and fell in a ditch after the driver failed to control the vehicle,” he said.

A number of passengers were rushed to Samburu County Referral hospital with serious injuries where they have been admitted in two wards and receiving treatment.

Joseph Lesilele, a resident of Nomotio said the morning journey caught residents by surprise in their homes.

“People were busy in their farms, they had to abandon what they were doing after a lorry approached abruptly asking them to attend a political rally,” he said.

Lesila said most victims of the accident victims are poor and don’t have NHIF cards urging his village mates to shun following politicians for handouts.

“Let politicians look for you at your homes because you are the ones who have votes,” he urged.

Efforts to reach police for a comment were in futile as Maralal OCPD Abagarro Guyo had traveled to Nairobi on official duties and County Police Commander Alfred Agengo was not responding to our phone calls.

– Anthony Gitonga

Mchungaji Mla Kondoo: Samburu Pastor Arrested For Impregnating A Minor

A pastor has been arrested in Maralal town, Samburu Central sub county for allegedly impregnating a minor.

Timothy Lentuda of Jipor ministries in Maralal town is detained at Maralal police station.

He was arrested at his house on Friday afternoon.

Samburu central Officer commanding Police Division, Abagaro Guyo said that they arrested the pastor after it was reported that he had impregnated one of his church members.

Guyo said they are investigating the matter and Lentuda would be taken to court once investigations are complete.

Members of the church flocked maralal police station, formed small groups and spoke in low tones.

They said they could not believe that a man of God would do such an ungodly act.

“I can’t agree with that, my pastor cannot do such,” said a member.

Dorcas Lemedeket, a bishop at the church said that the matter is set up by other struggling churches.

She said that other pastors who have not been able to attract huge crowds are jealous of pastor Lentuda.

Lemedeket added that the plot would not work adding that they would do a DNA test once the minor gives birth.

“We know there are some churches behind this, its out of jealous that they are trying to taint the image of our church and that of our apostle,” she said.

Samuel Lenkulate who is the guardian to the minor said that the man of cloth had promised to marry the minor but dumped her when she was six month pregnant.

“We, as a family, decided to report this matter when we heard that the pastor had arranged for a wedding with another member of his church,” he said.

Lenkulate said that the minor is a 17 year old girl.

SAMBURU: Young Man Arrested For Sodomising 9-Month-Old Baby

A young man is being held at Maralal police station for sodomising a nine-month-old baby girl he had been left with in a house at Maralal town, Samburu county, on Wednesday evening.

The suspect, who is well known to the family, had been left with the baby by her grandmother when he turned against her and caused severe injuries on her private parts.

Maralal OCPD Abaggarro Guyo said the suspect is currently detained at Maralal police station as investigations continue.

“We received information that there is a young man who defiled a baby he had been left with in a house. We have detained the suspect here for interrogation and further investigations, as doctors examine the nature of harm caused to the baby,” he said.

The victim was immediately rushed to Samburu County Referral Hospital, where she is undergoing treatment.

Duke Mogaka, a doctor at the hospital, said the incident left the baby with a severe injury on her private parts, as the suspect tried to penetrate her.

“The baby was bleeding on her private parts when she was admitted. We have assessed her and recommended reconstructive surgery to restore the muscles that had been torn during sodomy,”  Mogaka said.

Dr Mogaka said tests showed the baby was not infected with diseases during the defilement.

Guyo cautioned residents against leaving their children under the care of strangers.

“Don’t leave children to suspicious young men whose behavior is not clear. If possible, look for a young woman or a mother,” he advised.

He said the suspects will be taken to court as soon as police are through with their investigations.

SAMBURU: CDF Official Arrested By EACC Officers After Receiving SH 5,000 Bribe

A Samburu CDF official was on Wednesday arrested by Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission officers in Maralal town.

Lasi Letiwa, a clerk at Samburu West CDF office and who is also vying for Maralal ward MCA was arrested on Wednesday evening for receiving a bribe from a job seeker.

Letiwa was apprehended by the officers in his office shortly after receiving Sh 5,000 treated cash from a unidentified person.

Confirming the arrest Samburu central OCPD, Abagaro Guyo said the suspect has been pretending that he would assist area youth secure driving jobs at the CDF offices.

“EACC officers laid a trap after receiving several complains and they arrested him in his office,” said the OCPD.

The suspect is held at Maralal police station as investigations continue.

He will be arraigned in court once investigations are complete.

However, the OCPD called upon residents especially youth who are looking for jobs to use the right channels instead of shortcuts in search of jobs.

25-year-old man stabbed to death by rival after fight over woman

A 25 year old man has been found dead in Ngari hill village in the outskirts of Maralal town after he was allegedly stabbed to death in a fierce fight with another man over alleged love triangle.

The deceased was stabbed on the the lower stomach.

Samburu central OCPD Abagoro Guyo said the suspected assailant was cornered by local residents on Thursday morning as he was trying to escape.

“The locals, led by nyumba kumi officials cornered the young man near Ledero area as he was trying to escape,” said the OCPD.

The officer commanding station said that the suspect will be arraigned in court once investigations are complete.

He called upon the locals to volunteer any other information that would lead to more arrests.

Residents said that the two have been close friends who have been always drinking together.

Tirus Lekaaso, a resident said the two went home drunk and started fighting over a woman.

“They fought over that woman the whole night,” said Lekaaso.

Charles Lesorio, Ngari village nyumba kumi initiave chairman said that the suspect is a known criminal with several past criminal records.

He said that when they cornered him, the residents wanted to lynch him before police officers arrived at the scene.

“He had a case in my office recently when he attempted to knife an old man some few weeks ago, I have warned him severally,” he said.

The body was removed to Samburu county referral hospital mortuary for post-mortem.

Pix; Police officers carry the body of a 25 year old man into a police vehicle. The deceased was stabbed to death by a his friend over a woman.

KCPE Candidate From Samburu Dies In Alleged Failed Abortion

A 14-year-old KCPE candidate at Girgir boarding primary in Samburu east died while she was allegedly trying to commit an abortion.

The pupil is said to have sat for her first and second day exams without any visible complications.

The girl was found by the school matron bleeding heavily at the schools dormitory.

Samburu county police commander, Francis Kumut said that the girl was complaining of severe stomach ache when was rushed to Archers post dispensary.

Samburu County Director of Education James Nyaga said that was the only unfortunate incident in the county all through the three day examinations period.

Speaking during the receiving of final Kenya Certificate of Primary Education papers from Headteachers at the Samburu County Commissioner’s compound, Nyaga said the exercise has been successful throughout the county.

“Apart from only that one unfortunate incident, the exercise has been successful, from Samburu North to East,” Said Nyaga.

Police have launched investigations into what might have transpired.

“We received reports that the pupil was found bleeding heavily at the school’s dormitory by her matron, she was complaining of sharp stomach pains and was immediately taken to Archers Post Dispensary.” Kumut noted.

The girl was later transferred to Wamba Mission Hospital and passed on at around 11pm on Wednesday.

The body of the girl is at the Wamba Mission Hospital Mortuary.