Watavutia Ndani: 20 Shisha Smokers Arrested In Mombasa

Police have arrested more than 20 people in the ongoing enforcement of Shisha ban in Mombasa .

They were arrested in different social joints in the crackdown conducted by both police and county inspectorate within Nyali area.

Area police boss Christopher Rotich said the officers conducted the operation within Wild waters, Show grounds, Mamba village, City mall among other joints and detained shisha smokers.

The suspects will be arraigned in Court and charged with smoking shisha illegally.

Tourism minister Najib Balala has criticized government agencies for frustrating investors for banning shisha.

-Calvoh Onsarigo

Former NACADA Boss John Mututho Praises Government’s Move To Ban Use Of Shisha

Former NACADA board chairman John Mututho has termed the move by the government to ban the use of shisha as timely and long overdue.

A couple of days after he raised his concern over the use of the drug among the youths, Mututho was full of praise for the latest directive by the ministry of health.

The former Naivasha MP said Shisha had dangerous effects on the lives of those who consume it saying Rwanda had set the example of banning it totally.

“I welcome the decision by Health CS Cleopa Mailu to ban the importation, manufacture or sale of the drug whose consumption has been increasing in the country,” he said.

Addressing the press in Naivasha, Mututho said the onus was now to the police to ensure that the ban was implemented especially in urban cities and towns where the drug is commonly used.

He added that Kenya had good laws but the challenge was its application citing the alcoholic drinks control act that he said was not being followed.

“We make goods laws but no one implements them and a good example is how alcohol is being consumed in broad day light and even with minors,” he said.

He said that several studies conducted in various institutions including the University of Nairobi found out that Shisha had traces of Opiates that were ‘addictive, dangerous and damaging’ to human lives.

“Little is known about the composition of shisha consumed locally, especially the possibility of adulterated with prohibited substances, even less is known about what socio-economic or health effects shisha smoking in the country had,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga

80% Of Shisha Smoked In Kenya Is laced With Cocaine

80% of shisha smoked in the country is laced with cocaine and other narcotics.

NACADA’s John Mututho says they sampled 300 shisha brands and found significant traces of cocaine. He says vendors deliberately lace the product to hook customers and make more sales.

Meanwhile, women living with husbands who smoke have a higher mortality rate compared to their counterparts with non-smoking husbands, as they’re more exposed to secondhand smoke. 

Joseph Kibachio from the non-communicable diseases division adds that for every shilling the government receives as revenue from the tobacco industry, we use 3 shillings for medical expenses for the effects of smoking.


Armed Robbers Shoot & Wound Five Family Members In South B

Hazina Estate in South B. | image source: the-star.co.ke

Police are investigating an incident in which five family members were shot and seriously wounded this morning by a gang of four.

The five were attacked by the robbers at their home in South B and according to police reports, the robbers stole jewellery and cash from the five before shooting them.

In other news,the Tobacco Controls Board has urged County governments to crackdown on shisha joints. According to the board shisha uptake has increased despite the dangers it poses to health of its consumers and this attributed to misinformation about the product. The board added that sale of flavoured tobacco contravenes the Tobacco Control Act.

In Migori, the County’s Police Commander David Kirui has raised concern that drug-traffickers are now using bodabodas to smuggle bhang into the country from Tanzania. Kirui says that the drug-traffickers prefer to use motorcycles because they can use routes which Police can not easily access.

MOMBASA: Ban On Drinking & Smoking Shisha In Public To Be Withheld

Shisha. | image source: file photo

The Mombasa county government has said it will replicate measures taken during Christmas to ensure the city continues to be safe, clean and orderly.

Lands executive Francis Thoya said measures such as the ban on drinking of alcohol and smoking shisha in public will not be lifted.

He said this will ensure public places remain safe and orderly.

“We have to respect public places because we have families and minors whom we don’t want exposed to such behaviours. These places should remain decent,” Thoya said.

See more at: http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/mombasa-keep-ban-alcohol-public#sthash.b4ugHL76.dpuf

Mombasa Ban Drinking & Shisha Smoking At Public Beaches

You will be arrested if you consume or sell alcohol or smoke shisha in public during this festive season, the Mombasa county government has warned.

A county committee formed to manage operations during the festive season issued the directives yesterday.

The committee chaired by Deputy Governor Hazel Katana said it will not allow people to ‘misbehave’ during the holidays.

Addressing journalists in his office, committee deputy chairman Francis Thoya named Mama Ngina Drive and public beaches as common areas for such behaviour.

“We have banned alcohol in public. If you want alcohol go into a bar where it is supposed to be sold and consumed or have it at home.

“The trend where you drive to Mama Ngina, sit outside your car with crates of alcohol and music will not be tolerated any more,” he said.

Thoya, who is also the lands and planning executive, said smoking of Shisha in public has also been banned.

“Intoxicated people are likely to cause problems,” he said.