Three charged in court with sodomy and defilement of children in Eldoret

Three people have been charged in an Eldoret court with sodomy and defilement of children.

Police Holding A Priest In Murang’a Over Sodomy Claims

Among them was Ramadhan Bitok who was charged for sodomizing a boy aged 11 years on August 23rd 2018 at CPU village near the town.

Abel Kiprotich Lagat was charged for defiling a girl aged 12 years at Chebarus village while Benjamin Simiyu Wabala allegedly defiled a 12-year-old girl at Makokha village in Likuyani Sub-County.

Naivasha Court stops prosecution of foreigner accused of sodomy

They both denied the offenses.

-Mathews Ndanyi

Parliamentary security officer charged with sodomising male student

A Parliamentary security officer has been charged with sexually assaulting another man.

The charge sheet seen by the Star on Monday noted that Vitalis Ndambuki assaulted a male student on February 10.

“At about 00:400 hrs within Nairobi county, Ndambuki unlawfully used his penis to penetrate the anus of the male student,” police charge read.

He was also charged with committing an indecent act with an adult contrary to section 11 of the sexual offences act.

Further, Ndambuki was also charged with impersonating a public officer.

“He falsely presented himself to be a person employed in the public service as a police officer and assumed to arrest the victim,” it read.

But appearing before the courts on Monday, Ndambuki did not take a plea saying they had solved the issue outside the courts.

He withdrew the case through his lawyers after the complainant confirmed that they had settled the issue.


Police Holding A Priest In Murang’a Over Sodomy Claims

Police in Muranga county, are holding a Catholic priest over claims he sodomised an 18 year old man at a local parish.

Father Zachary Ng’ang’a, 36 of Gonda Parish Catholic was arrested alongside the victim at Gonda Catholics Church Quarters on Sunday evening. They were taken to hospital to confirm if the incident happened and a report is expected to be out today.

The two were arrested after being busted naked in the same bedroom.

Police had been alerted by members of the public after Kariuki had been seen entering the Gonda Parish Cotholic Quarters at around 8pm accompanied by Fr Ng’ang’a and their stay for long had raised suspicion.

On arrival, police found the two in the same bedroom naked. Police arrested the two and upon further interrogation it was revealed that the Catholic father sodomized the victim.

-Cyrus Ombati

MURANG’A: Family Of Mentally Ill Girl Who Was Sodomised Now Seek Help

The family of a 14-year-old girl sodomised in Murang’a three years ago has appealed for medical assistance saying her condition is worsening.

The mentally challenged victim suffered serious damage to her private parts during the ordeal.

On Sunday, her mother said she urgently needs surgery to rectify her rectum that was severely damaged.

“Every time she goes for a long call, she comes out of the toilet bleeding. She is handicapped and cannot manage the situation…she suffers most when relieving herself. It is very painful to see her suffering.

The woman said the suspect was arrested and prosecuted at Murang’a law courts but that the case was later dismissed under mysterious circumstances.

At school, she said, her daughter is alienated by other children due to her condition.

“Her classmates do not even want to touch her seat or pen and she is forced to stay alone.”

The single mother of five noted the problem can only be rectified through an operation but that she does not have enough money.

The girl’s headteacher said she is suffering psychologically as she does not have friends.

“Any help accorded to this family would be highly appreciated and would help the girl and the family to finally put that incident behind them.”


SAMBURU: Young Man Arrested For Sodomising 9-Month-Old Baby

A young man is being held at Maralal police station for sodomising a nine-month-old baby girl he had been left with in a house at Maralal town, Samburu county, on Wednesday evening.

The suspect, who is well known to the family, had been left with the baby by her grandmother when he turned against her and caused severe injuries on her private parts.

Maralal OCPD Abaggarro Guyo said the suspect is currently detained at Maralal police station as investigations continue.

“We received information that there is a young man who defiled a baby he had been left with in a house. We have detained the suspect here for interrogation and further investigations, as doctors examine the nature of harm caused to the baby,” he said.

The victim was immediately rushed to Samburu County Referral Hospital, where she is undergoing treatment.

Duke Mogaka, a doctor at the hospital, said the incident left the baby with a severe injury on her private parts, as the suspect tried to penetrate her.

“The baby was bleeding on her private parts when she was admitted. We have assessed her and recommended reconstructive surgery to restore the muscles that had been torn during sodomy,”  Mogaka said.

Dr Mogaka said tests showed the baby was not infected with diseases during the defilement.

Guyo cautioned residents against leaving their children under the care of strangers.

“Don’t leave children to suspicious young men whose behavior is not clear. If possible, look for a young woman or a mother,” he advised.

He said the suspects will be taken to court as soon as police are through with their investigations.

Naivasha Court stops prosecution of foreigner accused of sodomy

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The High Court seating in Naivasha has stopped the prosecution of a French hotelier accused of sexually abusing his male worker until the 30th of November.

High Court judge Christine Meoli ordered that current orders barring the prosecution of Jean Francis Louis Raymond Damon stays in force.

The judge made the ruling after a petition was filed by the hotelier who owns Sleeping Warrior Lodge in Soysambu conservancy in Elementaita Gilgil.

Damon has gone to court seeking to stop from been charged with sodomizing a 22 year old Maasai man who was working in his lodge on the 22nd of December 2011.

In the latest case, Damon has applied to the High Court seating in Naivasha seeking to stop the charges as they will infringe on his constitutional rights.

In documents filed in the court, the hotelier notes that if the charges continue his reputation and standing in the society will be highly damaged.

According to the victim, Damon drugged him and after the sexual abuse which was captured on camera threatened to expose the pictures if he failed to behave.

Later, the trader as per the court documents promised to pay him Sh300,000 if he kept mum and the first batch of Sh150,000 was paid at a later date.

This marked the start of pornography business where the victim accompanied the trader to his home in Loresho where he found six girls and four boys aged between 14-17 years.

In his statement, the victim who hails from Oljorai in Kongasis Gilgil constituency tells of an orgy of sex involving him, the hotelier and the teenagers.

All this was filmed by the trader for four days with drugs, liquor and sex been the order of the day before they were each paid Sh25,000.

“I later developed dermatological condition which could not respond to treatment and at first I feared going to hospital due to fear and stigmatization by my community,” he says.

Unable to bare the guilt, the victim who now lives in Kariobangi decide to expose the hotelier and save other young boys and girls from falling prey as per his statement.

Incidentally, the hotelier was in March this year fined Sh40,000 or four months in court for malicious damage and common nuisance for urinating towards two women near his lodge.

In the case, Damon had been accused of damaging the vehicle of one Loise Wambui Thuo by scratching it and driving off along the road leading to his lodge.

During the incident, he abused the two women in the car and during a confrontation he stepped back, unzipped his trouser, urinated facing them before swinging and pointing his manhood towards them.

RUIRU: Pastor Arrested For Sodomy

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A pastor in Kiambu County’s Ruiru constituency was arrested on Sunday by administration police officers for allegedly sodomising a 24-year-old man. The victim, Peter Mwangangi, had been sent to the pastor, Anthony Munywoki Mutua, by his parents so that the “man of God” could pray for him to get employment.

According to the Ruiru Constituency AP Commandant Hesborn Lusweti, the victim’s parents parents are faithfuls at the pastor’s Upendo Pentecostal Church in Kahawa Wendani. The parents had become concerned with fruitless efforts by their son to acquire a job and asked him to proceed to the “man of God” a week ago so that he could pray for him.

However on meeting with the pastor at his residential home in Kitambaya Estate in Ruiru, the young man was allegedly told by the pastor that he could not get employment because he was possessed with demons and that the only way the demons could exorcised from him was through sodomy.

The man had been given strict instructions by his parents to obey whatever the pastor told him and having that in mind, the man accepted the pastor’s demands. After being sodomized thrice, the man was told by pastor to return home after he assured him that he will get a breakthrough in search for employment in a week’s time.

However after seven days elapsed without getting him getting a job and his rectum still ailing from the injuries sustained during the unnatural act, Mwangangi decided to report the matter to the police.

According to Lusweti, the pastor was arrested following the report by the victim and on interrogation, Mutua admitted to having sodomized the young man.

Lusweti added that the suspect would be arraigned in court on Monday (today).

Kahawa Wendani: Pastor arrested for sodomy

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A Pastor in Kahawa Wendani has been arrested for allegedly sodomizing a 24 year old man who had gone to him for prayers.

The pastor allegedly told the victim that he was possessed with demons that hindered him from getting employment, and that the demons could only be exorcised through sodomy.

The victim reported the matter a week after job offers were not forthcoming as assured by the pastor.

NGONG: Police arrest man for rape and sodomy cases

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Police are holding a man after he was accused of defiling and impregnating a 14 year old girl and sodomizing an 11 year old boy in Ngong, Nairobi. Police say they are interrogating him before taking action on the man who is also said to be a pastor in the area.

Elsewhere, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed deep concern over the gang-rape of a nun in West Bengal and the attack on a church in Haryana. His office has also sought an immediate report on the incidents that have sparked outrage and triggered concerns among the minority community.

MURANG’A: Murder Suspect Found Hiding Under Pastor’s Bed

NABBED: Murder suspect Norman Githae (L) with ACK Pastor Julius Kimani. | image source:

A murder suspect in Murang’a county who escaped police custody on Sunday was re-arrested on Tuesday after he was found hiding under a bed in a house belonging to ACK Pastor Julius Kimani during a manhunt in Gatheru village

Norman Githae, 20, is accused of sodomising and murdering an eight-year-old boy on Wednesday last week.

“When we were informed that the suspect had been found, we rushed to the scene only to find the villagers beating them up, but we were able to save them,” area police boss Johnstone Limo said.

He said the pastor had covered the suspect with his clothes but villagers had spotted Githae sneak into the home.

Limo said police are trying to establish the relationship between the two and why the suspect decided to seek refuge at the pastor’s home.

The pastor told police he hid the suspect to shield him from residents who wanted to lynch him.

Limo said the pastor will be charged with abetting Githae’s escape from police custody.

“We are interrogating the two to get more information because we have never seen this before,” he said.

Githae was being held at Murang’a Police Station after a court ordered his mental assessment before his murder case commenced.

Githae escaped by scaling the wall around the cells and fleeing without the knowledge of officers manning the cells.