Dadangu amemdanganya mumewe kuwa ana STI ili asimpatie haki yake-mwanamke afichua siri ya dada yake

Kupitia kwenye mitandao ya kijamii, mengi husemwa na siri nyingi kufichuliwa na baadhi ya watu, mwanamke mmoja aliwaacha wengi midomo wazi baada ya kusimulia siri ya dada yake.

Mwanamke huyo alisema kuwa amepanga shemeji yake ukweli kuhusu mke wake ambaye kwa muda amekuwa akimdanganya ili kufanya ngono na mwanamume mwingine.

“Dada yangu anamdanganya mumewe na siwezi shuhudia hayo yakitendeka, mume wake ana sura nzuri, ni muombaji na pia mwenye bidii


Huwa anampa kila atakacho ilhali dada yangu huwa anapekejeng na wanaume tofauti. Awali amekuwa  akifanya ngono na wanaume wengi hadi kuharibika

Amekuwa akivaa diapers kwa wiki kadhaa sasa na kudanganya mumewe kuwa ameambukizwa STI, hajakuwa akimpa mumewe haki yake huku akijifanya ana ugonjwa wa STI

Namhurumia sana shemeji yangu, nataka kumuambia kila kitu dada yangu amekuwa akimfanyia.” Alieleza Mwanamke.

Wengi wlishangazwa na usimulizi huo na walikuwa na haya ya kusema;

b_zainabb Just say you’re interested in your sister’s husband 😒

wanjaripj instead of you to advise your sister you want to take her husband. Better mind your business.

sansabankz Please leave her. Karma awaits her but just leave her alone.

mrolawoyin Babe, as much as you feel for the man, it’s not in your place to date or marry him. Also, report to your mother and not her husband.

 toyosii_ Sister from hell! But why do some married folks do all these stupid things!!!

regina559 So you want us to encourage you on how to date your sister’s husband?? You are no different from your sister then.

kemifit Good purpose, but bad intentions. There’s no difference between the two of you since you’ve had your eyes on your own sister’s husband for a while. How do you want to marry your sister’s ex if he leaves her? I can’t say you’re doing something entirely good since you want to gain something at the end. You can tell him to save his life and remove him from the dark but this your own intention is 0.

Baringo Woman wants husband jailed for defiling daughters, infecting them with STI

A woman in Baringo North Sub-county wants her husband arrested for defiling his three daughters infecting them with Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

As the world celebrated women day on Friday March 8, Sally Chelimo (not her real name) is crying for justice after her three daughters aged 7 and 14 years were being raped severally by their blood father.

“This is a real beast, I want him arrested and jailed for raping my innocent daughters and denying them a good future” Chelimo told media in Kabarnet town today on Friday.

She said she did not return back to her matrimonial home after fleeing owing to a dispute that saw her beastly husband beating her almost to death in December 2018.

“He was a humble and good-looking man when I met him in 1999 before turning wild immediately after engaging in heavy alcohol drinking since 2005.” Chelimo said.

She said besides restraining her from working as a casual laborer in people’s farms in order to fend for her kids, the man who worked as a carpenter, went ahead to beat her with her children.

The suspect went ahead to restrain his children from going to school, threatening to kill them saying they should stay at home and become school dropouts like him.

She said the violent man used to return home every day late and drunk, “he starts beating us randomly in the house, I used to persevere thinking he might change but he got more worse I finally decided to flee away fearing for my life, leaving him with the care of the children” Chelimo said.


Residents led by the local chief said apart from sharing one mud-walled room the man used to share a bed with all his children including his daughters.

“It just came to our notice through tip off by the neighbours that he used to threaten to chop the girls’ necks if they dare resist his advances” the chief said.

He said since the man divorced his two previous wives he has become hostile in the community and even walks around with a panga threatening to kill every person he spots walking around or talking to her present wife.

Police are currently pursuing the suspect who fled away immediately after noticing his up evil has leaked and realizing he was being sought for arrest.

“He will run but not hide, we will catch up with him to face the full force of the law” Baringo North OCPD Chemongis Ndiema said.

Medical checkup

However Kabartonjo hospital senior clinical officer Sammy Kirwok said all the three girls had bruises owing to forceful penetration into their private parts and were all infected with an STI, which is uncommon in children.

“The elder one had her hymen totally broken although she tested negative for pregnancy” Kirwok said adding that they have all been treated.