Reprieve for Kenyans as high court stops 16 % levy on fuel products

The High Court sitting in Bungoma has today granted temporary orders stopping the levying of 16% VAT on all fuel products.

The petitioners under the name Sumawe youth group represented by Advocate Ken Amondi argued that the Minister had flouted core constitutional principles and values in arriving at the decision.

They argued that the matter was an issue of public interest affecting all Kenyans and it was wrong for the cabinet secretary to hide under the guise of waiting the presidential assent on a matter that parliament had deliberated .

“The people speak through their representatives who are members of parliament and the act of the CS is against constitutional principles ,” argued lawyer Amondi.

The energy regulatory board and the Cabinet secretary finance had been listed as respondents in the matter .

The petitioners further argued that the powers of spending public finances had been vested to parliament which had spoken through amending the bill.

Justice Stephen Riechi had ordered that the matter be mentioned on 12/09/2018 in Kisumu.