Photos of your favourite comedian with their adorable kids

Comedians make us laugh but most people don’t appreciate the fact that off the stage they are parents juggling multiple roles.

Here is a list of Kenyan comedians with their kids

1. Dr Kingori

He is witty and a dad to a daughter who is the apple of her father’s eye.


2. Njoro the comedian

He is known for his comical nature on the ‘Churchil show’ but behind the scenes he is a great dad who does not mind flaunting his twin girls.

He wrote the caption below sharing a photo of his girls

‘Leo hawataki story zangu …ndio kuingia manyumbani’

In another he says

“Barua kwa my daughter’s ..Kwanza I love you so much and I miss you ,but Daddy has to do what he has to do to secure your future ..till the day I will die I will always be thea for you..sucrifices ?nafanya Kila kitu ,be happy and know Dad will do anything for you ..tutatafta kabisa ..Mungu mbele..sad your father’s name will betray u .”


3. Teacher Wanjiku

She is known by many as a teacher but at home she is a warm and loving mother to two adorable girls.

In one of her posts she says

‘My daughters all grown up, My reason for that grind😍😍’

Teacher Wanjiku and her daughters

4. Njambi

She entertains us with her acting skills on Real House Wives of Kawangware, but most noticeably also is her charm and beauty. She has a daughter (below) who by the look of things is a beauty herself.

Njambi RHK

5. Awinja

She makes our ribs ache with her acting prowess on Papa Shirandula, and is a mother of one.


6. Nyce Wanjeri alias Shiro ‘Aunty Boss’


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‘Being a comedienne comes with loads of challenges,’ Teacher Wanjiku opens up

Seasoned comedienne, Teacher wanjiku has revealed that being a female entertainer in Kenya is a huge challenge itself.

Arama Za Dukuduku! Comedian Teacher Wanjiku Makes Major Comeback At Churchill Show As Kenyans React

Being in a male dominated industry for a decade now, Wanjiku who has seen her star rise over the years since making her debut in Kenyan screens, says that people still find it hard to acknowledge female comedians as well as trust them to deliver unique and quality content.

Kwanza wanawake sio wengi tuko wadogo sana na wanaume wamejaa wako kila mahali. Challenge kubwa imekuwa just people believing as a woman you can be able to deliver. She said in an exclusive interview with Massawe Japanni.

She continued;

Comedy is either you are funny or not hatuna gender rule kwa comedy. So also that is a very big challenge kwani as a woman you have to make sure you are the best.

Being a male dominated industry, what makes Teacher Wanjiku standout is because she is original, she understands her content and understands her audience kwani aniwacha pia audience iseme chenye inataka.

DIO! Teacher Wanjiku Looks Youthful And Elegant After Losing 15 Kgs (PHOTOS)

What keeps her relevant and in check?

Naweza sema Teacher Wanjiku ana discipline kwani lazima uwe na nidhamu, uwe una skiza lazima uwe una kubali opinions na pia ukubali watu wakukosoe.

Biggest highlight of her comedy career?

My all-time favorite jokes was one I performed about Kinyozi escapades, the second one about drunkards, wedding committee whatsapp group where everyone left and I was left with the bride and bridegroom.

Listen to her interview in the audio below.


Arama Za Dukuduku! Comedian Teacher Wanjiku Makes Major Comeback At Churchill Show As Kenyans React

Teacher Wanjiku born Caroline Wanjiku Tharau is one of the funniest female comedians in town.

Wanjiku made a major comeback last week at the Churchill show during the Churchill at 40 edition, one that celebrated 15 years of the comedy show and 40 years of Daniel Ndambuki’s life.

And yes, she has changed.

The sexy lass who has lost weight since giving birth shocked fans after making a comeback showcasing her new bod and look.

Churcill himself then took to social media to appreciate the comedian for the successful comeback.

“The comeback of the night!
Wanaume na kuenda Kinyozi mara mbili kwa wiki 😂 😂 😂
Thank you teacher wanjiku and a Happy Birthday to you too!


Since she left Churchill show, Teacher Wanjiku has bagged major advertising deals but has failed to capture fans’ attention like she used to.

Let’s just hope the lass will go back to stand up comedy where she will capture the audience’s interest and make them laugh again.

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DIO! Teacher Wanjiku Looks Youthful And Elegant After Losing 15 Kgs (PHOTOS)

Veteran female comedian Teacher Wanjiku was one of the biggest and most popular acts in Kenya a few years back.

The comedienne thrived well in the male-dominated industry, making her name on Churchill’s live comedy show but sadly, a year later, she revealed that she had quit to focus on her solo career.

Teacher Wanjiku, real name Caroline Wanjiku, is known for her humor and creative, rib-cracking jokes about life in school and it’s amazing how she’s able to turn a simple fact into a funny gag that gets everyone laughing out loud.

The outspoken celebrity would, later on, start a TV show but sadly, the ratings were not very good, leading to its cancellation.


When Wanjiku took a hiatus from comedy and the entertainment scene, she later on revealed that she was walking down the aisle with the love of her life, Victor Ber.

The lovely couple exchanged wedding vows back in 2014 at a colorful ceremony that saw her fellow entertainers, friends, and family gather to congratulate them.

Sema Kupendeza! Here Are 10 Of Kenya’s Gorgeous & SINGLE Celebrity Mothers

Soon after she revealed she was expecting their first child, and in October 2015, she welcomed into the world an adorable baby girl, Zuri Ber.



As we all know, giving birth comes with its challenges such as weight gain, and that’s the case with Wanjiku, who added a couple of kilograms, but at some point last year, decided it was time to get her sexy back.

Teacher Wanjiku has been hitting the gym hard and now the results are showing, after shedding a whopping 15 Kgs. She’s looking very youthful and more stunning, with a slim figure.

The female comedian looks breath-taking, and to prove she’s not done she still intends to cut down 5 more kgs.

You can do it too 15kgs down 5kgs to go !!!!! #Goalweighttings!

Don’t believe me? Check out the photos below as Teacher Wanjiku flaunts her slender frame as she works out in the gym.