Diamond Platnumz na babake wakutana na kuzima tofauti zao

Msanii na staa mkubwa Afrika Diamond Platinumz ameweza kukutana katika redio ya Wasafi FM na babake na kuonekana kuzima tofauti zao za awali.

Mzee Abdul alimtaliki mkewe miaka ya awali kijana huyu akiwa kidato cha kwanza. Naseeb alitangulia kwa kusema kuwa ubaridi unaonekana kati yao na baba mzazi umechochewa na kutokua pamoja kwa kipindi kirefu.

“Kiukweli siwezi kusema nina ukaribu na mzee. Hatujakuwa na bond kubwa naye ila mimi sina matatizo naye…tukiwa kuna issue tutakutana naye tuongee” Diamond alisema katika mahojiano.

diamodn and his parents
Diamond Platnumz na wazazi

Ukaribu wa Naseeb na mamake umeonekana kwa muda mrefu kunoga huku babake akionekana kusahaulika na msanii huyu.

Katika kitengo cha Block 89 cha shoo ya redio ya Wasafi, babake Platnumz anaonekana kutokea ghafla katika mahojiano  ya mtoto wake na kituo hiki.

Mwanae anamiliki chumba hiki cha habari pamoja na runinga bila kusahau lebo ya Wasafi (WCB)  inayojivunia kusimamia wasanii wakubwa Afrika mashariki na Afrika ya kati kama Rayvany,  Harmonize, Lavalava, Mbosso na Queen Darleen.

Baada ya kuugua kwa muda mrefu, babake Chibu alipata ufadhili kutoka kwa mtendawema aliyeguswa na hali yake ya ugonjwa.


Yule sio mtoto wangu kunizaa ila niseme kuna watu hawana wazazi na wana hela.Aliniangalia katika mitandao ya kijamii katika hali sio nzuri na akatokea kutoa usaidizi”

Diamond anadai kuwa baadhi ya vyombo vya habari vinamtumia babake kupata ufuasi mkubwa wanapokwenda kumhoji kuhusu tofauti zao.

“Naamini vyombo vya habari vinakuzakuza na kutengeneza matatizo kati yangu na baba.”

diamond platnumz madale
Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz

Kwa upande mwingine anaona kuwa babake anamweka katika kicheko kwa watu wengi hususan wapinzani wake anapoonekana kama hamsaidii mzazi.

Babake alimwomba msamaha na wote kuonekana wameridhiana katika mazungumzo yao

Kama nimekukosea naomba unisamehe na ujaribu kuangalia utanisaidia vipi mimi babako.”

Diamond alionya kuwa kuna baadhi ya vyombo vya habari vinavyomtumia babake kwa maslahi yao na hawamsaidii. Mkali huyu wa kibao kipya The one  alimaliza kwa kuomba msamaha.

“Well mimi siwezi kusema nina  matatizo na babangu. Naamini utofauti wake na mama unafanya tuwe hatuna ukaribu…Naomba anisamehe pia kwa sababu sijui akiwa na mama walikosana kwa misingi gani.”

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The things Diamond Platnumz made his wife endure during their marriage

Barely three days after Zari dumped Diamond Platnumz, their followers are yet to come to terms with the fact that the two are no longer an item. Some are still speculating that this is a publicity stunt and the once upon a time power couple will be back together.

Well, we’ve compiled a list of 8 times Diamond Platnumz embarrassed Zari when they were still together and here are the things Zari endured before their marriage hit rock bottom.

  1. Disrespect

Diamond Platnumz never respected Zari at all.

Diamond Platnumz and Hamisa Mobetto

2. Speaking broken English

Zari aka the boss lady is a classy woman who speaks fluent English, as do her children. But Zari had no option but to endure the embarrassment caused by Diamond Platnumz, who on several occasions murdered the queen’s language.

3. Travelling alone

The two parents were staying in different cities and most of the times, Diamond Platnumz would transverse the globe without Zari. Unlike many power couples who attend events and official functions together, the Tanzanian crooner would always travel alone whether on official duty or not, leaving behind his wife to take care of their children. Have you seen a Head of State travel alone without their wife?

Zari Hassan Proved She’s Brave Enough To Get back With Diamond Platnumz -Ghost Mulee (AUDIO)

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz. photo credit: Instagram/Diamond Platnumz

4. Cheating

A year after marrying, Diamond Platnumz made headlines for all the controversial reasons. He started cheating on Zari with several women including his dancers and city socialites, the likes of Tunda and Hamisa. Women would come forward and reveal that they’re in a relationship with the singer.

5. Bedding another woman in their matrimonial bed

In October 2016 after releasing his hit song Salome which features Hamisa as one of the vixens, Diamond Platnumz bedded the socialite in their matrimonial home while Zari was in South Africa. This forced the mother of five to travel to Tanzania where she found earrings left behind by Hamisa maybe to prove to her that she was indeed sharing her husband with someone else.

6. Dancing suggestively with female fans

Dancing is part of performance but at times, Diamond Platnumz went extremely far and during his music tours, he was pictured dancing suggestively with women on stage.

7. Getting a child out of wedlock

Diamond Platnumz sired a child with socialite Hamisa Mobeto while he was still married to Zari. His second-born Prince Nillan and Hamisa’s son are pretty close in age ( two years old).

8. Lying in public

He lied on national TV that he wasn’t the father of Haimsa’s child until the socialite shared nude photos of them in bed together.



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‘Zari, I’m not back with Diamond Platnumz’ – pleads Wema Sepetu while defending herself

Zari Hassan has had a rough week with photos of Diamond and Wema Sepetu together going viral.

Will this reignite their beef?

The Ugandan beauty seems to have made a bold move by saying enough is enough.

This was after a fan told Zari, to start moving on because Diamond doesn’t seem to value and respect their relationship, one bit.

Zari Hassan/ Instagram

She wrote:

“I wish you could leave Diamond for sometime so that he may see the value of you in his life, coz it seems this guy is trying to take you for granted indirectly. He is making people and the media think that you are desperate for him, because of the way he is treating himself in the society. Diamond behaves like a man with no woman and kids. The things he is doing are disrespectful to you and his babies. Zari we know you as a woman of class, we can’t sit down watch this boy try to degrade you.”

Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz/ Millard Ayo

Wema realised the folly of being photographed with her ex- who is married to Zari at a night event.

She defended herself saying, “Diamond invited me to the event and I accepted the invitation.”


“I do things that please my heart and not to impress people. My happiness is what comes first, because it is my life. supporting him is not a bad thing, I am so proud of him. he is living his dream, I saw him hustling and his dream was to be where he is now.”

Wema Sepetu/ Instagram

Wema who is a darling to the Tanzanian masses also explained her relationship with Diamond even though they are exes.

“We have never had beef. I respect his life and he does the same for me. we have matured, people will always talk, but we are just friends.”

Over to you Zari. What is your take on this?

‘Do You Think I’m Of That Caliber?’ Wema Sepetu Blasts Tanzanian Artiste Harmorappa

Wema Sepetu has gone ham on a young upcoming Tanzanian artiste called Harmorappa. She revealed that the artiste had the tendency of posting photos of different ladies and claiming that they were into him. She fell victim to the man’s theatrics but was not going to let him off that easy.


She took to social media to expose the artiste asking him to respect her and her privacy and not to mistake her for the girls that are easily lured in his trap.

In a long post, Wema told of the youngin writing, “I have never hated anyone who is struggling to find means of survival because I’m also doing the same. Although Harmorappa, you are getting too much. Fight in ways that will sell your music and get your name recognised, but leave my name out of it. I respect you just like my fellow artiste, but this business of you wanting to court me and even expressing what you would do to me, please tell those whom you think can handle you because I’m not of that caliber.”


She continued to ask him to respect her and what she has worked so hard to build, “Don’t disrespect me, I have worked so hard to make a name for myself, don’t tarnish my name in front of my family and friends and for the one I’m currently with. You posting photos of other ladies saying they want you is pure childishness. *DO U THINK I’M OF THAT CALIBER?*Don’t disrespect me. *AM NOT FOR U* and i hope you will respect me as your sister and a fellow artiste. *LETS STOP THERE*.”

Woiyee!!! Wema Sepetu Reminisces On The Loss Of Her Twins

Wema Sepetu is known for her dramatic lifestyle both in real life and online on social media. The real drama queen.

Lets review her soap opera-esque life, from dating almost all top Tanzanian male celebrities to posting nude videos. Well, this Tanzanian celebrity has recently had a tough time coming to terms with the loss of her twin children she had carried for a few months. She took to Instagram to express her heartfelt feelings for her unborn twins she never got to meet.


Wema who is a former Miss Tanzania caught the attention of many when she first started dating top bongo flava artiste Diamond Platnumz. He later dumped her for Ugandan-South African based socialite Zari Hassan with whom they had a daughter princess Tiffah and a son on the way. Wema later went for Ommy Dimpoz who was then a close friend to Diamond, it did not work out because they were not spotted together shortly after he featured her in the song Wanjera.


Wema did not stop there as she went on to date Big Brother Africa’s winner Idris Sultan who is much younger than she is. After a few months in their relationship, Idris went to Instagram to break the sad news that Wema had had a miscarriage of his twin kids. Well, fans gave their heartfelt messages although most of them did not believe that Wema was pregnant in the first place, citing the two were just pulling a publicity stunt. Wema also dated the late Steven Kanumba where they both starred in the movie A Point Of No Return.

Here is what Wema wrote on social media;

RANDOM POST…. I was about 2 months preg with my twins and I was already nat feeling myself… Who knew I had Double Trouble growing inside me…😔 Look at me, na hapo eti mealikwa Birthday ndo nimeenda hivyo… See my hair… It was a beautiful experience… I miss the moment…. Inshallah… Ipo siku ama nene…wema-idris