Zari awaomba mashabiki kupunguza kufuatilia mwanamme wake

Zari Hassan alionekana kwenye picha akiwa na mwanamme ambaye amekisiwa kuwa ndiye mpenzi wake mpya anayemuita King Bae.

Mwanamme huyo kwa jina Cedric Anthony Fouries alionekana akila denda na Zari kwenye picha iliweka Instagram na rafikiye Zari.

Zari ameenda mtandaoni kusihi mashabiki kutomftatilia sana Cedric kwa kuwa yeye hapendi umaarufu.



Cedric pia ni mkufunzi wa mazoezi.

‘Wewe ni wa maana nakupenda milele!’ Zari amfungukia Peter wa Psquare

One last time inside the luxurious home that Zari is leaving after Diamond instructed her to go


Diamond has asked her to leave the house he bought her back when they were an item.

Pictured: Sonko unmasks city goons demolishing school in Buru Buru

The Tanzanian singer has called her out for staying in a house he spent loads of money buying, yet she dumped him.

Zari poses on red sportscar
Zari in the balcony
The stairway
The all white bedroom
The swimming pool area
The dining area
The living room
Zari at the swimming pool


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Nilmuonya Zari kabisa! Diamond defends himself about cheating rumours

Bongo mega star Diamond Platnumz has spoken out about his role in the breakup saga between him and his baby mama, Zari hassan.

Diamond  says that he had impressed on Zari to be prepared seeing women throwing themselves at him, especially during performances.

The Tanzanian play boy adds that Zari did not heed his warning.

“Before entering into a relationship with any woman, I often seek her assurance on whether she accepts me and my job which involves being surrounded by women. I have been very patient in the entertainment industry because my work is about entertaining people. On each and every show I perform at women come onto me because I’ve gone to entertain them. Some are hired vixens or dancers that I have to dance with,” Diamond explained.

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hamisa-diamondBut the Salome star was hard pressed to explain why he then went ahead and sired a child with his video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto.

“When am shooting a video for a love song I of course have to include romantic scenes. If you see such scenes just bear with me because it is part of what I do. But people easily believe that am having affairs with these girls just because they are beautiful and flexible,” Diamond defended himself.

Zari was ticked off when Diamond embraced and kissed his ex, Wema Sepetu at a public event and their photos circulated online like an uncontrollable forest fire.

“Right now the trust is broken. Sioni kama inawezekana tena. We are not together. It is done. I have not talked to Diamond either,” Zari told BBC.

diamond plat

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Asked if any emissaries had been sent to try and reconcile them, Zari said, “No comment.”

Adding, “I have decided to stay completely away from him to digest this whole thing and I need to be in a proper mental situation. I don’t need to be in an emotional situation for me to start saying anything. So, I really don’t want to speak so much about this issue.”

She continued, “To be honest, his video with the ex ilitoka and I tried to ask. That was the morning before. Alafu, kila ukiuliza mtu anakua na story mingi, hapo hapo nikadecide kumblock kabisa from my contacts because ukiwa unatrust mtu, umempa maisha yako, lakini wewe anakuchukulia kawaida, na anazidi kukuzalilisha, he does things and thinks it is okay with him, but he is not thinking about you or the outcome! Hapo ndio nikasema you know what? We are done.”

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