These World Cup Teams didn’t perform well because of what their countrymen did to Kenyans

I only enjoy my time with my bundles on, only when I get to see Kenyans being the kings they are on social media, thanks to their creativity and banter.

With the World Cup at it’s penultimate stage, Kenyans decided to have a good time with some fun facts about Kenya’s history, tying it to how the participating countries performed in the World Cup.

They tied down the teams’ performances to how their ancestors/ countrymen related with or how they treated Kenyans and once you go through the list, your mind will be blown!

The teams that were shortlisted include; Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Egypt, Morocco, Colombia and Sweden.

1.SAUDI ARABIA…..They mistreat Kenyans working as domestic workers
2.TUNISIA….Mistreated Gor Mahia and ensured they exited from Africa champions league
3.BRAZIL….Allowed sugar laced with mercury and copper to be shipped into Kenya
4.MEIX-KO….The speed at which their maize arrived in Kenya still baffles Kenyans
5.EGYPT….. Signed an agreement that stopped Kenya from using L. Victoria for irrigation
6.MORROCO…Turned down offer to host African cup only to snatch Kenya an opportunity to host CHAN championships
7.COLOMBIA…..They are destroying Kenyans at the coast with hard drugs
8.SWEDEN and SWITZERLAND…They allow operation of offshore bank accounts where the corrupt in Kenya hide their loot.
9.JAPAN….Everyone knows what they did to STELA as sung by Fresh Mwamburi
10….And many other teams , Kenyan fans will not forget!….

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