VIDEO: Man Caught On CCTV Cameras Stealing DJ Decks At Popular Nairobi Club

A man was captured on CCTV cameras of one of the clubs in the Central business district stealing Disc Jokey decks on Wednesday morning, last week.
The man, dressed in a hood sneaked into the re-known club and as the staff were concluding on the previous night’s accounts and taking of stock.
“The man sneaked in at around 7am, and as the footage shows, he managed to do away with the decks at a time considered to be vulnerable for any club in the city as most staff had already left for home,” Head of Entertainment at the joint said.
In the entertainment business, early morning hours are a bit tricky as most staff members have left for home, and those still around are always busy either doing the night calculations or taking stock with the managers.
Two other clubs within CBD have undergone a similar encounter with one popular club losing all decks a few months ago.
Watch the CCTV footage below.

Photo Credits: wire

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