VIKEMBE: Today’s Swahili Word Of The Day By Yusuf Juma

A kitten. | image source:

Vikembe in Swahili means an animal’s offspring.

In his Swahili lesson to Gidi and Ghost today, Yusuf Juma taught them the Swahili names of off-springs of animals found in Kenya.

He gave a list of name which is as follows:

Kigwena – A crocodile’s (mamba) offspring.

Kidanga – An elephant’s (ndovu) calf.

Kibui/Kibuli/Kimeme – A goat’s (mbuzi) offspring.

Chengo/Kichengo – A fish’s (samaki) offspring.

Kinyemere – A snake’s (nyoka) offspring.

Kinyaunyau/Kipusi – A kitten.

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