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Widespread condemnation after Kakamega AP shots wife over domestic squabble


An Administration police officer shot and killed his wife in Navakholo, Kakamega county after a  domestic quarrel.

The incident occurred on Thursday night.

The officer took off after killing his wife who is a teacher at Navakholo secondary school.

Residents later protested over the killing and blocked police from collecting the body.

The deceased Christine Maonga

Kenyans have reacted to the sad news:

Philisters Okumu Let the soul rest in peace …. everyone will face their judgements

Mi Baibe But he will rot in hell and forget his precious kids, he shouldn’t have killed her but instead walked away and wait for the karma. Kusomesha mtu na kuishi jela afadhali nini?

El Riques Some people here are saying that he should have walked away……. where he have gone when all his monies he invested in her??? AM IN TOTAL SUPPORT OF HIM and would do the same……He had no idea future so even taking him to jail is doing him a favour.

Vee Vickie Mukulu Nothing can justify murder.Justice for the lady.Being a AP,he’s in a better position to know the law
The lady’s behaviour was wrong but still,it’s heartbreak and should have been handled as such
Did I see somewhere that God will understand?😂😂😂In His commandments it’s clear.Killing apart from being a crime is a sin!

Tanui George Killing isn’t justifiable.. Let go what ails u be it a r’ship..
Note also people aren’t asset to invest in for future proceeds…
Even children leave their parents in poverty despite all the sacrifices they made to them..

Bessiey Yego Ukiachwa achika..murder will never be justifiable..

Hassan Yang He should have demanded his cash not killing,
Burukenge go rot in jail

Jelome Danford Kasembe Killing in the name kujilipisha is stupidity,,move on nigga wanawake ni wengi…. leave it behind karma will catch up with her,get another woman or even two en enjoy life#period

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