Radio Jambo, with True or False Trivia…..for not-so-trivial prizes.

If you know your shit, be listening for questions from our presenters between 6am and 6pm every weekday and give us a call on 0202572821.

Every time you answer a question correctly you stand a chance of doubling or tripling your money

Remember it’s as simple as YES or NO

First person through with the correct answer to the True or False question gets to play.

If you get the answer right for the first question, you win 1000 bob. Then you get a chance to double the money to 2000 shillings by agreeing to answer a second question. (Remember if you get the second answer wrong, you lose even the 1000 bob you had won earlier)

If you get the second answer right, you win Sh2000 plus a chance to triple the amount to Sh6000 by agreeing to answer a third question. Get it wrong and you lose everything.

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