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Wololo: This is how old you should be to have s3x in Nigeria and other countries


An American singer R Kelly has been trending on social media after a docu series exposed how he would have s3x with minors.

Kenyans are outraged about the charges facing him that include child pornography.

So we want to ask: Do you know the age at which people are legally allowed to have s3x? According to our research, some countries permit girls as young as 11 to consent to s3x with a man.

See below how the legal age of consent varies around the world.

First of all, consent means that both people in a s3xual encounter must agree to it and engaging in a s3xual act without the other person’s consent is considered s3xual assault or rape.

Before I delve into how the legal age of consent varies across the world, we take a look at a landmark ruling made in Kenya by one Justice Said Chitembwe.

In 2016, Chitembwe attracted international attention when he released a man convicted of defiling a minor ruling that the victim appeared willing to have s3x with the defendant.

Chitembwe acquitted 24-year-old Martin Charo, 24, who had been sentenced to 20 years in prison for having s3x with a 13-year-old.

While making his ruling, he is quoted by saying “Where the child behaves like an adult and willingly sneaks into men’s houses for purposes of having s3x, the court ought to treat such a child as a grown up who knows what she is doing.”

In Kenya, a child below 18 years cannot give consent to s3xual intercourse, but looking at other nations, children as young as 11 can give consensual s3x!

You think am joking? Well check out the data below which I happened to bump into courtesy of

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