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You will love how these gorilla’s are posing for a selfie


A Park Ranger in Congo has shared pictures of selfies with Gorilla’s in Virunga National Park.

Two gorillas at the Virunga National Park in Congo looked extraordinarily human-like as they posed for selfies with anti-poaching rangers.

Virunga, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has 600 dedicated rangers and two of them snapped the heart-warming series of selfies with the gorillas who can weight up to 400lbs.

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Park Ranger poses for selfie

One shows the gorillas standing upright behind the men, while another titled ‘family time’ shows one of the rangers, Patrick Sadiki with the primates, Ndakasi and Matabishi cuddling up to him.

The latest picture, posted on Thursday, garnered over 12 thousand likes and 14 thousand shares on Facebook at the time of writing.

It was titled ‘another day at the office’ and one person, Pernilla Winterskiöld, replied: ‘Wow, that is an awesome office you’ve got there. Stay safe and thank you for the amazing work you do.’

According to the park’s website, the area has been ‘deeply’ impacted by war and armed conflict over the last two decades and so the fearless work of the rangers is crucial.

In total, 179 rangers have died in the line of duty.



Photo Credits: twitter

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