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jay jay okocha

Jay Jay Okocha Reveals His All Time Best Player, Chooses Between Ronaldo and Messi

Two time BBC African player of the year, and Nigeria football legend Jay Jay Okocha is arguably the best player of his generation and it would actually be a crime...

I Forced My Nephew Iwobi To Choose Nigeria Over England, Reveals Jay Jay Okocha (VIDEO)

Nigeria football legend, Augustine Azuka Okocha, popularly known as “Jay-Jay” Okocha is currently in the country where despite cementing his name in football’s historical books, he was on a mission to promote...

I Was Tortured For 4 hours Over ‘Negative’ Stories, Says Standard Journalist

Journalist Isaiah Gwengi, who was arrested by police on claims of incitement, has alleged torture including a severe beating, strangulation and death threats. The Standard newspaper correspondent for Bondo was...
pastor's wife

Pastor’s Wife Charged With Sh5.7Million Fraud In Uganda

A Ugandan pastor’s wife by the name, Ms Sandra Katebarairwe has been charged with Sh200million Ugandan shillings fraud (Approximately Sh5.7Million Kenyan shillings). Meet The Pastor Who Went To Heaven And...
pata patanisho

PATANISHO: Nimemalizana Nawe Ukitaka Oa Wanawake Tano!

John mwenye umri wa miaka 38, aliomba apatanishwe na mkewe Jane kwani walikosana mwezi uliopita, kisa na maana; John alikuwa na tabia za mipango ya kando. PATANISHO: Nilimgonga Mke Wangu...
messi cocaine

Police seize £73m worth of cocaine with ‘Lionel Messi’ packaging

Police in Peru have seized a 1.4 kilogram shipment of cocaine that had Lionel Messi’s face on the packaging. The haul, worth a reported £73million, also had images of the...
Yusuf Juma

Thought Of The Day By Yusuf Juma, 24th March 2017

Usiombe kupata maisha rahisi, Omba kupata ujasiri wa kukabiliana na Ugumu wa maisha.
uganda (2)

Olunga On Target As Uganda Force Harambee Stars To A 1-1 Draw

Harambee stars played to a 1-1 draw with fierce rivals Uganda Cranes in their international friendly at the Machakos stadium. Michael Olunga, who recently made a multi-million shilling switch to...
Pic shows: The man at the hospital.

A jilted wife who chopped her cheating husband’s manhood off TWICE is facing jail.

Two-timing dad-of-five Fan Lung, 32, had used his wife’s mobile to send lover Zhang Hung, 21, a saucy email from his marital home in the city of Shangqiu in central China’s Henan province.

But after forgetting to log out of his account, stunned wife Feng, 30, came across the message and several others, and flew into a rage.

Grabbing a pair of scissors she stormed into their bedroom where he was sleeping and snipped his  manhood off.

But after being taken to hospital where he had it sown back on, fuming Feng sneaked into his hospital room and cut it off again before throwing it out of a window.

A hospital spokesman said: "The first we were aware of what happened was when someone came into the reception area to say a naked man was beating up a woman outside the hospital.

"Staff rushed out to see what was happening and found the patient with blood streaming down his legs hitting the woman.

"He was stopped and the woman was taken in for treatment, and then we discovered she had chopped his penis off again."

Doctors and police officers combed the area outside but failed to find the man’s missing member, and they believed it may have been stolen by stray dog or cat.

The hospital spokesman said: "The man had lost a lot of blood and was taken in for emergency surgery.

"He is now in a stable condition but is extremely emotionally distraught."

Fan’s lover who arrived at the hospital said she planned to marry him as soon as she could.

She said: "It doesn’t matter that he’s lost his fertility, he has five children already."

Fan’s wife was discharged and is now under arrest for grievous bodily harm.


TBT: Enraged Wife Chops Cheating Husband’s Manhood, Sneaks Into Hospital To Cut it Again!

Never has the saying ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ been more fitting than when a jilted wife in China chopped off her cheating husband’s penis… twice. Over...
patanisho 1

PATANISHO: Nilimgonga Mke Wangu Na Mtungi Kwa Hasira

Siku ya Jumatano, bwana Patrick aliomba apatanishwe na mkewe, mama Junior ambaye walikosana miezi sita iliyopita. Isitoshe mkewe alitoweka na wanao na hajui waliko. “Tulikosana na mke wangu mwezi wa...