Crime Alert: Mke wa jeshi abakwa na kuuawa Busia

Maafisa wa polisi mjini Webuye wanawazuilia watu wawili wanaoshukiwa kumbaka na kumuua mwanamke mmoja wa miaka thelathini ambaye ni mkewe afisa wa KDF eneo la Hurlingham  jijini Nairobi.

Martha Musundi mama wa motto mmoja alipatikana mapema leo akiwa amefariki chumbani mwake bila majeraha yeyote.

38-year-old Isiolo woman dumped by husband after deliverying triplets

Mzee wa kijiji wa eneo hilo Japheth Soita amesema kwamba washukiwa wawli hao walipatikana na simu, kikoi na begi ya marehemu.

Mwili wa mwendazke umepelekwa katika hifadhi maiti ya hospitali ya webuye huku uchunguzi zaidi ukiendelea.

Soma hapa

Bun Unu Spliff: Photos of reggae singers Tarus Riley and Everton Blender in Kenya

Jamaican-American reggae singer Tarus Riley is gearing up to release his album next year, as his last one was in 2014.

The singer jetted in Kenya on Wednesday for a much anticipated concert at the KICC.

After a five year hiatus the new album will be released early 2019, and his fans are eager to listen if it will have a new sound.

Asked about what will be in the new album, he told the Jamaican Gleaner in an interview that

“Yuh can’t let out everything inna one go, certain likkle things you affi leave unknown.”

Meanwhile Tarus and Everton are in Kenya for a concert slated for Saturday, and here are photos of the legends in a press conference on Thursday. Pictures courtesy Douglas Okiddy






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Kenyans praise officer who chased robbery suspects in dramatic video in Westland’s

On Wednesday afternoon, a video of cops arresting thugs in westlands caught our attention.

We all wondered what was going on, and now thanks to several online reports, we have since learned that a man from Voi who had come to purchase goods from a vendor he met on OLX kenya was yesterday thrown out of a moving vehicle in Westlands by the conmen after stealing his money.

In the midst of all the drama was another man, who did a heroic act.

Joash Ombati, a gallant officer manning NIC Bank,  took a taxi and gave chase recovering Ksh400K.

Here is his picture below.

A statement from the police reveals more details of the dramatic scene:
Below are the thugs who were swiftly arrested.
check out some of the comments from Kenyans impressed by his thoughtfulness:

eris mutua…Good job….na hio pesa ingine ilipotelea kwa gunshots ama

Sura Mbaya…[email protected]_KE @PoliceKE This officer should be recognized and rewarded. This is what we as citizens look for in the police force.

Ba’ Ted….State commendation

LICKi miJAM 🇰🇪….There are good police men out there.

MAALIM …And he never shot them….this officer should be promoted on merit,and given a HSC. My opinion.

Jimmy Munuthi….Well done Officer we salute you.

Maccos Cyrus ….He also ensured he did not give in to pressure from the crowd “Piga wao risasi”

electoral justice..This are the kind of policemen we want

South African music legend Lucky Dube remembered 11 years later

On this day 11 years ago, reggae sensation Lucky Dube was shot dead.

Lucky Dube was killed during a botched hijacking on October 18, 2007.

According to several online reports the incident happened by two or three youths who apparently gave no warning or demands. Dube tried to drive away, but lost control of his car and crashed into a tree.

His son got out of the car and ran for help. His daughter, 16, also in the vehicle, was unharmed. Five men were arrested in connection with the murder; three were tried and found guilty on 31 March 2009. The men were sentenced to life in prison.

His fans mourned him, and to this date eulogize him as a hero.

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Kenyan celebrities who left the secular world and got born again

Different musicians here in Kenya decided to leave their old ways and start a new life. A life whereby most of the things they used to do would become history and now it will all be under what is right before God as they gave their lives to Christ.

1. Size 8


Gospel artist and mother of one Size 8 was at one time a secular artist who was hitting the headlines with her songs and dance moves. After removing a good number of songs, she one time shocked many people after singing the song Mateke explaining what she went through and that she gave her life to Christ.

She has never turned back since then.

2. Amani


Cecilia Wairimu was a famous secular artist and songwriter  who was known for her songs that became great hits. She started making music in 2001 and was signed to Ogopa deejays.

Even though she was  doing great she decided to have a turn over in early 2018, whereby she got born again. She came out and shared with her fans who some supported her while others ridiculed her saying its just for a while before she turns back.

We hope her new beginning will open greater doors for her.

3. Wahu


The famous singer and mother found God when the husband was admitted to hospital because of a life threatening condition.

The whole incident inspired her to seek the face of God and she even spoke to word is saying ,

“In the situation where my husband was unwell, I went on my knees because it is not about how popular or how much people love you. Those are not the things that matter. Sometimes God shows you ‘I Am God’ and you just have to come down and say yes You are God and You are everything.

“I resonated with the song because of that space and I guess I can say when my husband was unwell God says he is Jehovah-Rapha the healer. The beautiful thing about God is He doesn’t contradict himself and He doesn’t change. His word is his word.”

4. Cece Sagini



Cecilia  started off her career as a gospel singer but further along started embracing secular music. She reconverted to Christianity and has never looked back since.

5. Marya



The  mother of one once narrated her struggle with postpartum depression after delivering her child. It was a tough battle for her that made her later come to a decision to join the gospel world and abandoned her ties to secular music late 2017.



Kenya Pipeline MD Joe Sang summoned over sh1.8 billion scandal

The DCI has summoned Kenya Pipeline Company MD Joe Sang, chairman John Ngumi and five others for probe into the Sh1.8 billion Kisumu oil jetty scandal.

The seven have been asked to record statements at the DCI headquarters between this Thursday and Monday next week.

Manager, department of infrastructure, is expected to appear at the Kiambu Road offices today at 10am while his Finance counterpart is scheduled to appear at 2pm.



Also summoned are Major Neepe Itasayon (chair, Board Technical Committee), Faith Boinett (former chair, Board Finance Committee), and Jerry Simu (former chair, Board Audit).

Sang will appear on Friday at 10am while Ngumi, Itasayon, Faith, and Simu are lined up for Monday.

Of interest in the case is the wastage and fraud during the construction of the facility which is supposed to help deliver oil to Uganda and Tanzania.


The wastage, inside sources earlier indicated, arose from the disposal of materials which had been procured in 2001 for the works.

The company is argued to have sold the old ones to the contractor and claimed to have bought new ones.

KPC is also facing questions over suspect loss of billions of shillings in 12 projects whose bidding remains a subject of a probe.

Man Utd News: Luke Shaws Sh19Million a week contract given green light by Jose Mourhino

– Luke Shaw currently earns around £100,000 a week but is set for a big rise

– Manchester United have offered £150,000 a week and it is close to completion

– It is being reported that Jose Mourinho has given the green light to new contract

– News of Shaw’s long-term contract could be officially announced on Thursday

Luke Shaw’s bumper new Manchester United contract has been ‘given the green light by Jose Mourinho‘ and could be announced as early as Thursday.

Shaw looked to be heading for the exit door at Old Trafford last season, but has since turned it around to become a mainstay in Mourinho’s starting XI.

Sportsmail revealed on Monday that Shaw was in talks over a new long-term contract worth north of £150,000 a week, and it now appears the deal is close to completion.

The Sun are reporting that a ‘stunning £50million contract’ has been okayed by the manager, which will make Shaw one of the highest paid defenders in the world.

The deal is set to be announced on Thursday, and the England man will move up from his previous wage in the region of £100,000 a week.

The 23-year-old was understood to be very keen to commit his future to the club, and has been one of Mourinho’s standout performers during a difficult start to the campaign.

Shaw’s current contract runs out at the end of this season and United were desperate to tie him down quickly before moving on to others in the squad.


Premier League appearances: 7

Premier League goals: 1, Assists: 1

Champions League appearances: 2

Champions League goals: 0, Assists: 0

Tackles per game: 1.6

Clearances per game: 3

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PATANISHO: Sitaki mwanaume kwangu tena, sitaki kuitwa bibi ya mtu tena, nikae hivyo asema Bi Ida

Sitaki mwanaume kwangu tena, sitaki kuitwa bibi ya mtu tena, nikae hivyo.

Haya ndio maneno makali kati ya wapendwa wawili katika kitengo cha patanisho.  Gidi and Ghost walibaki midomo wazi baada ya kuskiza mabishano ya Simon na Ida.

Ida alitoroka mwaka 2016, na Simon alisumulia kilicho tokea.

‘Ni kitambo, na bado tunaongea, na anasemanga harudi.’

Mbona anafuatana na yeye?

‘Nafuatane na yeye kwasababu alienda na mtoto mmoja wetu, akaniwacha na mwingine. Tuko na watoto wawili, na nataka turudiane aangalie boma yetu. Tulikosanea maneno ya watu. Na deal na transport ya wamama, nawapelekea mizigo sokoni na pick up. Na kwa hiyo harakati akaambiwa maneno, akahesbaiwa ati niko na wamama kumi. Na mimi nikakubali wote ni wangu juu nilikuwa nawabebea mizigo ata tulikuwa tunaenda safari usiku nao, sasa ukienda huko unaskia manene. Hiyo yote nilivumulia. 

Baadaye siku moja nikaenda sokoni kurudi nyumbani nikapata ametoka na mizigo. Akaenda pia na mtoto mmoja. 

Wawili hawa wamekaa miaka fifteen kwa ndoa,

Alipopigiwa simu, Bi Ida alisimulia ile kitu ilitendeka.

aie turudiane? Muulize alikuwa na bibi wangapi nikiwa kwake na nimenyamaza tuu? Alafu muulize..wakati aliniioa hakuwa na chochote? Na tukafanikiwa tukanunua plot mbili, tulikuwa na gari nne tulikuwa tumenunua acre mbili na tulikuwa na pick up ingine, muulize hizo viu zote alipeleka wapi? Na nikimuuliza ananiuliza kwani kuna title yako iko hapo? 

Kwa hivyo sioni haja niake nikiteseka tangu anioe nimekuwa kwake 16 years na mpaka mara kwa mwisho alinifukuza na akaniambia yule mtoto wetu wa kiume si wake, nimpeleke kwa bab yake. nikaona hakuna haja nikae nikisumbuka.

Bwana Simon alijitetea aje?

umesikia hiyo yote eeh mimi nimeuza lakini..skiza mimi huwa nafanya business, unaelewa, akiuliza pesa nimepeleka wapi..ile kitu ilitendeka Boma yangu niliona ni kama oppposition iliangia muulize si akon na plot, si alinunua yake? mimi sikawahi jua iko wapi, Skiza Gidi, huo mke nilikuwa nimemea ruhusa hata sijui mpaka ngombe napata ameuza na sijawahi muuliza 

Kwa hivyo Simon anasema akon na uhuru wa kuuza mali yake bila ya kuulizwa maswali?

Apana sijasema hivyo, nasema hivi, ile kitu inaweza kuwa ni mukae mujadiliane. 

Mbali na haya Simon aliomba msamaha kwa bibi yake, lakini Ida akakataa kuvumilia, akisema amejipanga.

38-year-old Isiolo woman dumped by husband after deliverying triplets

BY Hussein Salesa

A thirty eight year old woman has been abandoned by her husband and family at the AVI Matercare Hospital in Isiolo after giving birth to triplets.

Elizabeth Kadogo who hails from Kakili area of Buratward in Isiolo county delivered the bundle of joy on 8th October, but the news did not go well with her husband and immediate family members who have now left her helpless and depending on the hospital management for clothes and milk for the new-born babies, since her breasts cannot produce enough to feed them.

According to the hospital Matron Sr. Emily Jebiwott, this was the first case of triplets delivered at the facility. She said that the mother complained of lower abdominal pains when she reported for check ups and upon examination, medics noticed that Elizabeth had three babies, with one of them in a sitting position. This led to an operation to avert the risk of losing lives, which was successful as the medics managed to help deliver all the three babies safely.

Luke Mutugi, a nursing officer at the hospital saidthat the two girls were identical as they shared the same placenta, while theboy had his own.

One of the kids however developed jaundice, adisorder common among newborns but was successfully treated for two days at thehospital nursery.

On the delivery date, the husband, 40 year old Johniso Icharait made way to the hospital to see ‘his new child’ but was shocked to learn that his wife had given birth to triplets, and never came back since then. Her other relatives have not shown any concern, even seeing the babies. However, Elizabeth is still hopeful that her husband will still comeback, noting that he could have left to take care of their other children.

The couple have three other children aged 18, 16 and 6 years. She also gave birth to twins on her first delivery, but one of the babies died.

According to Elizabeth, her husband Johniso is jobless and only does charcoal burning to make ends meet.

She named the kids Emily, Jacinta and Simon, saying that both Sisters Emily and Jacinta helped her both materially and emotionally while at the hospital, while the hospital donor known as Simon was at the facility when she delivered the kids, hence naming the boy after him.

Sister Emily said that the hospital does not owe Elizabeth any medical fees since she had enrolled on ‘Linda Mama programme’, a government initiative to help mothers deliver in healthcare facilities without making payments.

Her greatest fear however is that when Elizabeth and her kids leave the facility, she will require help in bringing up the babies from the same people who seem to have disowned her. She called upon people of good will and organisations to help the mother bring up the babies through donation of food and non-food items.

In the Turkana community traditions, where both Elizabeth and Johniso belong, giving birth to more than one child at a go is considered abnormal, and locals associate the parents with evil deeds.

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Safaricom subscribers to pay more to make phone calls

Safaricom subscribers will have to dig deeper into their pockets to call and send short messages to their contacts.

The mobile phone company announced it has increased its call services by 30 cents and SMS services by 10 cents.


CEO Bob Collymore on Wednesday said the increase is caused by the implementation of the 8 per cent VAT on petroleum products.

“Therefore, as a result of the increased taxes passed in the Finance Act 2018, we wish to notify our customers that from midnight tonight, the October 18, our headline price for voice calls and data will increase by 30 cents and SMS by 10 cents,” Collymore said in a statement.

He said the company has also reviewed prices for mobile data bundles, Fibre-To-The-Building (FTTB) and Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) to effect the new 15% Excise Duty tax on internet services.

“The full tariff guide has been filed with Communications Authority of Kenya as required by law and is available from our website, USSD, and all our customer touch points,” Collymore said.

“We are aware of and regret the impact these additional taxes on our customers. It is our sincere hope that these changes will not affect the remarkable gains we have made in mobile phone and internet penetration in Kenya over the last two decades.”


Safaricom reduces data prices and wants to narrow internet access gap

The Safaricom boss said while they remain committed to delivering great value to Kenyans, recent changes to taxes affecting their services were passed through the Finance Act, 2018.

In particular, he said the Excise Duty tax applicable on Voice, SMS and Data services was increased from 10 per cent to 15 per cent.

“This is in addition to the prevailing VAT applicable to mobile services at the rate of 16 per cent. We have since then been undertaking extensive engagement with the government on the impact, timing and exact nature of services that these taxes will affect,” he said.


In July, the government increased the excise duty on mobile money transfers by 2 per cent, making it 12 per cent.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich, in the budget estimates, stated that the money that will be collected from the increment will be used to finance the Universal Health Care programme.

Safaricom later adjusted M-Pesa tariffs on the basis of Finance Bill, 2018, effective July 1.

The news charges were between Sh1 and Sh3 higher.