Kumbe mlikuwa muachane! Vera Sidika explains why Otile Brown dumped her

Vera Sidika has just announced that she and Otile Brown are done. Finished. Over. Kaput.

“Otile Brown and I are no longer in a relationship. I know it’s not important but since social media was involved it’s good to just speak my mind about it here,” Vera said.

Vera continued, “To avoid y’all tagging me on posts, sending me videos and all that stuff. I’m human. And just like every human. I have feelings, I experience all emotions. I cry. I laugh. I get happy. I get sad. Feel free to judge.

Adding, “Feel free to share this post with your friends & gossip about it, feel free to Mock my situation. It’s okay, I’m human and I’m gonna be true to myself.”

In a long letter, she explained to her fans why she had to call it quits with the once ‘love of her life’.

Vera revealed, “I loved him wholeheatedly thinking he was in this relationship out of love he portrayed but I guess I was wrong. I would never involve someone’s heart if I need something from them. we are adults and can always come to mutual agreements it we need help here and there.”

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Vera explains that Otile dumped her after his music video, Baby Love was released.

She said that she simply stopped loving her after their vacay together in Mauritius.

She said, “Imagine after 3 years of turning down video offers that were paying well cause I stopped being a video vixen. I went out of my way to do it for him. Out of love.”

Adding, “Then 5 days after the video, he says he doesn’t love me. It is just funny. I asked, ‘Oh since when?’ He says, ‘Since Mauritius.’.

Read he rest of it in the letter below.

Vera Sidika

In the past Otile highlighted some of the problem areas in their relationship.

“So ho*s have been, sending my chic messages telling her that she has failed miserably for falling in love with me, calling me names because I am not a baller. We usually just read them together with Vee, and laugh. Even people we know, use private accounts just to diss her “stupid move”, for falling for me.”

He added, “Someone just texted, this hit me hard though, she’s saying I am using juju on her, ‘There is no way, Vee can love an average guy like me’.”

Otile continued making his point saying, “So first of all, I am not an average dude, I am a true baller on my own level and I aspire to be bigger. Everybody starts from somewhere even Bill Gates started from nothing but I guess you wouldn’t know that because you are only a taker.”

The rant went on:

“Even if I become a real baller, I would never blow money on no ho*, unless she’s special. So the society got us all fucked up, to a point that a man can’t make a move towards a classy woman and win without blowing cash? Damn! And so, If a brother managed to get her he’s probably using juju on her? Such a f*cked up society we’re living in!”

‘You have left a big gap in my family’ Nicholas Bett’s emotional wife eulogizes

Former 400m hurdles world champion Nicholas Bett who died in a road accident last week was laid to rest at his Simat home in Lemook village, Uasin Gishu.

Family, friends and fans came in numbers to pay him their last respects. His brother described it as an unbelievable moment for him.


Nicholas Bett
Bett’s son and twin brother (L)

His father assured mourners that the memories they had together will go unforgotten.


Bett’s wife whom, they sired two kids with said he has indeed left a big gap in the family.


Nicholas Bett

The burial ceremony was earlier set for Friday but was pushed back after Government officials including National Police Service made a request. Deputy President William Ruto led the government delegation at the burial.

The 26-year-old died in a road crash along Sochoi-Lessos Road last week just a day after returning from the continental championships in Nigeria.

Nicholas Bett's grave
Nicholas Bett’s grave

Bett made history in China by becoming the first Kenyan to win a gold medal in a short distance race at the world stage.

He won the 400m hurdles finals at the 15th IAAF World Championships in Beijing in 47.79 world leading time, beating Russia’s Dennis Kudryavsten in 2015.

I am not a beggar! Pastor erupts in anger after he was offered 1 bob as sadaka (VIDEO)

Just when you thought you have seen it all when it comes to City preachers or rather mobile pastors who spread the gospel in Matatus, then you are yet to meet the man in the attached video.

‘Kula nyoka, utasamehewa!’ South African pastor uses live snake to sanctify his congregants

The unidentified pastor was filmed inside a matatu ranting after one passenger who was acting out of kindness gave out Ksh1 as offering.

The coin triggered the man of God who branded the act as ‘satanic’ and he went on and one explaining how disrespectful it was unleashing all forms of pettiness.

Screenshot.from.2018. (1)

In the video you can see a number of passengers having a tough time dealing with the pastor as some could not actually believe he was fussing over the offering.

Stylish pastor Robert Burale calls out Kenyans artistes for ‘pupu’ like songs

At one point he actually reminds the innocent passengers that he is no beggar!

Mchungaji lazima achunge mfuko wake!

Watch the video below.

Pastor arrested selling tickets to heaven for Sh50,000

PATANISHO: Mume wangu hataki nipatane na babangu mzazi

Bwana Okoth alituma ujumbe akiomba apatanishwe na mkewe bi Mercy ambaye alitoweka kwao nyumbani.

PATANISHO: Mume wangu ana tabia za kujibu simu yangu

“Mke wangu alitoka jumapili iliyopita baada ya kukosana kwa mambo madogo ya nyumbani na akaamua kuondoka. Nilimkwaza kidogo kwa mazungumzo nilipomuambia kuwa asipoamini ninayofanya basi anaweza nipa nafasi kidogo.” Alieleza Okoth akidai kuwa yeye ni msanii ambaye hurudi nyumbani akiwa amechelewa.

Isitoshe nilikuwa namlazimisha awe anaamka nikifika na tupige story na nikama hakufurahia hilo jambo.” Alieleza jamaa akidai kuwa wawili hao bado hawajajaliwa watoto lakini mkewe aliingia kwa ndoa na mtoto.

Mume wangu amekuwa mwenye ugomvi na mimi nimekuwa bread winner nyumbani na mahali nafanya kazi nafanya na mamake, na kila time mshahara umeingia mamake humuambia so inakaa nikama kitu wamepanga. Alieleza bi Mercy.

PATANISHO: Mimi nataka Lucy, huyo mwanamke mwingine ni expensive!

Ilifika wakati nikamwambia nitalipa school fees ya mtoto na nifanye shopping juu vitu kama nyumba mwanamke akifanyiwa na mwanaume hufeel so good lakini yeye husema eti hiyo nyumba pia mimi hulala, na akifanya shopping pia sisi hulala. Aliongeza Mercy akidai mumewe huwa hapendi akipatana na babake kanisani.

Pata uhondo kamili.


25-year old boda boda rider arrested for having an affair with a standard 8 pupil

Police on Thursday arrested a 25-year old boda boda rider for allegedly having an affair with a 14-year old standard eight girl in Kapchekisa village, Baringo North Sub-county.

According to sources, the KCPE candidate at went missing from her home in Kapcheserem village in Bartolimo sub-location since Sunday.

“Police conducted a house-to house search with the help of area residents and they finally bumped into the girl inside the house of the suspect.” Kapteberewo location chief Isaac Chemjor said.

Baringo North Criminal Investigation Officer (CID) Andolo Munga confirmed the arrest saying officers were still carrying out with investigations.

“We were today able to arrest and take the girl together with the suspect for a medical check up and pregnancy test at Baringo County Referral Hospital in Kabarnet.” Munga said adding that the suspect is currently being detained at Kabarnet police station waiting to be arraigned in court next week to face sexual offense charges.

Kitibei primary school head teacher David Chepkwony said the girl is a frequent absentee among the 35 registered KCPE candidates in the school.

“She is among four notorious girls who were punished in presence of their parents in school on May… it is like her three colleagues have reformed because she is the only one I am getting bad reports about this holiday” Chepkwony said.

He blamed the misbehavior of the teenage girls on the rogue boda boda youths who entice them with high-tone music and some small cash to lure them into illicit premature relationships.

“Most of them in their adolescent stage feel excited with the music the boda bodas operators play while in their business, so they end up falling for them”  Chepkwony said.



Five perish, three seriously injured in Kianugu accident

Five people died and three others got seriously injured following an accident at Kianugu, Ndaragwa, last evening.

The accident involved a personal car which was coming from a family gathering at Nyeri, and a Nissan Matatu belonging to 2NK Sacco which was headed to Nyeri.

The car had five passengers on board including the driver, two women and two children. Nyandarua North OCPD, Timon Odingo, said the car was moving on extremely high speed.

On reaching the Kianugu black spot it had a tyre bust and rolled, hence collided with the Matatu which was headed to Nyeri from Nyahururu with three people on board.

Three passengers from the personal car died on the spot and two died while being rushed to Nyahururu Referral hospital.

Those who were in the 2NK matatu got seriously injured and were rushed to Nyahururu referral hospital where they are receiving treatment.

The accident occurred at the same spot where nine mourners died while coming from burial at Nyeri in January this year.

Ndaragwa Central MCA, Mwangi Maitai, was among the first who arrived at the scene and called an ambulance to rush the injured to hospital.

Maitai called on relevant authorities to ensure speed bumps are installed at Kianugu area to prevent these deaths caused by careless speeding drivers.

Ndichu Wainaina

God Intended me to be in parliament without a child – Millie Odhiambo

Millie Odhiambo had a really engaging and an eye-opening interview when she was hosted on Radio Jambo by Annitah Raey.

The Mbita MP opened up about many things in her life including her upbringing, her school life, political career as well as her marriage life.

Married to one Mr. Mabona, a Zimbabwean and a father of one daughter, Millie revealed that despite her not being able to bear her own children she is still a happy woman.

She believes that God indeed intended her to be in parliament without a child of her own so that she can be a voice of the childless women, after seeing what many women go through just because they can’t bear children.

I was thrown out of classes because teachers thought I was stubborn – Millie Odhiambo

“I am married to Mr. Mabona, who is originally Zimbabwean. He says he is a citizen of the world because his family is all over the world.” She says.

He got a daughter when he was in high school and his daughter lives in Botswana, we have a good relation with her. Part of my husband’s family is in the UK, USA, South Africa and very few in Zimbabwe now.

I don’t have a child of my own. A lot of people think it is a problem, It’s not a problem I think it is a blessing. As a christian I think everything that happens in my life is purposed by God and am not saying it in a woiye sort of way.

She added, I have seen that God intended me to be in parliament without a child so that I can be a voice for the childless women, because I have seen what women go through.

For example I saw a woman whose hand was chopped off because she can’t have a child. I am very happy that God gave me the privilege of being a woman without a child.

Listen to the interview below.

‘I know where Jacque Maribe lives and she knows where I live, but we have never dated’ – Dennis Itumbi

State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi has cleared the air on his alleged romance with Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe.

Rumours of the two dating started when Itumbi surprised Jacque with a birthday cake during a live broadcast at the Citizen studios and when he wrote her a sweet message on his Facebook page.

Speaking to Classic 105, Itumbi said:

“I have stated this, and Jacque herself has also stated this for the longest time now, that we are not dating. People have always believed we are dating.”


After Jacque posted pictures of her engagement, many people asked whether Itumbi had been dumped.

“The proposal was actually to say, ‘We told you we are not dating’. So, is Jacque my very good friend? Yes, she is and I am her good friend. She is a person I can call any day, any time when I am in a problem and she will help me out immediately,” he said.


“I am the kind of friend she would call when she has a puncture and she even knows my parents and I know her parents and friends. She knows where I live and I know where she lives but we are not dating. I think we dated more on the voices of print media and on the radio airwaves more than we actually had interacted.”


Itumbi promised to support her wedding plans.

“I am very excited that she said yes to the [proposal] and we will support her all through her marriage process from traditional marriage to the wedding. She is a very good friend. I met her in the media when I was working for People and she was at K24. That is how our friendship grew.

jacque maribe

His regret in life is.

“I discovered dating very late and I really wish I had done that early in life. Today I would be a father of seven children. Something I would have done better is dating. I have kissed two or three beautiful women but I have never dated because to me that is something more intense.”