Murang'a County To Enforce Smoking Ban

Murang’a county government has warned smokers to ensure they do not smoke in public places or face jail terms.

The county executive in charge of public health Joseph Mbai has said most locals disregard the the Tobacco Control Act that prohibits smoking in public places.

Mbai said this has in turn placed the lives of thousands of locals who are not smokers at risk.

He noted that after January 9, everybody who will be found smoking in local towns will be apprehended and prosecuted.

“We will strictly enforce the ban according to the law to safeguard the lives our people because we have realized smoking has become rampant in public places,” he said.

Mbai noted that the action has been prompted by an outcry by members of the public concerning public smoking.

He said the delayed enforcement of the Tobacco Act was caused by transition of the role from the national government to the county governments.

“The Act is meant to be implemented by county governments but now that we have laid all the ground work, we are now swinging into action,” he said.

Mbai noted that there is a sharp increase in cases of cancer, hypertension, asthma and other diseases that are attributed to smoking.

Bars, hotels and offices, he said, will be targeted first as they are most affected to crackdown on the offenders.