Last words of Kakamega man who died homeless in Canada, 'I thought I was strong enough...'

Timothy Majanja, a 71-year-old homeless Kenyan who has been living in the United States and who, at one point, wanted to return home after 46 years in North America, has died in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sources at Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta confirmed that Mr Majanja was taken there in an ambulance while in critical condition and was put on life support machine before he passed on.

Before he passed on he narrated how hard his life has become as a homeless man.

Timothy said, "When you don't have an ID you are nothing."

He asked the Kenyan embassy to help him.

"If they can help me get another new passport that would be nice then I can be able to travel and see my people."

In a soul wrenching plea, Timothy said, "I thought I was strong enough but it is coming to a point where he needs help."

Now, Timothy's relatives in Lubao, Kakamega, expressed their wish that the body could be flown home for burial.

"We are devastated by the news and the elders here can't fathom the idea of their son being buried in a foreign land, thousands of miles away from his ancestral home," said Protus Muhanji Shikoli, Majanja's nephew.

Catherine Ogembo, Majanja's niece who lives in the New Hope City in Minnesota, is appealing for help to send the Uncle's body home.

"We are now less $14,860.00. It's doable, God is faithful. Hold my hand and will hold yours tomorrow!!!," she wrote.

Catherine added, "My uncle, Majanja, came to Canada in the late 60s. After the mid 80's, all our family members back in Kenya lost contact with him. None of us have known where or how to locate him until a year ago.

"We found out that he had been homeless here in the U.S. I stayed in contact with him until March 2018 when he disappeared again.

I was then contacted by our local police here in New Hope, Minnesota, on April 30th that i needed to contact a hospital in Atlanta."

"Turns out, Majanja was found unconscious on the side of the road and then transported to the hospital for treatment. He had high blood pressure and not taking his medication nor treatment as needed. He passed away on May 1st after being on a ventilation machine.

"While we were in contact, I tried to have my uncle return to Kenya to be with his family. Now that he has passed, I am seeking funds to finally get him home with his family where he will rest. Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated."