I was thrown out of classes because teachers thought I was stubborn - Millie Odhiambo

Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo is well known for her aggressiveness especially dealing with issues affecting the normal mwananchi and according to her, this has always been her nature since she was a kid, an act when, coupled with curiosity, saw her kicked out of her classes numerous times.

Speaking to Radio Jambo's Annitah Raey, the fiery legislative opened up about her high school days where despite show casing leadership qualities at a young age, her inquisitive nature would normally land her in trouble with her teachers.

Recently I was talking to the teachers and I told them I do not take everything anyone tells me as gospel truth. I must ask questions! During my chemistry class we were told to conduct tests using chemicals which would turn the litmus paper red. Said Odhiambo.

She added, the teacher wanted me to accept the reaction then I go home but for me, I wanted to know why and every time I asked questions they thought I was stubborn but I was curious and I was kicked out of the class.

So teachers need to learn with assertive kids.

Mrs. Odhiambo went on to advice teachers to always pay special attention to the so called 'problematic' kids, adding that some may have personal issues while others give them problems because that's their nature.

Such kids are assertive. These are the people that you need to tap that resource and discover future pastors, because pastors are assertive and when you learn about personalities you will understand that someone capable of being a pastor is equally able to become a politician or a marketer.

It means that you have a strong mentality. She added.

Millie Odhiambo grew up in Homa bay town in a family of eight.

She went to Homa Bay primary school before joining Rang'ala girls high school. She was then transferred to Limuru girls where she finished her secondary school studies.

As a staunch believer in justice for all, she would then take up Law studies at the University of Nairobi before joining New York University for further education.

Listen to her interview below.