I paid my own dowry and my hubby still left me after losing my leg

A lady by the name Maggie left many in shock after she revealed that she actually used her own cash to help her husband pay for her dowry, and she was eventually dumped.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on 'Jambo Massawe' Maggie, narrated how she met her ex- husband while in University and the two fell in love amid warnings from her parents not to marry the young man.

Desperate not to lose her soul mate, she had to lie to her parents that her fiance was a wealthy man in a bid to convince them to give their blessings for her to finally tie the knot with his prince charming.

Destined to keep her man, she actually forked out Sh100,000 from her own pocket to help the poor soul settle the bride price - wait for it... he still dumped her!

Maggie, despite her undying love and sacrifice for her man, she was dumped after she lost her leg following a road accident.

She narrated;

I helped my husband settle my bride price. I loved him unconditionally and he was not employed. We met in the university and my parents were against our union so I had to lie that he is a wealthy man.

She added:

I gave him Sh100,000 which he used to pay for my dowry but he later on dumped me. I was involved in a horrible accident and after one of my legs was amputated, he said he could not live with me since I was unable to have a baby.

But I am now doing okay emotionally because I was counseled.

Listen to the heart breaking audio below.