Most beautifully dressed female celebrities during the Kalasha awards 2018

This year's Kalasha awards went down last weekend and different female celebrities dressed to impress. Some wore simple but beautiful dresses while others went way further with their creativity.

Here are some of the best dressed female celebrities.

1. Kate Actress

Catherine has never disappointed when it comes to dressing. She has always set the standard high and even this time she wore a green and gold jumpsuit with a cape.

She was dressed by Style by Naomi.

2. Celestine Gachuhi

The actress from Selina left everyone in awe with her beautiful red dress. She did an amazing job.

3. Brenda Wairimu

Brenda who was one of the winners at the Kalasha awards was also among the most beautifully dressed. She wore a grey dress which complimented her even more.

4. Nice Githinji

Actress Nice was also beautifully dressed with a pink dress.

Other ladies dressed in an amazing way.