Is everything okay? Fans worried about Wema Sepetu's sudden weight loss

Clearly, Tanzania is not a place to joke around when it comes to anything PG on social media.

Wema Sepetu has gone through so much in the hands of Tanzanian government. She has been arrested a couple of times over PG videos on social media and a while back she was arrested for possession of drugs.

Over the past few months, life has been hard for her and her fans are now concerned about her. Wema Sepetu has a clothing shop and since she now wants to live a clean life, she is trying to market her line by posing while in some of the clothes.

The picture has created a conversation on social media because of her weight lose weight significantly. Wema has been known to be curvy even from Diamond's and the Wasafi team, in general, have sung about it a couple of times.

Well from the recent pictures thing look thick. Here is Wema Sepetu before :

and after: