Exclusive: Dj Mo addresses rumours that he cheated on Size 8

DJ Mo has come out to address rumours that broke out a few weeks ago that he was cheating on his celebrity wife, Size 8.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni, Size was the first to break the silence regarding the rumors. She said those were just rumors but immediately they surfaced, she went home and sat down with her Dj Mo and the two had a conversation.

Those were rumours but our marriage is not so perfect because we also have misunderstandings,” Said Size 8.

“When I heard the rumours, I went home and we had a conversation as Linet and Muraya. Removing the celebrity titles from our house. And that is how we always solve our issues.”

DJ Mo has also decided to break the ice regarding the hot issue and echoing his wife's words, the award winning media personality said that those were just mere rumors, adding that those behind the rumors should be ashamed of themselves.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion na kama hatujawachana someone should be ashamed." Said Dj Mo.

"Let me tell you something don't believe in rumors, by the way hatuachani! Waandikie hivo." He reiterated. '

Asked about the issue in an earlier TV interview, DJ Mo said Size 8’s reaction caught him by surprise.

“What happened was this one time tumedisagree alafu tumeletana juu. Mimi nimetoka nimeenda town nimeenda shughuli zangu, alafu jioni mimi nakuta nyumba iko sawa, lakini kuna nguo sioni hapo zake. Nguo zake haziko hapo. Sijui kwanini akaishia. Alafu sikujua ameenda wapi akaenda akazima simu,” he said.

“So apparently akaenda akakomboa nyumba somewhere na akaanza kuishi na akalipa two months. Mimi nilimtafuta for almost a week.”

listen to the audio below.