BEST TWEETS: What Would Magufuli Do

John Pombe Magufuli. | image source: AFP

Barely a month in office and John Pombe Magufuli is the most talked about president in the history of the East African office.

Magufuli has earned many admirers in and outside Tanzania with the measures he has put in measure to reduce government expenditure as well as to instill discipline and work ethic in government officials.

His leadership style and motto, Hapa Kazi Tu, has inspired a social media craze about and as a result his name, and #WhatWould MagufuliDo, has been trending for days.

#WhatWouldMagufuliDo pays tribute, with humour, to the cost-cutting measures he has put in place in Tanzania and Twitter uses have been sending tweets about how they save money if they were Magufuli.

The following are some of the best tweets from that trending topic.