NAIVASHA: 13-year-old Boy Found Guilty Of KIlling 11-year-old Girlfriend

The High Court seating in Naivasha has now found a thirteen year old boy charged guilty of murder. The class three pupil was charged with killing his 11-year-old girlfriend a year ago.

The court has further placed the minor on a three-year probation sentence in Kimumu rehabilitation center in Eldoret for counseling.

High Court Judge Christine Meoli, termed the accused as a minor who had come from a difficult background and a dysfunctional family and needed a lot of counseling.

In his defense the minor who was represented by lawyer Francis Mburu said that some forces directed him to stab the minor whom according to him was his girlfriend.

The boy said that while having intercourse with the deceased a tall man with a panga and a shiny knife appeared and issued him with the orders.

He said that the stranger directed him to stab the girl several times before he went to the deceased sister and informed her what he had done.

But in her ruling, the judge trashed the accused defense adding that it did not hold water and that it was unbelievable.

The judge noted that from evidence adduced in court, the girl could have rebuffed the boy from having intercourse with her leading to the fatal attack.

On the accused defense that a mysterious man who was dressed in a dark cap appeared during the incident, the judge termed this as fiction and an invention of the minor.

She added that during the trial, the minor was careful to cover any loophole or crack adding that he too had a fertile but corrupted imagination.

The judge noted that it would be unfair to return the minor back to the harsh background that he had been raised in adding that he needed counseling and education.


Naivasha Court stops prosecution of foreigner accused of sodomy

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The High Court seating in Naivasha has stopped the prosecution of a French hotelier accused of sexually abusing his male worker until the 30th of November.

High Court judge Christine Meoli ordered that current orders barring the prosecution of Jean Francis Louis Raymond Damon stays in force.

The judge made the ruling after a petition was filed by the hotelier who owns Sleeping Warrior Lodge in Soysambu conservancy in Elementaita Gilgil.

Damon has gone to court seeking to stop from been charged with sodomizing a 22 year old Maasai man who was working in his lodge on the 22nd of December 2011.

In the latest case, Damon has applied to the High Court seating in Naivasha seeking to stop the charges as they will infringe on his constitutional rights.

In documents filed in the court, the hotelier notes that if the charges continue his reputation and standing in the society will be highly damaged.

According to the victim, Damon drugged him and after the sexual abuse which was captured on camera threatened to expose the pictures if he failed to behave.

Later, the trader as per the court documents promised to pay him Sh300,000 if he kept mum and the first batch of Sh150,000 was paid at a later date.

This marked the start of pornography business where the victim accompanied the trader to his home in Loresho where he found six girls and four boys aged between 14-17 years.

In his statement, the victim who hails from Oljorai in Kongasis Gilgil constituency tells of an orgy of sex involving him, the hotelier and the teenagers.

All this was filmed by the trader for four days with drugs, liquor and sex been the order of the day before they were each paid Sh25,000.

“I later developed dermatological condition which could not respond to treatment and at first I feared going to hospital due to fear and stigmatization by my community,” he says.

Unable to bare the guilt, the victim who now lives in Kariobangi decide to expose the hotelier and save other young boys and girls from falling prey as per his statement.

Incidentally, the hotelier was in March this year fined Sh40,000 or four months in court for malicious damage and common nuisance for urinating towards two women near his lodge.

In the case, Damon had been accused of damaging the vehicle of one Loise Wambui Thuo by scratching it and driving off along the road leading to his lodge.

During the incident, he abused the two women in the car and during a confrontation he stepped back, unzipped his trouser, urinated facing them before swinging and pointing his manhood towards them.

Joho cleared of fake degree allegations by Mombasa High Court

A case challenging the legitimacy of Mombasa governor Hassan Joho’s degree certificate from Kampala University has been dismissed by a three-judge bench.

High Court judges Martin Muya, Edward Mureithi and Christine Meoli ruled that the petition was premature and therefore must be struck out. The judges further determined that the case should not have been filed in court without allowing other judicial procedures to take course.

The judges however told the applicant for the petition Silas Otuke that he has the option of appealing the ruling and filing a fraud case if he was not satisfied with the verdict.

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