Je, ushawahi jiuliza ni nani huyu “kijana fupi round”?

Ucheshi wa “kijana fupi round” umeteka anga za ucheshi kwa takriban mwezi mmoja sasa.

Tamko hili ambalo limewafanya wakenya kulifurahia katika mitandao ya kijamii lilifanyika wakati na ambapo gavana wa kaunti wa Pokot Magharibi mheshimiwa  John Lonyangapuo alikuwa akihutubia wananchi na kuonekana kupandwa na mori sana.

Gavana huyu alionekana kugadhabishwa na mwanasiasa aliyegombea kiti cha mwakilishi wodi na kupoteza kwa mpinzani wake wa karibu. Katika hotuba hiyo gavana huyu anadai kuwa mwanasiasa huyu alipata kura tatu na kuaibisha chama chake cha KANU.

President Uhuru bursts out laughing with Governor Lonyangapuo about ‘kijana fupi amenona’ joke

Gavana huyu alikuwa anamtupia vijembe mwanasiasa katika kaunti yake anayefahamika kama Dennis Ruto. Mwanasiasa huyu ni katika ya watu wanaopinga uchaguzi wake gavana John.

Ruto alitaka kujua na kuelezwa sababu zinazomfanya naibu wa gavana kaunti hiyo kuwahudumia wananchi akiwa nchi za ng’ambo Marekani badala ya kuwahudumia watu akiwa nchini.

Rais Kenyatta amtembelea na kumfariji Rais Mstaafu Moi kufuatia kifo cha Jonathan Moi

Tamko la gavana huyu linaonekana kutamba kwa kasi sana na kukamata hisia za wengi huku Rais Uhuru Kenyatta akiwa miongoni mwa wakenya wanaofurahishwa sana na jinsi ucheshi huu unavyotokea. Wawili hawa walikutana hapo jana kipindi na ambapo Rais alikuwa ameenda kumfariji aliyekuwa rais wa Kenya mzee Moi kwa kumpoteza mwanawe Jonathan.

Denis Ruto ambaye ameanzisha vuguvugu la kumpinga Lonyangapuo linalokwenda kwa jina Mulmwas katika mahojiano na vyombo vya habari  anadokeza kuwa alihisi vibaya sana aliposikia kwa mara ya kwanza.

Ruto aligombea kiti cha mwakilishi wa wodi ya Lelan katika mkoa wa Pokot Kusini na tikiti ya chama cha KANU  na kupoteza kwa mpinzani  wake Johnson Lokato .

Different people who have visited former President Daniel Moi since last year

Since last year a good number of powerful people in Kenya have been visiting some of the most powerful leaders in Kenya and holding meetings as well. One of the people who is being visited a lot is the former president of the republic of Kenya, Daniel Moi. As always there is speculation as to the purpose of the visits.

1. Mama Ngina

mama ngina

Mother to the president of the republic of Kenya, Mama Ngina was among the first people to visit Moi back in early 2017. Her visit had brought so many questions. However, she said the visit was a mutual friendship kinda visit.

2. Uhuru Kenyatta


The president of the republic of Kenya has been seen visiting Moi a couple of times. They have been old friends and Moi had seen our president grow when he was still a young child.

3. Raila Odinga


The African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development Raila visited the former president after his handshake with Uhuru Kenyatta. It is said they were discussing about “The leaders current state of political affairs in the Nation.”

4. Kalonzo Musyoka


Former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka also paid a courtesy visit to the former president.It is also said that he went to discuss matters about the nation.

5. Hassan Joho


Mombasa governor Hassan Joho is among the politicians who have visited the former president. He desires to work with Baringo senator Gideon Moi. We still wait to see who else will go visit the former president and what is set to happen in future.

GG Was Our Hero, Family Mourns Late Senator In Requiem Mass At St Andrews Church Nairobi

The late Laikipia Senator Godfrey Gitahi Kariuki has been mourned as a seasoned politician and a firm believer of family, education and religion.

During his funeral service at St Andrews Church Nairobi, members of his family said the late Senator was sensitive to the plight of individuals who crossed his path or made his acquaintance.

His son Robert Kariuki said GG as he was famously known, the national patron of the National Taekwondo Association invested in education because he had a difficult upbringing which made him drop out of school.

“After failing to continue his education due to lack of fees he was hired as a pig attendant but fired for agitating but did not give up, my father is the oldest Doctorate candidate to graduate from the University of Nairobi at the age of 78,” he said.

The late politician’s completed his PhD studies at the university’s Institute of Diplomacy & International Studies this year.

He also had a Diploma in National Security from the Centre for Strategic Studies in Galilee, Israel.

 GG, died on Thursday night at the Nairobi hospital aged 78.
The politician served the public under all the four presidents Kenya has said.

He was a minister in the Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Moi regimes and the only MP in Kenya who served in the first Parliament.

The politician was first elected to Parliament in May 1963 and served uninterruptedly for 20 years before losing in the 1983 snap elections.

He will be buried in his Rumuruti home, Laikipia County on Friday.

Some of the government officials who attended the service include Laikipia governor, Youth CS Sicily Kariuki and Jane Kiano, wife to late minister Dr Julius Gikonyo Kiano.

-The Star: William Mwangi

RIP: Veteran Politician GG Kariuki Dies Aged 78

Veteran politician Godfrey Gitahi Kariuki, popularly known as GG, died on Thursday night.

Kariuki, who was Laikipia Senator, died at Nairobi Hospital. He was 78.

Sources at the hospital said he suffered septic shock and did not give more details.

The politician served the public under all the four presidents Kenya has said.

He was minister in the Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Moi regimes and the only MP in Kenya who served in the first Parliament.

The politician was first elected to Parliament in May 1963 and served uninterrupted for 20 years before losing in the 1983 snap elections.

 He also served several terms as Member of Parliament for Laikipia West constituency.

Kariuki will also be remembered for conducting civic education after the launch of the 2010 constitution.

He moved from village to village in the entire county educating the people on its contents.

Last year, Kariuki indicated he would contest for his seat and resign midway but he was trounced during Jubilee party primaries by John Kinyua.

He is the second leader to die in office in Laikipia, after Ephraim wachira who was majority leader in local assembly. Wachira died on December 12, 2015.

Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua died aged 64 at a London hospital on February 24.

-The Star

Former presidents, Moi, Kibaki to attend Kenyatta, Pope State House address

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Pope Francis is expected to inspect a guard of honor when he arrives in the country this evening. Upon his arrival, the Pope will be received by the president, then head to State House where he’ll get a welcoming ceremony and also meet with Kenyan officials and dignitaries. Key issues on his agenda include religious harmony, climate change and the youth.

Former presidents Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Moi are among those invited for the address by President Kenyatta and Pope Francis today.

Statehouse has also invited cabinet secretaries, all senators and MPS, opposition leaders, all governors, judges from the supreme and high courts, chairs of constitutional commissions and religious leaders among others.


Serving God Key To Long Life, Retired President Moi Says On 91st Birthday

Retired President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. | image source:

Retired President Daniel Kapkorios Toroitich Arap Moi said on Wednesday during the celebration of his 91st birthday that the secret to long life is knowing and serving God.

Moi, who ruled the country from 1978 to 2002, was speaking to guests at Kabarak University during a 20-minute function.

“You should serve the Almighty God faithfully in your entire life and God will reward you with giving you a longer life,” Moi said.

“I did not waver in my faith despite great trials. I thank God for giving me life up to date,” he added.

Apart from urging Kenyans to grow spiritually, Moi also called for them to be united to embrace peace.

At the end of the function, Moi planted a tree at the University before heading to his home to spend time with family members.

– The STAR

Matiba Demands KES 12 Billion From State Over Imprisonment & Torture

President Uhuru Kenyatta when he visited former Cabinet Minister Kenneth Matiba at Karen Hospital on Mar 30 2015. | image source:

Veteran politician Kenneth Matiba is demanding Sh12 billion from the government for torture suffered during the Moi regime.

In a petition, Matiba said the amount will cover cost of medical expenses for injuries incurred while imprison, uncertainty and worry suffered by his family as well as repairs to a hotel in Diani.

Matiba is further seeking a declaration from the government stating that his fundamental rights were infringed through torture and inhumane treatment.

The former MP was arrested in May 1990 after he called for multiparty democracy. While in prison, Matiba was refused medication and suffered a stroke, which affected half his body and incapacitated him for some time. Later, a multiparty system was installed and Matiba was released.

He unsuccessfully stood for President in 1992, coming second to Daniel Moi. Since then his health has deteriorated and his vast business empire has suffered.

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Philip Moi Ordered To Pay Ex-wife KES 90 Million

Philip Moi in the dock at Milimani Law Court on April 19 2012. | image source:

Romana Pluda. | image source:

Son of retired President Daniel Torotich arap Moi, Philip Moi, has been granted divorce from his former wife Romana Pluda but he was ordered to pay her KES 90 million as upkeep and housing.

Out of the KES 90 million, KES 30 million is meant to take care of Pluda’s maintenance needs for the next 10 years.

Philip is also required to find Pluda a house in either Runda, Karen, Lavington or Kileleshwa, or pay her another KES 60 million in the next 90 days.

Granting the divorce, High Court Judge Luka Kimaru said that the KES 30 million meant for upkeep should be given within 90 days.

The reason for granting the divorce is cruelty and perjury.

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Raila to vie for presidency in 2017, maintains he only lost in 1997

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Cord leader Raila Odinga has said he will vie for president in 2017 despite being “denied victory” in the last two elections.

Raila said he will run for the top seat in future elections as long as ODM declares him its candidate.

Speaking on a radio show on Wednesday morning, he said his participation will however be subject to discussions with the coalition.

“We will consult as Cord because there are others who have the same interest. If they give me the go-ahead, I will be in the race,” he said.

The opposition leader said the 1997 poll in which he came third was the only one he lost.

He ran under the National Democratic Party banner and was defeated by DP’s Mwai Kibaki, and Kanu’s Daniel Moi who won.

Raila said as president he will complete the stalled projects he started during the grand coalition government.

“Infrastructure was my main agenda. I wanted to enhance equalisation of development in all parts of the country and that is why we fought for devolution. So far, there is still huge disparity in terms of growth,” he said.

This was the first time for Raila to declare remaining interest in the presidency since the 2013 general election.