I have a girlfriend not a wife! Eric Omondi says after losing Man United bet

Eric Omondi cockily dared Joe Muchiri and Sauti Sol with wagers that rested on the result of the Arsenal and Man United match that took place yesterday.

Joe Muchiri
Joe Muchiri

‘While my brother was suffering in the streets people used to hurl insults at me,’ – Eric Omondi

His bet with prominent blogger Joe Muchiri is now getting the most heat.

On his Instagram page, the comedian promised Joe that he would give him his wife and also shave his head bald if Arsenal won.

Eric, you see is a proud Man United fan, while Joe and Sauti Sol are loyal Arsenal supporters.

As most people know now, Arsenal soundly beat Man United and many are now asking for Eric to honour his bet, especially the part concerning him giving out his wife.

Comedian Eric Omondi raised me confesses younger sibling Fred in touching message

Eric Omondi
The comedian with Chantal, his fiancee

Did anyone really think that he would keep this part of the promise?

Eric divulged in a follow-up video that technically he didn’t have a wife but a girlfriend in Chantal.

He hilariously explained:

Majameni ningependa niseme hivi. Tuwache porojo bana. Nilisema jana yakwamba nitapeana bibi lakini kila mtu anajua ya kwamba mimi niko na girlfriend. Sina bibi majameni. Sasa tuwache porojo, tuwache uwongo kusema ya kwamba Eric Omondi apeane bibi. Bibi mimi sina. Niko na fiancee, niko na girlfriend and it is public knowledge.

Eric Omondi apologises After A Video Of Him Swimming At River Turkwel Irks Kenyans

Eric with Chantal
Eric with Chantal

He then went on to address Joe Muchiri telling him to wait until Eric was married.

That is when he could come and speak about people’s wives.

Check out his video response below:

Some of his followers responded saying:

viq_adley: Yani sai Joe Muchiri amekua ule jamaa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

pavibenard: Weeee nyoa baaana kelele miingi achia watu wa arsenal

immacculate254: Haha,Eric, then we need your hair shaved.

dennisdean554: Ulisema uta shave your head.

Eric then posted an image of himself with a shaved dome but to the discerning eye, it looks like the work of photoshop.

Eric Omondi bald
Eric Omondi bald

So will he be a man of his word and not only shave his hair but also wash Sauti Sol’s car?

We will find out soon.

Here are the best paid comedians in Kenya

Comedy as a career has been on the rise in Kenya. More and more people are coming out to try their luck in comedy and the society has been welcoming.

While some are still trying their luck, there are those that are already making it big; living lavish lifestyles, driving good cars all thanks to comedy.

Check out some of the comedians in Kenya who are making it big just by cracking our ribs:

1. Churchill


2. Eric Omondi

He is one of the best comedians in the country and he goes to great lengths to be funny even if it means thinking outside the box.

Eric Omondi is largely popular from his appearance on Churchill show, although he is now doing his own comedy based on doing renditions for songs and everyday life events.

He is clearly not shy to show that he enjoys the best the things life has to offer.


3. Jalango

The comedian whose real name is Felix Oduor, seems to be eating life with a golden spoon.

He came into the limelight after acting in a local program “Papa Shirandula” on citizen TV. His star has shone brighter with each day and he is a jack of all trades as he has many titles to his name.


4. Mc Jessy

The witty down to earth comedian hosts Churchill Raw on NTV. Known by many for his funny dance moves while on stage, this comedian has created a name for himself and thanks to his wit, he is now living large and is among the top earning comedians in Kenya.



5. David The Student

He is the famous Churchill show comedian famed for his Kalenjin accent jokes. Away from comedy, he is a model and an MC.

Thanks to his comic side, he is able to enjoy the best life has to offer. He owns a Subaru and a range rover sport. Pesa Otas!!

He recently came under public attack after being accused by people of conning them using his ‘celebrity’ status as a camouflage.



Top Kenyan female celebrities slaying after losing weight

6. Chipukeezy

He is a witty comedian known for his Kamba accent, where he tells tales from his Kamba relatives when he joined the Churchill show family. His comical nature did not go unnoticed as he is now doing his own shows on you tube.

He now runs a show on Ebru TV alongside being Director of NACADA.



7. Oga Obinna

Obinna is a local comedian largely known for his Nigerian accent. He has been on Churchill Show but is currently running his own show on Ebru Tv. He is among the best comedians in Kenya who are raking it big.



8. Wilbroda

Famously known as Shirandula’s wife, Wilbroda is arguably the only female comedian and actress standing today as the most successful in this industry.

She has been in the show Papa Shirandula for years now, where she plays a crucial role.


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Here are celebs you did not know are actually siblings

There are some little known facts about your favorite celebrity that you may not know, for instance their siblings who are also famous int heir own right.

Below is a list

1. Joey Muthengi and David Muthengi

This two were definitely born for the screens. The brother and sister duo are not only TV presenters, but are also talented artistes with David going by the stage name Holy Dave.

Joey can rap but prefers not to do it professionally and concentrate on other things



2. Victoria Kimani and Bamboo

Victoria who is among the most celebrated female artistes locally and internationally. She is sister to Bamboo who used to entertain us back in the day.

3. Bonnie and Antoneo Soul

The two are brothers  and both are artistes, the only difference is the genre of music they do and the fact that Antoneo Soul is a solo artiste and Bonnie is a member of P-Unit.


4. Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi

The two comedians are brothers and despite the two of them being in the limelight not everyone knows they are related.

5. Dj Kim Nikckdee and Ruffest DJ Moh

You have probably listened to mixes from Nick Dee but what you might not know is that he also has a sibling who is also a DJ himself.

Nick Dee is brother to spin master Ruffest DJ Moh.


6. Madtraxx and DJ Stylez

The two brothers are a force to reckon with, with Dj Stylez having been in the industry for more than 15 years. Madtraxx is a member of Kansoul whose other members are Kora and Mejja.

7. Size 8 and DJ 7

Size 8 reborn is known to many but her sister DJ 8 has managed to keep a low profile and not many know that the two are actually related.


8. Mercy Masika and Chris Masika

Not many people know that the ‘Mwema ‘ hit maker has a brother and one who is following in her foot steps through music.


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‘While my brother was suffering in the streets people used to hurl insults at me,’ – Eric Omondi


Back in June this year, Eric Omondi lost his eldest brother, Joseph Omondi Onyango who died from cocaine addiction.

Comedian Eric Omondi raised me confesses younger sibling Fred in touching message

Eric Omondi who is 10 years younger to the late Joseph Omondi, is the second born having come from a family of three boys and one girl. His siblings include fellow comedian Fred Omondi who is the last born.

Upon his dear brother’s loss, Omondi took to his social media to share the horrifying details about his elder brother.

eric omondi and his brother

He wrote:


He added:



Eric Omondi apologises After A Video Of Him Swimming At River Turkwel Irks Kenyans

Since then, Eric has not been vocal about the sudden loss but opened up about it all on Thursday when he was hosted by Radio Jambo mid-morning host, Massawe Japanni.

Below is an excerpt from the interview.


Massawe: I am sorry you recently lost your brother, how was that about?

Eric Omondi: My brother Joseph Omondi Onyango was addicted to crack cocaine which I think is the fake cocaine in a layman’s language. He was addicted to it for 19-years and literally that is what killed him.

We tried to take him to a rehabilitation centre, I was with Chipukeezy when we found him the night before he passed as we tried to help him reform but the next morning he was gone.

Massawe: On social media we read stuff like you as his famous brother, was not there for him when he really needed you and perhaps if you started taking him to a rehabilitation centre as early as possible, maybe he wouldn’t be where he was.

Omondi: Let me educate Kenyans; Drug addiction is beyond deep and it has to come from the addicted and not from the addicted’s family. My elder brother started using drugs while I was in form one and by the time I was not even aware of what I was doing he was already addicted.

Even when we took him to rehab, it was our decision and not his. Most families that have drug addicted members I understand they are always blamed.

Did you see how my brother looked like before he died? He looked like a street urchin, so can you imagine every time he met someone random with an intent to help him, he identifies himself as Eric Omondi’s brother.

First they confirm whether am his brother then call me to insult me for letting him sleep in the streets while I am having fun with my girlfriend in Dubai. So people do not understand.  

Listen to the entire interview below.

Comedian Eric Omondi raised me confesses younger sibling Fred in touching message

First born children usually have the responsibility of taking care of the rest of their siblings.

That is what comedian Eric Omondi did for his siblings.

His younger brother, also a comedian showered him with praises in a heartfelt message as he celebrated his birthday on Friday.

Fred took to his Instagram page to praise his ‘role model’ for the role he has played in his life since their childhood especially after the two lost their parents, with Eric Omondi holding his hand through life’s hardships.


The celebrated comedian is currently in Zanzibar where he is enjoying his birthday weekend with his gorgeous girlfriend Chantal Grazioli.

Quick Recovery! Larry madowo rushed to the emergency room after freak accident (Photo)

Read Fred Omondi’s heartfelt message below.

To the #birthdayboy Eric Omondi …how i wish the world would know what heart u carry around, being there for ur siblings and assuming the roll of a parent from an early age, uv always been the pillar and the light bearer of the Omondi Family.

I want to thank u for holding my hand and leading me in the right path. Everyday u do something new and crazy and just make ppl love u… Will forever be greatful, even after we became total orphans and had nowhere to ran, u stood by me and even wen u found a home that u were welcomed alone, u never left me behind and took me with u, am ever greatful to have u in my life. May God add u more years and ul always be my role model. #happybirthday.

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Eric Omondi apologises After A Video Of Him Swimming At River Turkwel Irks Kenyans

Popular comedian Eric Omondi has addressed a video that made rounds on social media showing him swimming unclothed with children at river Turkwel Lodwar, Turkana.
Omondi was among the guests invited to celebrate the court verdict that upheld the reelection of Turkana Governor, Josphat Nanok.
The clip landed him into trouble with Kenyans expressing their outrage over the video.
Through his social media, Omondi admitted that he was in the wrong stating that he did not mean to offend anyone.
“I have been a comedian all my life… Many are the times that I have errored. Today was one of those days. I have offended so many. I did not in any way intend to offend anyone. I am deeply sorry for that,” he posted on Instagram.
His apology was well received by Kenyans who urged Eric to learn from his mistakes.
Omondi is still camping in Turkana waiting for ester show.
The High court on Tuesday validated the declaration of Josphat Nanok as the winner of the Turkana governor election in August last year.
Judge Stephen Riechi of Lodwar law court held that the petition filed Petroleum CS John Munyes lacked sufficient evidence to warrant nullification of Nanok’s win.

Hopeless Romantic: This Is The Special Message Eric Omondi Has For His Italian Queen

Eric Omondi and Juliet Chantel Grazioli are with no doubt one of the cutest couple in the showbiz industry. The two love birds have been together for 4 years and got engaged last year.


Earlier today, Eric celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday by jotting down a beautiful message on social media.

It’s been 4 years since God personally sent down an Angel for me…I know He cut off your wings so that I would believe you are human. Your Smile, Kindness and Heart are not of this world. I am forever greatfull to the Heavens for honouring me with one of their own…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE😍😍😍😍.”

Proving the fact that Kenyan men are also romantic, he once bought her a Mercedes E class. Of course this left many girls wishing they had the life she had. Who wouldn’t want to be spoilt with goodies on regular occassions, not necessarily on their birthday. I know I wouldn’t mind.

Her birthday has always been grand and we are looking forward to see how she’ll celebrate this year.

VIDEO: Msanii Eric Omondi Anapeperusha Bendera Ya Kenya Kimataifa – Propesa

Hivi majuzi, msanii Eric Omondi ambaye anajulikana sio Afrika pekee bali duniani kwote kwa utumbuizaji wake amezidi kupokea sifa kutoka nyanja zote, baada ya msanii huyo kuingia katika kumbukumbu alipopata fursa ya kutumbuiza watazamaji katika kipindi maarufu chake Jimmy Fallon, cha ‘The Tonight Show’ msanii maarufu zaidi duniani.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Comedians Propesa Offer Mike Sonko The Perfect Birthday Gift

Hayo yalitendeka wiki iliyopita mjini New York na wakenya kutoka tabaka mbalimbali walimpa kongole bwana Omondi kwani ni ndoto ya kila mmoja kuweza kupiga hatua kimataifa.

Baadhi ya waliompongeza Eric Omondi ambaye kitambo alikuwa msanii katika kipindi cha Churchill Show, ni wasanii wenzake wakiwemo kikundi cha Propesa.

Iko Ndani Ndaani Kabisa: Propesa Reveal Why Kalenjins Are Great In Bed

Kulingana na Propesa, hatua aliyopiga msanii huyo si yake pekee bali alipeperusha bendera ya Kenya kimataifa kwani ilikuwa ni ishara tosha kuwa pia wasanii wa Kenya waweza tawala nyanja mbalimbali ikiwemo sanaa.

“Eriko anawakilisha Kenya humo nje, hajifanyii mwenyewe wala mrembo wake bali ni sisi sote na tunampongeza sanasana. ” Walisema Propesa ambao walifichua kuwa msanii huyo ni mmoja wa wale wamekuwa nguzo kuu katika maisha yao haswa walipokuwa wakianza usanii.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Comedians Propesa Offer Mike Sonko The Perfect Birthday Gift

Tazama kanda ifuatayo.


From Akothee To Avril, Here Are Top Celebrities Who’s Publicity Stunts Have Gone Wrong

The Kenyan music industry has been in some really weird position of late, and when I say the music industry I mean both secular and gospel musicians. Artistes have been throwing petty shade at each other to a point they became irrelevant when all along they were trying to stay relevant. The industry was too salty and many people got tired of their childish ways.

For the past few weeks, some artistes have found themselves in scandals and controversies left right and centre that were too petty to even been considered relevant. But it seems that many celebrities are trying so hard to be recognised having the idea that if they do something totally stupid, the public will recognise them and their names will be on every tabloid. Trust me, your name will be on every tabloid but it doesn’t mean that you’ve achieved anything.

From Akothee, Avril to Michelle Yola, these are the top celebrities who have pulled publicity stunts that backfired on them leaving them looking like toddlers crying for candy.

Size 8 and Willy Paul

1. Willy Paul and Size 8

Where do I even start with these two. Willy Paul  is too complicated for the human race. He started off as a  really cool artiste who’s motive was to spread the word of God at a young age. Many people valued his songs and the message made sense, until fame kicked in and all hell broke loose.

Size 8 on the other hand is a special child. We all remember her when she used to be so energetic on stage, dancing her brains out before she received the Lord as her personal survivor. Her life turned around and her light shone even brighter. We all must agree she is a really good artiste but at the same time she tends to act as if she’s flossing. Calm down honey, the world existed before you were born.

Willy and Size 8 stirred up a storm when they released a song dubbed ‘Tiga Wana’. They song was received both negatively and positively by the public. But many labelled it as more of a club banger than a gospel tune. They got the chance to speak their minds claiming that people are blowing things out of proportion and that instead of throwing shade, they should listen to the message. And let’s not even start with the “Munguree” vibe. Like worathose?

2. Akothee

Madam boss is always making news. Everywhere you go, you’ll hear a thing or two about her. She has made a name for herself in the music industry even beating some artistes who have been in the game for decades. But she is always pulling publicity stunts in every corner we might as well give her an award for that.

She once fooled the entire entertainment industry after she posted photos of her “wedding” making everyone believe that she had actually tied the knot. Earlier on she had announced that she would be getting married soon and it was only fair that many believed that she had finally become a wife, yet again.

She got pregnant and announced that too, but later on lost the pregnancy and many concluded that she wasn’t even pregnant in the first place and that it was all an act to stay relevant. She later on cleared the air about the rumours and indeed she was pregnant.


3. Michelle Yola

This is one chic who’s tried so hard to stay relevant but has always hit the wall. Since she announced that she was dating Prezzo, we never breathed in peace. It felt as if we had to borrow permission to walk on the streets. Prezzo and Michelle have been making news and it’s all for the wrong reasons. The two seem to actually compliment each other; it’s like two peas in a pod. Prezzo went ahead and put a ring on it and the news spread like wild fire. But their relationship has not been a walk in the park as they portray it.

Well, Michelle decided to make a fool of herself thinking she was doing us a favour after posting screenshots on social media with long captions claiming that Prezzo has been cheating on her and she has been communicating with the lady in the picture. She literally poured her heart out trying to get as much sympathy from her followers as she can; then later on claimed that they are back together and it was all for show. The publicity stunt hit the wall so hard that she instead became a laughing stalk. She needs to change her advisors coz they are clearly misleading her.

4. Bahati

Mtoto wa Mama is truly a youngin. He came into the limelight and grabbed everyone’s attention with his songs. He started out great but I think fame just messed around with his head. The first time he pulled a publicity stunt was when his friends started posting photos on social media congratulating him for finally tying the knot. Using your friends to make you relevant is just lame. At least try and fight your own battles.

He recently pulled another stunt after posting a dead long post on facebook and Instagram claiming that the gospel artistes have in terms of music composition including himself and the only song he feels was more of a gospel tune was ‘Barua’. He then went ahead and mentioned Sauti Sol, Nyashinski and Collo saying that he expects them to win an award in the next Groove Awards. His followers were on his case with many claiming that he’s trying to look for sympathy and relevance. In short, he burned himself with his own acid.


5. Eric Omondi

At this point, I don’t think we should label Eric as a comedian anymore. Of late, he has been doing some terrible stuff that ends up irritating many people instead of cracking them up. About a month ago, a video went viral of Eric and his girlfriend arguing at an eatery. Many claimed that their relationship was over and that it was all for show. But later on he revealed that the two are still together and that it was an advert. Talk of cheap publicity. Let’s not even get to the video renditions he’s making with the recent one being Kuliko Jana that caused public outrage. That was absurd.

6. Avril

Avril is a sweetheart and at least some of you can agree to that. When she sings or talks, one feels like someone is tickling you. Her music career is still growing by the day and she’s worked with great African artistes. For months, she made headlines after she broke of her engagement to her then South African fiancé. She claimed that she was going through a lot and wasn’t ready to settle down.

But her publicity stunts are funny and ridiculous. Remember a while back when photos went viral of her in bed with another lady (Melissa Nyawade) wearing grandma panties? I bet you do. Back then she was starting out in her music career and she just had to try and stay relevant and gain public limelight. But that didn’t go so well as she received the wrath of the public.


Recently she posted a photo of herself “heavily pregnant” with the caption, “That awesome moment when you start showing.” I mean c’mon Avril, you should have tried harder. Everyone can see through your cheap stunt. At least try harder next time or look for a different angle.

Trust me the list is endless, but chew on this for the time being and look out for part two.

“Eric Omondi is Kenya’s funniest comedian after Mzee Ojwang'” – Gidi

Radio Jambo presenter Gidi of Kenya’s number one breakfast show, Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi has always done little to hide his preferences, be it in football, food, music as well as artists within and outside Kenyan borders.

A while ago, Gidi and his co-host Ghost, pledged their allegiances to their favourite Tanzanian artists with Ghost going for Diamond Platinumz, while Gidi settled for Tanzania’s hotshot Ali Kiba.

This time round, the unbwogable hit maker has thrown his weight behind celebrated Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi. Gidi has endorsed the “mature” Omondi as the “best Kenyan comedian alive after Mzee Ojwang”.


Gidi took to facebook where he wrote: ERIC OMONDI has come of age….. So mature and Entertaining…… He just need some very n more creative script writers to keep him going….otherwise he’s the best Kenyan comedian alive after Mzee Ojwang.

Watch one of Eric Omondi’s acts below: