Je ni ukweli mume wake Gloria Muliro alikuwa na mpango wa kando?

Ndoa ya Gloria Muliro ilipovunjika alimlaumu mume wake na kusema kuwa aliyekuwa mume wake alikuwa na mpango wa kando.

Muliro alisema kuwa alikuwa na uhakika kuwa mume wake alikuwa na mpango wa kando kwani rafiki zake walikuwa wanamwambia lakini alikuwa anajifanya kutoskia mambo yao.

Ripoti ya Sarah Cohen, Maelezo ya unyama aliyotendewa na Tob

 ‘Nilikuwa najua kuwa alikuwa na mipango ya kando. Rafiki zangu walikuwa wanakuja kuniambia lakini                nilikuwa najifanya sisikii mambo yao.”Gloria Alisema.
Hata hivyo, Kasisi Omba aliyekuwa mume wake Gloria Muliro alisema kuwa Gloria hakuwa na picha, idhibati na hata hakuna msichana yeyote aliyekuwa amefunguka waziwazi na kusema kuwa ana uhusiano wa kimapenzi na yeye.
” Gloria hakuwa na picha, idhibati wala hakuna mwanamke yeyote aliyefunguka na kusema kuwa ana uhusiano wa kimapenzi na mimi, ” Omba
Zaidi ya hayo, Omba alisema kuwa hakuwa na mpango wa kando na hata hakuwa na sababu ya kumdanganya Gloria kimapenzi.
“Alikuwa anasema anachosikia kutoka kwa marafiki wake. Sikuchepuka na nilikuwa mwaminifu. Mbona niwe na jicho la nje? Alisema Omba.

Vilevile, Omba alipoulizwa ni somo lipi alipata alipokuwa kwenye ndoa yake na Gloria alisema kuwa wanawake wanafaa kuwa wanazingatia maisha yao na mume wao na si kusikiliza mambo ya watu kwani jambo hili linaweza kuharibu ndoa.

“Nimemuua. Sasa kujeni mniue,” Mshukiwa awapigia simu polisi

”Alichokuwa nacho Gloria kila mwanamke anacho. Wakati mwingine unafaa kuzingatia mume wako na si                kusikia mambo ya watu wengi kwani tabia hii itaharibu ndoa yako.” Omba

Baada ya ndoa yake Omba na Gloria Muliro kuvunjika, bwana huyu alioa mke mwengine na kwa sasa anaishi maisha mazuri na mke wake.

Gusa hapa usome hadithi za Sedellar Righa

I’m using Kamuti to prevent someone’s hubby from leaving me – Kenyan woman


Like Jim Reeves sang, this world is not my home I’m just a passing through, that is exactly my to go song whenever I hear/witness nasty stuff.

Well I have been humming to that jam the last few days, after one chic called in and confessed to using Kamuti on someone’s husband.

According to the chic named Cate, she has a moneyed ka sponsor who is obviously someone’s husband. She revealed that thanks to her mom’s assistance, she uses kamuti to keep the man hypnotized for their own benefits.

Bustani la Massawe: I have been smashing my boss’ wife for the last 6 years

She says that her mother who is a mganga, helps her get some bizarre stuff which she mixes in the poor man’s food to get him hooked. In return she gets monetary benefits in exchange for sex.

After being with the sponsor for a few years, the man has already bought Cate and her mom a house while his wife and kids live in a rented house.

Read her confession below.

Siku hizi mapenzi lazima uingize kamuti. Mimi nilikuwa na date bwana ya wenyewe lakini mganga aliniambia nimpatie private parts za crocodile.

First mamangu mwenyewe kwanza ni mganga, sasa ananipatia namuekea kwa chakula, ana perform na hakuna mahali ataenda.

Wakati wa kula zile chakula, unajifanya mgonjwa ili yeye mwenyewe ale.

Video of the day: Massawe Japanni’s dancing skills are top notch!

Why didn’t she look for her own husband?

Mwanaume mwenyewe ni mtamu, nimekuwa naye kwa miaka miwili na siwezi mzalia kwani nataka tu pesa. Mapenzi ninayompa ni ya uchawi.

How much does she get from the sponsor?

Per day yule jamaa huniwachia elfu tano bora tu nimuoshe miguu na nimpe kila kitu anataka.

Mimi nimenunuliwa nyumba na bibi yake ndiye anakodisha, mimi mambo ya kukodisha siwezi. Akileta nyokonyoko tutamfukuza na mamangu kwani kila kitu tume register na mamangu kwa jina langu.

Mimi nampa dawa kila siku na ikiisha nguvu narudi, akiruka akili.

Jambo Massawe: Bwanangu alinifukuza na akaoa dadangu (AUDIO)

I love my body, if I lose weight my hubby will leave me! – Millicent Omanga

One thing Kenya boasts is a whole lot of fearless and outspoken women leaders, one of them being Millicent Omanga.

The nominated Senator never shies away from diving into topics that many deem controversial or too hot to step on – look where that has landed her.

Read: Ilikuaje: Millicent Omanga afichua sababu za kukataa kuwa naibu wa Mike Sonko

Omanga, paid presenter, Massawe Japanni, a visit on Wednesday afternoon where she talked about various topics including; Her upbringing, political career and marriage life.

Omanga who unsuccessfully vied for Nairobi county’s women representative seat, is married to one Dr. Francis Nyamiobo and together have two children.

millicent omanga children

At one time, she viciously attacked people who poked fun at her shape claiming that her behind was too big for economy class seats. She also went ahead to state that she is happy and proud of her physique.

Her post read; I am proud of myself and my physique. 

She was asked about the same topic on air and she categorically stated that she is proud of what she inherited from her mother and that she was not looking forward to shed any weight. Why? Her loving husband loves her just the way she is and if she dares lose weight, she might end up losing the love of her life.

Show us what your mama gave you! Millicent Omanga’s dance moves wows Kenyans (VIDEO) 


Oh yes! I love what my mama gave me and I am unapologetic about it. You know they say I need to lose weight or do that, I don’t!

I want to add more because my husband loves it and if I lose then he will leave me and where will I get another one? She said.

Omanga met her husband back in university and the two have been in marriage for more than 10 years. But how does she balance politics and family life?

I thank God that I am lucky enough to have an understanding husband.

He is not in politics but I am his reflection, since all I do out there he is the one who does the panel beating. I am what I am because of him and I have managed to succeed because of him. Added Omanga.


Listen to the audio below.

‘Akipata nimeoga anasema nina mwanaume,’ Kenyan lady reveals she can’t take a shower without hubby’s permission

Early this year probably you heard of a story of one Taiwanese wife who was divorced for showering only once a year!

According to Taipei Times the lady thought she was doing her family a favor by saving water but ended up saving herself for some hot divorce papers, due to poor hygiene.

Fast forward to Kenya, a lady has complained that despite her efforts to be clean and tidy for her man, the husband only wants her to shower whenever he is around.

This, she says is because her insecure husband thinks she loiters around with other men only to clean herself up before he gets home in the evening.

The lady who called Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo’s Bustani la Massawe, shockingly revealed that she is nursing a toddler and she has to keep her hygiene in check, cries which fell into deaf ears.

She went on to reveal that she has never given her husband any reason to doubt her, despite the two being married for less than two years.

Read her narration below.

Ile kitu inanihosha kabisa kabisa na siwezi vumilia, ni eti siwezi oga before mwanaume wangu aingie atasema nilikuwa nimetoka, sijui nilikuwa na nani.

Yeye hufika saa kumi na mbili au saa moja. Saa zingine hubidi naoga na nina mtoto mdogo na na sweat. Akipata nimeoga anasema nina mwanaume na mimi sio faithful na sina hizo tabia.

Sijampa sababu yeyote ya kunishuku kwani tangu anioe tumeishi hivo tu, kunichunguza, kuchukua simu zangu kuangalia nani amenipigia, nikienda kazini alikuwa anakuja kunichungulia kama ninafanya kitu mbaya.

Isitoshe tumekuwa kwa ndoa kwa mwaka mmoja na nusu. Mimi nimechoka.

Listen to her cries in the audio below.

‘I found my husband, his cousin and a lady in the bathroom showering,’ – Annitah Raey narrates

‘Sema na Raey’ host, Annitah Raey was in an abusive marriage at the age of 19.
The presenter and her mother did not see eye to eye, so after she completed Form 4 she opted to get married instead of going back home, Annitah told
“I finished school in November and got married in December to a guy I thought would be the best husband ever. He was 10 years older and, as I was young, I hoped marriage would be a bed of roses.”
Five months later, Annitah came home one evening and found another woman’s shoes at the doorstep.
“I got in the house, met my husband, his cousin and a lady in the bathroom showering. Of course being the woman of that house I decided to ask who the woman was, but he slapped me and that was the turning point in our marriage.
For the first time I decided to call my parents but they did not help me.”
Going back home was not an option so she put up with the man until the abuse grew worse.
“He did not stop cheating, but I told myself the marriage had to work. The longer I waited, the more violent he became.
I received beatings, even with my first pregnancy. The emotional abuse was worse than the physical abuse and I had to leave that marriage. And the worst thing is that I left my son with him.”

My hubby has been smelling my ‘nunu’ for the last 17 years, narrates distressed Nairobi woman


A lady from Nairobi left listeners shocked when she narrated about the kind of embarrassments she has managed to put up with in her marriage for the last 17 years, all in the name of the love for her kids.

Sema Na Raey: Nililala na mother-in-law nilipize kisasi (Audio)

The lady who goes by the name Evelyn, narrated to Radio Jambo’s Annitah Raey, of how her jealous yet uncanny has subjected her to psychological torture by smelling her body on a daily basis, to ensure that she was not out there busy cheating on him while he is out working. This has been his tradition for the last 17 years.

To make matters worse, despite her toiling everyday in efforts to earn a better living for their four children through casual labor, the weirdo has the audacity of bringing in different women to their marital home whenever he pleases. Looks like he he is too nosy to smell the irony.

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I burnt down my girlfriend’s house after she moved in with another lady – Narrates lesbian woman


Nimekuwa kwa ndoa kwa miaka kumi na misaba. Shida ni una mwanaume ambaye nikienda kazi nikirudi kazi yake ni kunusia kwa shamba ajue ni nani ametoka kulima. Amekuwa akinusa kila siku kwa miaka kumi na misaba na tuna watoto wanne lakini kazi ni kuninusa mwili mzima. She said.

Sababu yake ni ananishuku kwani yeye ameajiriwa nami nafanya kazi ya vibarua na kila wakati akijua nina pesa kidogo huanza kuninusanusa. Alikuwa ananipiga kitambo lakini nilipompeleka kwa serikali aliawacha, sasa ni kunusa tu mwili na tabia mbovu mbovu.

She added, Yeye huniletea mwanamke kwa nyumba tunaishi naye siku mbili tatu, anatoka analeta mwingine tena. Navumulia juu ya watoto sasa nitaenda wapi na watoto wanne sahii? Kazi yenyewe haipatikani ni vibarua tu na maisha ya Nairobi ni magumu.

Listen to her confession below.

Nani Ataokoa Jahazi? Meet 28-year-Old Mother Of One Who’s Desperately Looking For A Husband

Photos of a woman dressed in a wedding gown, holding a placard with a message, “I need a husband” have gone viral on social media.

The 28-year-old mother of one who identifies herself as Nyambura, was spotted walking along Tom Mboya street with her 7-year-old daughter with hopes she might land her prince charming.

Need for a husband. Pris Nyabura 28-years. I have a girl child 7 yrs. 0737350766. Read the placard.

Her photos elicited a number of reactions from Kenyans, some who supported her move while some were against her courageous move.

Apollo Wokabi:  Welcome Isaiah 4:1- This one oh God help her…Better this than prostituting.

Imbugwa Atonya Wycliffe: Nyabura looking for plan B.

John Herviy: Have you ever seen such posts in the western region??? Wanaume waluhya wanatambua there duties.
Kedogo Velky Kigwiru: She has a wedding gown already and the daughter has a radio…entertainment sorted.

Will Miss Nyambura land her prince charming?

See the photos below.

jahazi1 jahazi



Sio Kila Mwanamke Aliyeolewa Na Mzungu Ana Mume Wa Kiafrika – Asema Nyota Ndogo

Anapoadhimisha mwaka mmoja katika ndoa, Bi Nyota Noogo amekuja na jipya.

Kama ilivyo kawaida yake mwimbaji huyu wa Watu na Viatu ameweka picha yake na mumewe katika mtandao wa Facebok, bila shaka kumshukuru maulana.

“1year alhamdulilah.tulitrend kwa njia moja ama nyengine but MUNGU ndio anajua tunapo enda.zidi kuiongoza ndoa hii.hakuna ku edit”.

Showbiz writer Manuel Ntoyai (left) and Mombasa-based hip hop artiste Hustla Jay (right) with the newly weds Courtesy The star


Kumbuka kwamba wakati wa harusi yake wengi walikashifu vipodozi vyake lakini mwenye anakwambia la msingi ni kwamba ameolewa.

Katika  mazungumzo yetu naye Nyota anasema, ”ukiona nimeweka picha na mume wangu ni kwa sababu sina la kuficha”.

Anadai kuna wanawake walioolewa na wazungu kama wengi wanavyowaita lakini kichini chini wana waume zao wa kiafrika hivyo kwao ni vigumu kuweka picha za waume zao kwa sababu wanahofia kupatikana.



‘Chukua Shamba, Wazungu Hugeuka,’ Fans Advise Nyota Ndogo After Her Ancestor Promises To Buy Her Land

Mombasa songstress Nyota Ndogo is a shrewd businesswoman. She doesn’t waste her hard earned cash on frivolous expenditures.

She saves and invests.

Unlike her counterparts, Nyota has a home that she built from her own earnings bila loan. The spacious mansion located in Voi, is always featured on her social media posts. You cannot miss it.


Now, she is making other boss moves.

The Watu na Viatu star wants to buy a huge chunk of land, courtesy of her mzungu hubby, Henning Nielsen.

She wrote on social media, “Jamani kuna hii shamba nimekwenda kununuliwa leo wapenzi. nimefika nimeona nimependa heka mbili. ila nimegeuza roho nilipofika maana mimi sio mkulima kisha mda wangu mwingi wausafiri kazi na mziki. sasa sinitaibiwa mimi vyakula baada nipate faida nipate haraka mpaka mtu akuulize nilinunua hasara. Vizuri nijijue tu kua sitakua na mda na shamba.itanipa stress kwakweli.NYIE LEO MUNI ADVICE PLZZ.nimerudi kufikiria tena home.”


A city woman who uses the name Maurine A. Doering advised,

“Usisite kuchukua hiyo shamba nyota, wazungu hubadilika haraka hakikisha umeangalia poa hiyo shamba na ubadilishe jina iwe yako kwa barua ya shamba wazungu ni walewale mkiachana mnagawa malizote kua mjanja.”

Here are more reactions to Nyota’s question…From the suggestion’s it shows Kenyans have very good business minds.

Lucy Wangui: Kubali badae utaona matunda yake. Weka mtu umuaminie akusimamie.

Alfan Mwachewa: Enda ununue rentals instead.

Phoebe Jebet: Nyota pliz kubali ununuliwe shamba.boy wako anahitaji shamba hiyo baadaye.ama unaweza uza ikurudishie pesa mara mob incase ukipata kusumbuka nayo.

Nalonja Safi: If you can borrow a leaf from Akothee, she does it very well…Uzuri Wa shamba bei hupanda kila siku.

James Wananda Tucker: My dear sister, look for one near a town and build a rental estate, it will help you and your children in future plus even your grandchildren,am good in those areas just inbox me for more advices.

Eunice Shady: Nunua then jenga kanyumba hata kama ni ya mabati…at least pple will respect the place.

Tinah Sish: Wanawake mizubao ndo hatutaki huku kwetu. Nini wewe? Shamba wafikiria twice!!!!! heheeee!! Una mchezo Nyota wewe!

Pauline Bianca Nyota: Take the land, have your title, no one knows tomorrow, for now you can temporary sell it to someone for 10 years akuwe akitumia, when the period is over you can take the land or renew the contract.

Unaweza Kweli…Would You Take Back Cheating Partner Who Gave You HIV? (AUDIO)

On Tuesday, one Mr. Patrick shocked Radio Jambo listeners when he called in seeking to be reconciled with his wife of eight years, even after she not only cheated on him, but also infected him with HIV/Aids.

According to Patrick, a carpenter, he got into a relationship with Ruth back in 2009 after which the two settled down together without the 29-year-old mother of one disclosing her HIV status to her husband. He only learnt of her status after he jokingly insisted she get tested since “She wasn’t growing big even if I bought her all the healthy foods I could think of.”

According to Patrick, his wife found out she was HIV positive but he, on the other hand, was negative. The two were dying to have children which they did after getting the thumbs up from their doctor. He unfortunately later got infected.

“After she realized that I was also infected, that is when her attitude towards me changed and she became disrespectful to the extent of cheating on me.” He said.

“I forgave her the first time even after I caught her pants down with her lover, but afterwards, I realized she was acting weird and I came to a conclusion that she was back with the same guy and that’s when things went south after I confronted her. ” said a distraught Patrick insisting that he still wanted to reconcile and get back together with his wife.

PATANISHO: Licha Ya Kumwambukiza Maradhi Ya Ukimwi, Patrick Alimsamehe Mkewe

Ruth confirmed she cheated on him and they solved it all but blamed her husband for relying on hearsay, rather than digging for evidence.

Question is, would you take back a cheating spouse who infected you with HIV?.

We sought some views from members of the public and here’s what they had to say.