Msanii Amani anavyotofautiana na mmewe

Mtindo upo nchini wa wasanii wa nyimbo za kidunia kubadilika ghafla na kuanza kuimba nyimbo za injili na kuokoka.

Wasanii kama Size 8, Kush Tracey, Lady B, ColloWahu ni katika ya wasanii ambao walibadilika na kuimba nyimbo za injili.

Msanii Amani hajaachwa nyuma katika mchakato huu na hii leo alikuwa katika Bustani la Massawe kipindi kinachoruka kupitia masafa ya Redio Jambo akizungumzia kuhusu jinsi anavyoona maisha yake yamebadilika pindi tu alipoanza kuimba nyimbo za kumtukuza mungu.

Soma mengine hapa:

Chifu akabiliwa na mashtaka ya kuiba mbwa wa askofu Nyeri


 Huku akionekana kumficha bwanake katika mahojiano hayo, Amani alidokeza jinsi walivyokutana.

“Tulikutana kabla niokoke. Nilimwambia mimi nataka kuokoka, nikamuuliza wewe utaokoka akasema hayuko ready halafu nikamueleza kuwa itabidi tumebreak up kama hataokoka.”

Amani anasema kuwa anapenda sana kuweka anayoyafanya tofauti na bwanake ambaye huwa hafichi lolote kuhusu uhusiano wao. Msanii huyu amedokeza kuwa alitamani kuolewa na kujaliwa watoto kama marafiki zake. Kutoka aokoke, msanii huyu amefanya vibao kama Upendo, My God  kati ya nyingineo.

Amani ameweza kufanya kazi na Teddy B na Mainswitch katika nyimbo zake mpya.

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Epuka patanisho! Five simple ways on how to save your marriage

Is your marriage on the rocks? Is your wife acting up? Are you suspecting that your hubby is cheating?

So what is going on? These are among the telltale signs that he is entering into the midlife crisis zone, according to a relationship expert.

Matrimonial consultant Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart has revealed the warning signs that indicate your partner could be headed fr the danger zone – and how to deal with them.

It comes after a new poll of 3,000 adults, commissioned by Bupa Health Clinics, found that turning 40 or 50 pushes many of us into ‘crisis’.

It’s a phenomenon that affects some 58 per cent of men in the UK according to a recent study. Here, Sheela reveals her five simple steps for saving your marriage.

‘Biologically, men experience a mid-life biochemical imbalance which manifests as a complex syndrome of emotional, psychological and physical changes and reactions,’ says Sheela.

‘Midlife crises are usually existential and triggered by an awareness of mortality and a re-evaluation of one’s life, perhaps at the onset of hair loss or death of a friend or parent.

‘”Super stressors” eg. feelings of “going nowhere” career-wise or serious job-related pressures and empty nest syndrome are also causes. Some men like Johnny Depp stray, leaving his partner for a younger model.’

1. Be proactive

‘A strong, understanding, nurturing wife and a strong marriage is the tonic for a man in mid-life crisis, so wives will need to step up.

‘Head-burying in the sand and waiting for the worst to happen before acting on it is not an option. A midlife crisis can hit from the late 30’s, often slowly over time, so don’t be blind-sided. Be focused and alert to any indicators of odd or rash behaviour.

‘Triggers include phrases “we’re drifting apart”; “I don’t know what I want”, “it’s not about you, it’s me”, “I feel overwhelmed, trapped and ignored” and “you deserve better than me” – all warning signs of discontent requiring action.’

2. Show him you are listening to him and his needs

‘Men can mentally and emotionally shut off when challenged with heavy emotional discussions. Avoid asking “why are you behaving like this?” or “is there someone else?’.

‘Instead, show him you are listening to his needs. Carefully choose words as hurtful ones are hard to recall. Use loving phrases, ‘I can see you’re struggling, tell me how I can help”. Ask him about one thing he would like to see improved (e.g. more time and space, a re-ignited sex life, getting finances under control), then brainstorm together on how to accomplish it.

‘By actively showing him you are on his side and team-working to make his life happier, you are setting the tone to help deal with his crisis, especially if things improve. Actions often speak louder than words.’

3. Setting clear boundaries

‘It’s easy to feel defeated and destabilised because you have little or no control. But, you can take control of yours and your family’s lives. Take care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically and plan some personal ‘me-time’.

‘Striking the right balance by setting clear boundaries to meet both your needs is essential. He will be happier once he starts noticing changes and results and sees that he needs you and that he is better off team-working with you.’

4. Dealing with adultery

‘Adultery is a common occurrence, often leading to huge marital rifts and blame triggering divorces due to extreme feelings of hurt and betrayal. Midlife crisis is no excuse for bad behaviour but I caution against ‘divorce knee-jerking’ too soon, as affairs are usually symptomatic of neglectful marriages.

‘Take time to fully explore if your marriage is worth saving. Many divorcees I know regret and wish in hindsight that they didn’t try harder to save it. Many couples have successfully weathered the storms with stronger lifetime marriages.

‘If you jointly believe that your marriage matters and it is worth saving, then jointly commit to repair and make positive changes to your relationship. Address and alleviate underlying feelings of neglect and lovelessness. Acknowledging, accepting and forgiving our human mistakes is vital to rebuilding trust.’

5. Be present in your relationship and work on your life goals together

‘The sense of stagnation frequently lies at the heart of midlife crisis as he grapples with his life being a series of missed failed opportunities, aging and the looming threat of mortality. Personal fulfillment rather than family happiness can often be the sole focus.

‘Being married doesn’t give you a crystal ball into reading his mind about his wants and needs, as these often change over time. But focusing your energy on being the best person you can be will helping him to do the same is a must.


‘I’m in love with a 65-year-old grandmother,’ confesses 26-year-old man

Cases of young marrying older women than them enough to be their grandmothers are not alien to us.

Young men have now resorted to marrying old women for money, other out of love and some for reasons known to themselves.

A 26-year-old man has confessed that he’s in love with a 65-year-old grandmother and wants to settle down with her.

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32-year-old Kangema Man Sentenced For 94 years For Raping His Grandmother

The man claims he dreams about the grandmother and every day he wakes up with an erection thinking about her.

“Am in love with my neighbor’s grandma. She’s just 65 years old. I have feelings for her. We usually have deep convos and drink together. Have not made any move yet. But I feel a deep connection with her like we can have something special. Have already started Masturbating just because of her and it’s heavenly.

She has seen my erected cassava more than once and she only smiles. I introduced her to social media so we can keep in touch. Am 26 years old and I really want to be with her but society will judge me. A lady can marry a man of 70 years but me as a man I can’t do as I please. I love this woman. My only issue is children because I want my own. Am going to make my first move this weekend. I hope it goes well. I always wake up with an erection thinking about her,” he wrote.

What do you think about this relationship? Would you allow your son to marry someone old enough to be his grandmother?

SHOCKING! Annita Raey Reveals She Was Married At 17 To A Drunkard And A Wife Batterer (VIDEO)

Annita Raey is obviously one of the coolest, fun, bold and bubbly presenters the nation has ever produced. These character traits are always felt and loved everyday from 10am to 3pm on her ‘Sema Na Raey’ midmorning show on Radio Jambo.

But what many do not know is the talented presenter who tackles issues surrounding, sex, love and relationships, was once married at a tender age to a drunk and abusive husband..ten years older than her!

Shocked? Well not till you get to hear her narrate her emotional story which she has kept under wraps for years despite her fans questioning her marital status.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Jambo, Annita revealed that she decided to speak out on her past failed marriage so as to encourage millions of women out there who are currently undergoing what she went through ten years ago, as an innocent girl.

Below is a transcript of our interview as well as an exclusive video of her.

So people have been asking a lot about ‘Anita why are you not getting married and ikaleta a bit of an issue and when am on air most people tell me that I do not have experience I don’t have the experience.

I am 27 let us start there. And people expected at 27 you are looking for a husband and want to get married.. But I have an ex-husband. I was married at 17 years, everybody looks at me like kwani ulianza maisha ukiwa na miaka ngapi.

I got out of high school straight into a marriage to someone 10-years older than me.

And it was not a good situation because I was at loggerheads with my parents so I could not go back home then. And for me that was refuge; I am 17, I know how to chill there’s no way you could convince me that I was not in love.

So the marriage was good for six months and he started being violent.

He beat me up so much it landed me in hospital a million times.” She said pointing at one of the marks she got from her then violent husband.

One year down the line I got pregnant at 18 years and I had my baby at 19 and don’t forget I was still being battered and he was still a drunk. I had my son and I thought he was going to change wapi!

Watche the interview below.