Pregnant women who use majijuana for morning sickness affect baby’s brain

Using marijuana during pregnancy to treat morning sickness could damage an unborn baby’s brain, a new study says.

Research conducted on rats found that expecting mothers who used cannabis affected the section of the brain involved in memory and learning.

The rate of pregnant women using pot for severe nausea and vomiting has increased by 11.3 percent over the last decade and by more than 62 percent for general overall use.

Previous studies have shown that children born to women who used marijuana during pregnancy are more likely to develop cognitive and behavioral problems.

The team, from Auburn University in Alabama, says its findings confirm pot’s harmful effects on developing brains and advise that there are no safe levels when it comes to expectant mothers.

‘Marijuana is becoming one of the most consumed drugs in pregnancy, but we know from past studies that it has harmful effects on developing brains,’ co-author Priyanka Das Pinky, a graduate student at Auburn University, told

For the new study, the team wanted to examine the effects cannabis use could have on a fetus’s hippocampus, which is responsible for processing memory and emotional responses.

They raised pregnant female rats and exposed one group to a synthetic chemical that acts similarly to marijuana.

The dose was equivalent to a pregnant human mother using moderate to heavy amounts of cannabis.

When the baby rats were born, the researchers examined their brains and found that the nerve connections in the ‘brain’s memory bank’ were reduced in rats exposed to synthetic pot in the womb compared to those that weren’t exposed.

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Researchers found that this was due to a reduction in a protein known as Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule (NCAM), which helps maintain neural connections and strength.

‘When we examined what was causing this, we found this molecule in brain was not maintaining proper connection in neurons,’ Pinky said. ‘There has not been much data on this molecule before, so that was exciting to see.’

The results suggest that increasing NCAM may reduce the effects of pot, but the authors say further studies are needed.

‘Right now, we’re looking for compounds that increase [production of] this molecule,’ Pinky said.

‘However, we’ve only done research in animal models and there’s always a translational gap between animal models and human models.’

Pinky says that there are many things to consider when it comes to a pregnant woman’s marijuana use including during which trimester she uses it and whether she smokes or vapes it.

‘The first trimester may not have as many effects, and it’s been pre-established that the severity is worse when marijuana is smoked [compared to vaped],’ said Pinky.

‘The effect might vary, but how it might vary and if there is a possible safe use of marijuana during pregnancy is too early to say.’

She added that as many states legalize recreational marijuana, many women might believe that cannabis is safe to use, but she says this is a dangerous mindset.’

‘The research is preliminary, but we will stress that marijuana is bad to use during pregnancy and we don’t encourage women to take it,’ Pinky said.

Research will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics between April 6 and April 9 in Orlando, Florida.

-Daily Mail

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‘Nilivuta bangi nikamtandika bwanangu,’ Kenyan woman confesses

In recent times, news about husband battery have been on the rise especially in this side of Sub Sahara.

As much as many used to link wife battery to drugs and alcohol abuse, the very same factors can be linked to women who assault their lovers.

Reason why I have arrived to this is after a lady confessed to battering her husband after smoking marijuana, which she claims helped her gather courage.

Bustani la Massawe: I have been smashing my boss’ wife for the last 6 years

Sheila said that she was fed up by her husband’s extra marital affairs which almost plunged her into depression, and for that she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She claims that one day she decided to smoke marijuana and waited for her hubby’s arrival before pouncing on him, and beating him up with a belt.

However, the beating never made their union better and the two fell out eventually. She also ditched the smoking habits for the sake of her kids.

Read her narration below.

Ilikuaje: Nilibaka wanawake wengi bila kutumia kinga – Chock Dee

Mimi nilivuta bangi kwa miaka mitatu kwa sababu ya stress ya mwanaume. Alinipea stress kwani watoto walikuwa wananisumbua na mwanaume alikuwa ana hanya hanya kwa wanawake wote.

Nilikuwa navuta ndio nimtwange kweli. Kuna siku nilifika kama nimechangamka kabisa na hiyo bangi na nilitoa mshipi na nikamzaba viboko kweli kweli.

Nilikuja nikawacha bangi kwani niligundua naumiza watoto wangu kwa ajili ilikuwa inanipeleka vibaya na nikaona najiumiza tu.

Mwanaume tuliwachana kitambo hata sina haja na yeye.

Men who have smoked marijuana are more fertile than those who don’t – Study

In the last few months, Kenyans have been bombarded with reports and even findings of the benefits of marijuana.

If that was not enough, Kibra MP Ken Okoth joined the fray of those calling for the legalization of the plant due to it’s medicinal benefits, a call that drew all sorts of reactions.

Countries that have legalized Marijuana around the world

Well are you ready for the new findings by Havard University?

A history of smoking cannabis – even just once – has unexpectedly been linked to greater fertility in men, even if they don’t still use the drug.

The result came as a surprise to Harvard University scientists measuring the sperm counts of more than 600 men from couples attending a fertility clinic.

They expected cannabis to have a detrimental effect on sperm count and fertility. Instead, those participants who admitted ever taking the drug turned out to have higher sperm counts than non-users.

The finding does not necessarily mean that smoking cannabis increases the chances of fatherhood, the study authors and other experts were quick to point out.

They suggest that the association may not show any cause-and effect relationship, but rather reflect the influence of the male hormone, testosterone, on both sperm count and risk-taking behavior, such as smoking cannabis.

Gwada Ogot Presents His Petition To Have Marijuana Legalized In Kenya

Lead researcher Dr Jorge Chavarro, from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston, said: ‘These unexpected findings highlight how little we know about the reproductive health effects of marijuana, and in fact of the health effects of marijuana in general.

‘Our results need to be interpreted with caution and they highlight the need to further study the health effects of marijuana use.’

Previous research involving animal experiments or men with histories of drug abuse has suggested that cannabis impairs male reproductive health.

For the new study, investigators collected 1,143 semen samples from 662 men between 2000 and 2017.

On average, the men were 36 years old, mostly white and college educated. All of them belonged to couples seeking help with conception from a fertility clinic. Participants were asked to fill in questionnaires detailing their history of cannabis use.

More than half (55 percent) of the men reported having smoked cannabis at some point.

Of those, 44 percent said they had taken the drug in the past, and 11 percent classified themselves as current users.


Countries that have legalized Marijuana around the world

Marijuana commonly known as ‘weed’ is a drug that is highly used all over around the world. Even though in some places it is illegal, some countries have taken a step to actually legalize it.

It is used for recreational by some for the purpose of getting ‘high’or ‘stoned’ while in the medicinal world it is used as a pain reliever and also to help enhance appetite.

The countries that have legalized it include;

1.South Africa 

The highest court in South Africa legalized weed for private use and also legalized the growing of the plant itself for private consumption. This was a day of great celebration for many weed users who took to the streets to applaud the court for the ruling.


2. Zimbabwe

This is another African country that has legalized its growth so that it is used for medicinal and research purposes in the country. This has made other African governments want to do the same because its a natural resource worth tapping which could bring great amount of income.

3. Jamaica

Weed was decriminalized in Jamaica back in 2015. You can use large quantities of it without fear of victimization or arrest by law enforcers. Dealers sell it in broad day light freely making weed one of the most used drugs in Jamaica.


4. Croatia

Marijuana in Croatia was legalised for mostly medical purposes. It was kept in the category of minor drugs which meant that when found in its possession you wouldn’t be forced to pay a huge fine or get a jail term, then ended up being legalized for medicinal value.

5. Canada

It was a time of celebration in Canada when the parliament passed a law that legalized the growth, sale, and consumption of Marijuana. Many Canadians took to the streets to celebrate as they wouldn’t have to hide to ‘smoke a joint’ a word normally used by weed smokers.


Siaya Man Petitions Senate To Legalize Marijuana

6. Uruguay

It became the first country to be able to sell Marijuana over the counter.

It became an eye opener for many governments worldwide since in the past those found with Marijuana were treated the same way as Pablo Escobar some lady narrated as she was found with weed.


It was a sigh of relief to many since they didn’t have to hide anymore.


7. Netherlands

Cannabis was first criminalized in Netherlands however, it was decriminalized if its use was in coffee shops and if one had up to 5 grams. Meaning it was legalized and could be sold and used in certain shops in Netherlands which were mostly coffee shops.






Middle-aged widow arrested with bhang worth Sh1Million in Homabay

A middle-aged widow in Homa Bay has been arrested with 93 bales of bhang with street value of Sh1milion.

The woman was nabbed with the drugs at her home in Dudi village, Rachuonyo East Sub County on Sunday after police conducted a raided.

Police said they arrested the woman after they got a tip off from a member of the public.

“The bales of marijuana were packed in different sizes of sacks,” Homa Bay county police commander Marius Tum said.

The police boss said they interrogated the woman and she revealed names of the drug dealers

“She denied being in possession of the drugs saying they were kept in her house,” he said.

Tum said they will arraign the suspect in court. This comes only three days after some contraband alcohol valued at

Sh2million were destroyed in Mbita following the ongoing nationwide operation against illicit brews and drugs.

The operations are done by officials from the NACADA, KRA, Public health, KEBS and security officers.

On Thursday, Homa Bay commissioner Irungu Macharia said the alcohol was seized in Remba, Mfangano and Ringiti Islands.

“The team conducted the raid got 168 crates of assorted beer, 3100 sachets of alcohol, 85 rolls of bhang and several bottles of
unlicensed drinking water,” Macharia said.

He expressed concerns over the increased smuggling of contraband products from Uganda. “The proximity of the Islands to Uganda makes it easy for dealers to cross into Homa  Bay with smuggled goods. We’ve laid traps to ensure they are arrested,” he added.

The NACADA official Shelmith Ndung’u said the raid is still ongoing and they are charging suspects in court. Ndung’u said trade in illicit brews is rampant in a number of beaches in Lake Victoria.

“The beaches are where boats from Uganda docks. We’ve intensified the search on the water vessels to eliminate the vice of illicit alcohol,”Ndung’u said.
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Courtesy Robert Omollo/The Star

Zimbabwe to issue marijuana licences to farmers in legal notice

Zimbabweans can now apply for licences to grow marijuana for medical and research purposes, the government has said in a legal notice, making the southern African nation the second country in Africa to legalise cultivation of the plant.

Lesotho last year announced the continent’s first licence to grow cannabis legally.


Until now, it has been illegal to grow, possess or use cannabis in Zimbabwe, with offenders facing up to 12 years in jail.

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Health Minister David Parirenyatwa published new regulations, seen by Reuters on Saturday, allowing individuals and companies to be licenced to cultivate marijuana, known locally as mbanje.

The five-year renewable licences will allow growers to possess, transport and sell fresh and dried cannabis as well as cannabis oil.

Applications should include plans of the growing site, quantity to be produced and sold and the production period.

A licence can be refused when information has been received from a “peace officer, a competent authority or the United Nations” that an applicant was involved in the diversion of a controlled substance or precursor to an illicit market or use”, the regulations said.

“The Minister may not oblige if the issuance, renewal or amendment of the licence is likely to create a risk to public health, safety or security.”

Source: The Star

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Combining Marijuana and Tobacco Won’t Make You Feel ‘Higher’ – Study

The myth that smoking marijuana with tobacco will make users more stoned has been debunked by scientists.

Cannabis users across the world have long believed that sprinkling a handful of tobacco in with the herb improves the high.

But in the first study of its kind, researchers delving into how both substances interacted when inhaled together found no such effects.

However, they did note that mixing the two together may help to lessen the memory impairment caused by smoking cannabis.

The new University College London research suggested this could be because nicotine has previously been proven to sharpen the mind.

As legalisation of cannabis becomes prevalent, researchers said it is essential that any changes in its policy consider the interrelationship between tobacco and marijuana.

Researchers at University College London have debunked the myth that smoking marijuana with tobacco will make users more high
Researchers at University College London have debunked the myth that smoking marijuana with tobacco will make users more high

Researchers also found that smoking cannabis and tobacco together can temporarily increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Experts said the findings are worrying, considering the long-term health dangers that are already known about smoking tobacco-related products, including heart disease and various forms of cancer.

Lead author Chandni Hindocha, of the university’s clinical psychopharmacology department, said: ‘There’s a persistent myth that adding tobacco to cannabis will make you more stoned, but we found that actually, it does nothing to improve the subjective experience.

‘Surprisingly little research has been done on how tobacco might alter the effects of cannabis.

‘As cannabis gets legalised in more countries, it is essential that any changes in cannabis policy consider their interrelationship.’

Professor Val Curran, who was also involved in the research, added: ‘There is a clear public health implication here, suggesting that smoking tobacco with cannabis does not improve the stoned feeling but is still worse for physical health.’

Gwada Ogot Presents His Petition To Have Marijuana Legalized In Kenya

Early this morning, a Kenyan resident from Siaya county presented a petition before the Senate’s Health committee chaired by Migori Senator Wilfred Machage. Claiming that the cannabis plant has multiple documented benefits, Gwada Ogot urged the Senate Health committee to legalize weed because it will be of great social and economic gains. “Cannabis sativa indica is used for medicinal and leisure purposes. Cannabis sativa alone can be used for industrial purposes. It can be used as fiber and some of the biggest producers include France and China,” Ogot stated while presenting his petition.

Siaya Man Petitions Senate To Legalize Marijuana

While it has been scientifically proven that a patient suffering from fatigue or depression may use a sativa during the day, and another treating pain and insomnia will likely choose an indica strain at nighttime to treat their illnesses, the Kenyan government has been hesitant to legalize marijuana. However Ogot presented his case and pointed out the fact over the last 3 to 4 years, there has been a global effort to legalize weed  in countries all over the world.

I did my research and found that when marijuana was first legalized in the united states in 1913, it was purely for commercial gain. However today, there have been scientifically proven added advantages to the consumption of weed as it is also a natural herbal medicine,” Ogot stated. He further went ahead and mentioned all the countries that had during the last 3 to 4 years legalized weed. “Countries like Colombia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Holland, Australia among others have legalized weed. We need to ask ourselves why now? Why the sudden global effort to legalize marijuana?” Ogot challenged the Health committee.

Everything in life has a reason and a season,” Ogot stated during his presentation. There is no doubt that the legalization of marijuana could possibly elevate the social and economic growth of Kenya as a whole.

Efficient And Effective Ways Of Consuming The Cannabis Drug (Weed)

This morning Gwada Ogot, a resident of Siaya county is expected to present his cannabis case before the Senate’s Health committee chaired by Migori Senator Wilfred Machage. He filed a petition for the legalization of the cannabis drug better known as weed or marijuana in Kenya. Ogot claims the plant has multiple documented benefits and if legalized, “it will be of great social and economic gains.”

In the event that the petition filed by Gwada Ogot is adopted, it will no longer be a crime to plant or sell weed. Here are the 3 most common efficient and effective methods of consuming the cannabis drug (weed) that will get you high.

1. Inhalation Method.
This is the most commonly used method of consuming weed. It can be done using the simple combustion method like joints and pipes, combustion and water method like with bongs and bubblers and finally the vaporization method. Simple combustion is the least healthy way to consume weed because of all the smoke. On the other hand, The vaporization method is the most healthy method under the inhaling category of consuming weed because of the huge reduction in the amount of smoke produced. An added advantage to vaporization method is that the people next to you will not smell the weed when you smoke using the vaporizer.

There are other consumption methods that are designed specifically for medical purposes such as skin applications. Cannabis cream works really well as an anti-inflammatory however it will not get you high.

Psoriasis treated by weed


2. Oral Method.
On the other hand, the cannabis tincture also known as the green or golden dragon (liquid extract) is a medical application that will actually get you high. It also comes in form of THC mouth sprays. Both cannabis tinctures and mouth sprays are medical grade, ultra healthy ingestion methods that have zero amount of smoke. Both methods are quick as the high kicks in really fast. It is one of the safest ways to consume weed.

3. Ingestion Method.
Finally we have the actual ingestion edibles. This is the healthiest ingestion method of them all. However because the stomach is involved, the high takes quite a long time to kick in and when it actually does kick in the high lasts for a long while (couple of hours). So if you are trying to get high really fast, this might not be the most suitable method to use. Weed edibles include chocolate and baked treats like cake, cookies and biscuits. The weed drinks are discreet and smell-free, their high kicks in really fast compared to the solid weed edibles and the effects last in a more reasonable time frame than the solid weed edibles.


Siaya Man Petitions Senate To Legalize Marijuana

A Kenyan has petitioned the Senate in push for marijuana, popularly known as bhang, to be legalised in the country.

The Star reports that, Gwada Ogot, from Siaya County, argues in part that the plant – scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa – has multiple documented benefits.

He says the medicinal and industrial uses of the plant, upon its legalisation, will be of ‘great social and economic gains’.

Section 3 (2) (a) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Control Act lists cannabis as a banned substance.

The law states that possession or personal use of the drug is criminal.

And Ogot wants marijuana expunged from the list and a new law legislated to establish a regulatory body to govern its use.

The petitioner further recommends that all the people serving jail sentences either for possession, cultivation, transportation, sale or use of the plant be granted amnesty.

In supporting his proposals, Ogot argues that as at December last year, several US states and at least 25 countries had decriminalised the use of cannabis.

He further points out that: “The crime and controversy around marijuana emanate from its prohibition and not from the plant itself, its uses or users,”

A compound in marijuana known as cannabidiol (CBD) has been found by scientists as fit for treatment of schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a long-term mental disorder involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion and behavior.

Patients who suffer from the ailment exhibit faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings.

Such persons are also withdrawn from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

Clinical trials in both animals and humans have found CBD as having antipsychotic effects due to its anxiety-reducing effects.

-The Star