Ni kama ndrama: Widow sits in husband’s grave to halt his burial in Nakuru

There was drama at the burial of murder victim in Nakuru after his wife sat in the grave in protest against the police for releasing a suspect prematurely.

Edward Mwangi’s wife and his two cousins sat in his grave for over two hours demanding that their kin’s body is taken back to the mortuary.

Saying they were ready to be buried with their kin, the three held the church conducting the ceremony at ransom as other mourners watched helplessly.

Mwangi’s father Daniel Mwea also watched in shock as his own children defied and accused him of siding with those who murdered his son.

The 33-year-old was murdered on December 3. His body was found dumped on a farm next to his suspected killer’s home.

“Why was the suspect released hours after he was arrested? It is very painful. There’s no burial which is going to take place here,” Mary Wangare, the widow, said.

“We cannot allow the killers to walk free as we reel in pain,” she said. Attempts by Dundori MCA Michael Chege to calm them were futile.

At about 3pm, Mwangi’s father lost his temperament and ordered his son to be buried. Four men went inside the grave and forced the three ‘protesters’ out.

After shouts and exchange of fists, calm returned and the body of the deceased was quickly lowered. No prayers were conducted.

-The Star

Who is your Governor? Here are some of the cleanest towns in Kenya

Even though many towns in Kenya are doing their best to fight the menace of garbage, some cities and towns have done a great job in this fight.

Here are some of the towns in Kenya that are really clean.

1. Kisumu


It is the Kenyan inland port city and is the capital of Kisumu county, Kenya. It has a estimated population of upto 500,000 people and is so far the cleanest.

2. Nakuru


It is the fourth largest city in Kenya and is also the capital of Nakuru county.

It is the second most cleanest town in Kenya and has a great variety of tourist attraction sites.

3. Kericho


it is the biggest town in Kericho county and home of some of the largest tea plantations due to its favourable climate.

The town is strategically located along Kenya’s western tourism circuit with access to Lake Victoria, the Maasai Mara National Reserve and Ruma National Park.

It is the 3rd cleanest town in Kenya.

4. Naivasha


Three Day Fishing Ban Lifted In Lake Naivasha After A Massive Clean Up Exercise

It is a popular tourist destination and is an agricultural town as well that practices floriculture.

It is a great tourist attraction site with places like Hells gate National Park, and Longonot National park.

it is the 4th cleanest town in Kenya.

5. Eldoret


It is the fifth largest town in Kenya and is the capital of Uasin Gishu county.It is the fastest growing town in Kenya .

It is the 5th cleanest in the country.

6. Machakos


It is the capital of Machakos and is 63 km southeast of Nairobi. It has a rapidly growing population and is surrounded by hilly terrain, with a high number of family farms.

It is ranked 6th cleanest in Kenya.

7. Kiambu


It is located within the Nairobi Metropolitan Region.The town is surrounded by hilly Kikuyu farmland although is under urbanisation as Nairobi is growing fast and more people settle in neighbouring towns. Kiambu is seen as a future anchor to the capital city Nairobi which is undergoing rapid development with limited space for growth.

It is the 7th  cleanest.


‘I always have sex with cows, I fear girls might infect me with HIV,’ confesses Nakuru man

A man escaped lynching in Bahati, Nakuru on Wednesday after a mob accosted him for bestiality.

John Mwaura, 29, was reportedly caught pants down after he sneaked in the compound to engage in the unnatural act with a neighbour’s cow.

On being pressed by the locals, Mwaura confessed to having committed the act saying this was the fifth cow he had accosted sexually.

“It is not my first time. I have had sex with four other cows in Ndunduri and Wanyororo. I am pleading for mercy,” he said.

The owner, who had gone to the farm to harvest her crops, came back and found the man zipping up his pair of trousers.

The woman descended on him with blows, stones, and sticks, leaving him with critical injuries.

“Don’t kill me…let me surrender my piece of land to pay for the cow,” Mwaura said.

“I always have sex with the cow whenever I feel like because I fear girls might infect me with HIV.”

The man further said he is not married adding that he was overwhelmed by the urge to have sex.

The angry villagers demanded that he compensates the woman with another cow saying it was a taboo for the defiled animal to remain in the compound.

Albina Grace, a neighbour, derided men who engage in such acts saying they should know that the Bible condemns bestiality.

Jeremiah Mbuthia, a pastor, said such behaviour is a medical condition. “A normal person would fight for his wife not for a cow as Mwaura did.”

Mwaura was whisked to Wanyororo police station where he is expected to be questioned before he is charged.


‘I Have Been Selling Cat Meat Samosas For 8 Years,’ Confesses Nakuru Man

For the last eight year, James Mukangi has been making a living from selling cat meat samosas to unsuspecting Nakuru residents.

Mukangi says he has made over Sh 500,000 through his business.

“I have ready clients who I have been selling the cat meat to for close to eight years,” the 34-year-old man confessed when he was busted skinning a cat to make Samosa.

Mukangi was caught red-handed in an open field along the railway lines outside Nakuru town.

Out of fear of being lynched, he admitted that he has always been preparing his samosas with cat meat.

“There’s always a high demand of the cat meat but I have always failed to meet it due to lack of cats in my area. For the close to eight years, I have skinned over 1100 cats. It was hard when I started the business but my clientele has grown,” Mukangu said.

When he was cornered on Sunday, he had already cut off the neck of a car and was in the process of removing the skin.

Police officers from the nearby Ukulima Police post rescued him and he will be arraigned today.

According to Dr Githui Kaba, a county veterinary officer, eating cat meat is unsafe and illegal as the meat is also not inspected.

The incident shocked residents who took to social media to express their anger.

They said it was unfair for unscrupulous traders to use cat meat to make samosas.

Mary Yatich said…”Jeez! To make samosas? Traders can be very unfair and uncaring “.

Peter Mogaka posted..” he is supposed to be made to eat that meat before even being arraigned in court. What uncouth way of making quick money?

Another one Kamau Gathengi wrote… “its a crazy world full of crazy people. How can someone think of skinning the innocent thing? How on earth? I hope I haven’t taken any of those samosas made of skinned cats”

-Rita Damary

Two mourners die in an accident along Nairobi-Nakuru highway

Two mourners have died along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway after a motorcycle they were riding on was involved in a grisly road accident.

The two who are also brothers died after Nissan matatu hit them near Karai trading center in Naivasha while on their way from a burial.

During the Thursday morning accident, two passengers in the matatu including a woman were injured and treated at the hospital for minor injuries.

The accident occurred after the duo joined the highway from a feeder road and were hit by the matatu that was heading to Naivasha from Nairobi.

According to a witness James Kabono, the two had just attended a burial of a relative and were on their way home when the accident occurred.

Kabono said that the matatu that was going downhill was in high speed adding that on impact the two were thrown meters away and suffered serious head injuries.

“Members of the public rushed them to the sub-county hospital but unfortunately they died while undergoing treatment,” he said.

Kabono expressed his concern over an increase in the number of accidents involving motorcycle operators along the highway.

“Since the year began we have lost over ten motorcycle operators and their pillion passengers due to accidents along this highway,” he said.

Early in the month, three teenagers said to be drunk and riding on a motorcycle were hit and killed by a Nissan matatu near Kayole estate along the same highway.

Meanwhile the department traffic police in Naivasha is calling on operators whose motorcycles have been involved in accidents to come and collect them before they are auctioned.

This came as details emerged that there were over 100 motorcycles that had been abandoned in the police station after they were involved in accidents.

In some cases, the operators mainly youths fled during crackdowns due to lack of license or insurance stickers for the motorcycles.

A junior officer who declined to be named said that the process of disposing the motorcycles through public auction had started.

The officer noted that some of the wrecks were towed to the police station four years ago and the owners had failed to collect them.

“We are asking any operators whose motorcycle is been detained in this police station to come over and collect them before they are auctioned,” said the officer.

-Anthony Gitonga

Maringo ya pesa mbili muache! Nakuru MCAs refuse to sit on plastic seats

Nakuru MCA caused drama after they refused to seat on plastic seats protesting the delays of their chambers renovations.

The legislators have been using a multi-purpose hall as they awaited for the completion of renovations in their chambers that had been delayed since they were sworn in into office

“We have suffered for long. We do not understand why there are other construction works taking place within the assembly precincts while renovation of the chamber that started a year ago, has stalled,” Hon. George Kiere ,MCA Kihingo ward complained.

The elected Members of County Assembly said they cannot efficiently perform their duties on plastic chairs. They need to be comfortable as they work for their electorates.

“The relationship between the Office of the Clerk and MCAs has been frosty. The house liaison committee has failed to issue an explanation,” explained the Leader of Minority Peter Palang’a. He also added that the renovations had taken more that a year without any explanations about the delays.

MCA, Keringet Ward said, it was embarrassing for leader of the wards and visitors to conduct their meetings sitting on plastic chairs.

I’m worried that leaders are complaining about getting comfortable seats while there are bigger issues to worry about in our country.

Earlier they had vowed not to attend the meeting until they were talked to by assembly leaders and decided to converge and carry on with the meeting but while standing.

This is ridiculous especially coming from leaders.



PATANISHO: Mume Wangu Ni Mhanyaji Kupindukia

Bwana Munene alituma ujumbe akiomba apatanishwe na mkewe bi Wanjiru akidai wawili hao walikosana “Kwa ajili ya kufuata maneno ya watu.”

“Mke wangu tulikosana naye mwezi wa saba kwa sababu huwa haniamini hata nikimuambia ukweli husema nadanganya. Wakati hatukuwa tumepatana nilikuwa na rafiki mwanadada kwani nilikuwa nimekomboa nyumba kwao mjini Nakuru.

Sasa nilipofika Nakuru nikapatana na Wanjiru na tukafunga ndoa bila kumjulisha yule mwanadada wa Molo.

Siku moja yule mwadada akapiga simu na mke wangu alipojibu yule mwanadada wa Nakuru alijitambulisha kama bibi ya Bonnie, na kila ninapomweleza mke wangu ukweli bado haniamini.” Alijieleza bwana Munene.

Alipopigiwa simu bi Wanjiru aliwashtua wengi alipodai kuwa sahii hana bwana na kuwa ameamua kuishi pekee yake.

“Unajua siku hizi mtu anafaa kuishi pekee yake juu hakuna stress na madharau ndogo ndogo.” Alisimulia Wanjiru.

Alikuwa na uhusiano na huyo msichana na kulingana navile alikuwa anaongea ilifika wakati sisi sote tukapangwa na mori na akasema kuwa yule alikuwa mpenzi wake, isitoshe alikuwa anasafiri hadi Nakuru.” Aliongeza huku akidai kuwa bwanake ana tabia ya kupenda wanawake.

Pata uhondo kamili.


Huu Ni Unyama: HIV positive Man Rapes A Three-year-old Girl

A man has been arrested for defiling a three-year-old girl in Bahati, Nakuru county.

Dominic Mathenge, said to be HIV positive, reportedly enticed the girl with sweets before defiling her.

The girl’s mother said she learned about it on Saturday and took her daughter to hospital where doctors found that she had been defiled several times.

“I was shocked when my daughter told me she has been defiled by Mathenge,” the mother said.

Mwangi Mbogo, a village elder, said Mathenge is abusive and an alcoholic.

He said the suspect has been arrested several times and released.

Area OCPD Edward Wafula said Mathenge will be arraigned on Friday.

In a related incident, a man was arrested in Kitengela for raping the daughter of a woman he was cohabiting with.

The suspect, a mason in Kimalat area, is said to have threatened the victim with a knife during the incident.


Toxic Love: Policeman Shoots Girlfriend 7 times Before Killing Self In Nakuru Town

A policeman shot dead his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself in Nakuru Town.

Constable Stephen Kimani of Molo police station followed the woman to Nakuru Town where he shot her seven times after an argument before turning the gun on himself.

The bodies of Kimani and his 25 year old girlfriend identified as Susan Njeri were found on Kanu Street with an AK 47 rifle with 11 bullets beside them. The motive of the shooting is believed to be a love triangle.

Police moved the bodies to the mortuary pending a probe into the incident.

Last week, a policeman attached to the presidential escort unit shot dead his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself in Nairobi’s Tom Mboya street after a disagreement. The woman died on the spot while the officer succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

Elsewhere, a policeman has been arrested in Laare police station, Meru County after he lost his G3 rifle with 60 bullets in unclear circumstances. The officer had been in a bar in uniform and armed in the area before he went to bed late in the night but when he woke up he found the weapon missing.

Meanwhile, two suspected thugs were last evening shot dead in Bahati area, Nairobi and two pistols found on them in a botched robbery incident. Police say the two were part of a gang of four that had been attacking and robbing locals when an alarm was raised.

This alerted police who were on patrol. The officers rushed there and managed to kill two while the other accomplices managed to escape on foot.

The bodies were moved to the mortuary.

-Cyrus Ombati

Cholera Has So Far Killed 14, Affected 1,216 In 12 Counties

Fourteen people have so far died and another 1,216 affected by Cholera in 12 counties since January.

The Association of Public Health Officers of Kenya (APHOK) says Nairobi and Garissa are the worst affected with active cases of Cholera of cases currently.

Chairman of the association Samwel Muthinji says some of the counties are still in danger of experiencing the spread of Cholera

The countries that have reported cases of Cholera include Vihiga, Kericho, Mombasa, Kiambu, Tana River, Nakuru,  Turkana, Nakuru, Narok and Wajir, Muranga, Garissa and Nairobi.

Muthinji says the drought in parts of the country has also caused the spread of other diseases like the Denge Fever which has been reported in Mombassa and Wajir with 1,305 cases were reported with one death.

Kalazar disease has also been reported in Wajir and Marsabit where 3,189 cases were reported with 7 deaths.  He spoke in Eldoret at a meeting of the association where he was with Secretary General of the public health officers Muhammed Duba and National Treasurer an Okwara.

Okwara said Nairobi County should admit that it cannot handle the outbreak on its own and thus requires a multi-agency approach to handle the spread of Cholera. The officers want all affected hotels and food joints shut down but not selectively because of politics.

“As the association of public health officers we are now mobilizing our members to help deal particularly with Cholera cases in Nairobi and prevent possible outbreaks in other counties,” said Okwara

The association has put on alert all the more than 5,000 public health officers to work with other government agencies in helping to stop the spread of Cholera and other diseases.



-Mathews Ndanyi