‘Why, at 51, I’d never sleep with a man my own age!’ – Writer reveals

A friend introduced me to Dylan when I was 47. He was ridiculously attractive — a personal trainer with blue eyes and blond curls —and there was an instant spark between us. At 27, he was also two decades younger than me.

I’d just signed up for a Tough Mudder challenge, so when Dylan offered to train me for free I leapt at the chance. Soon, we were going on 10k runs four times a week.

The day he asked me out on a date, I could barely contain my joy.

After cheap Italian food (it was all he could afford), we headed back to my flat. The minute I closed the door he kissed me and we made passionate love right there in the hall.

More than once, Dylan told me how sexy I looked — my flat stomach and slender hips, he said, resembled those of a 20-year-old.

Katreen Hardt, 51, (pictured) who says her body is far more extraordinary now than at age 25, explained why she prefers to date younger men

While most women my age might be flattered by such a compliment from a man 20 years their junior, I wasn’t surprised. Now 51, I’m in great shape, tall and slim, thanks to a combination of good genes and working out, and I’ve been told almost the same thing by younger men on many occasions.

Which is why I was appalled when author Yann Moix recently announced that he preferred ‘young women’s bodies’ and that: ‘The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary. The body of a 50-year-old woman is not extraordinary at all.’

To me this makes no sense, and his ignorance — and arrogance — is staggering. If I were to compare my body now with my body at 25, I’d say my body now is far more extraordinary.

I have never felt more attractive. I no longer smoke nor go out drinking every weekend, as I did at university. I take better care of myself by exercising five times a week, getting plenty of sleep and eating a mostly vegetarian diet.

My body reflects these life changes: I’m leaner and far more toned, my complexion glowing and smooth.

However, most 50-year-old men make little or no effort to look as good as I do. In my experience, most men that age are overweight and out of shape — and the thought of having to sleep with one makes my skin crawl.

Young at heart

These days, 16 per cent of relationships comprise an older woman and a younger man compared with just 10 per cent in 1960, found a 2017 study

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‘One thing I cannot do is to have an affair with somebody’s wife,’ – Francis Atwoli

COTU boss Francis Atwoli on Monday refuted claims that he snatched another man’s wife.

“Somebody has been trying to tarnish my name on social media by claiming that I took his wife. That is madness.”

This was in response to a blog which claimed that the COTU leader was involved in an affair with a married TV anchor.

“One thing I cannot do in my life is to have an affair with somebody’s wife. My late father warned me never to fool around with someone’s wife,” he said.

Atwoli said he married his wives after “serious investigations” on their character. The COTU secretary spoke during the official opening of an ILO workshop in Kisumu.

“Of my several wives, I asked their parents if they were single before I married them,” he said.

The outspoken secretary general said he married his youngest wife legally after getting consent from her parents.

Atwoli said Francis Wangara, a long-serving workmate, “helped in arrangements to get the girl”.

He said he has several daughters and is willing to give their hand in marriage to suitable suitors.

“I’m willing to give any man, irrespective of age, as long as they are in love. Let them pay dowry, and we bless them to start their lives,” Atwoli said.


I haven’t spoken to my mom since 1992 after she insisted on choosing a partner for me

Were you forced into marrying someone you don’t love? Have you been in a situation where your parents insisted on choosing a partner for you? Yeah? If so how did you handle the entire drama?

Royal Wedding Kando! Annitah Raey Outlines Plans For Her Dream Wedding

In a nutshell this was the main topical subject on ‘Sema na Raey’ show by mid-morning host, Annitah Raey.

A number of men were brave enough to open up on the issue but it was one man’s confession which caught everyone’s attention when he claimed that he is yet to talk to his dear mom since 1992, after she repeatedly tried to choose a partner for him.

EXCLUSIVE: Annitah Raey Recounts Life As A Chokora

According to the 49-year-old guy, her mom had made it her mission to choose partners for her sons after successfully doing so for his two other sons.

Read his story below.

Nina miaka 49 na mimi wakati nilioa nilienda nyumbani na bibi yangu na mamangu aliniambia kuwa huyo sio bibi wa kuoa. Sasa aliposema ivo nilitoka na mke wangu na nikarudi Nairobi. He said.

Mamangu ni wale wamama wa kusema lazima wakutafutie bibi na sasa ndugu yangu alitafutiwa na hawaishi vizuri na mke wake ambaye mama alimtafutia.

Mimi nikajitafutia bibi na tunaishi naye vizuri kutoka 1990, wakati tulirudi nyumbani tena 1992 tukiwa na first born akatufukuza tena. In fact nililala kwa grandmother na bibi yangu na huyo mtoto. Mimi ndio sijawahi mtafuta tena, nilimalizana na hiyo story lakini bibi yangu ndio humtafuta.

Sijamuekea makosa yeyote nivile nataka aone ndugu yangu wanakosana na wake saa zote na wangu tunaishi na hatujawahi kosana. He narrated.

Listen to the audio below.

‘I cry A lot!,’ Annitah Raey Reveals 5 Things You Never Know About Her (VIDEO)


‘My biggest fear is that I might not find a man to love me plus my kids,’ cries Annita Raey

Radio Jambo host Annitah Raey is a woman who speaks a truth. If you don’t like it, eff you, take the next bus to hades and don’t come back.

Seriously though, Annitah Raey is a straight shooter, even on matters that expose her vulnerability, she will still say what she actually means.

In an intimate note posted on her social media, Annitah tackles the society that condemns single mothers.

anita raeyy

This post was inspired by insensitive humans who spew out garbage about single mums.

“I actually thought I was done writing notes, but someone touched a button and I decided to talk about it, and words are the best way to express myself,” Annitah started out the post.


anita raey

Annitah Raey continued, “I have been shamed in family occasions, I have been excluded from events where spouses are required, friends and family have looked at me as a threat to their men.

I have been told countless times, please stop talking to my husband, please stop hugging my boyfriend.

All fingers point at me with so much ease, they feel no guilt or remorse blaming me for being a single mum, they don’t feel the need to ask what happen they already know.”

Adding, “The woman often is guilty coz she should build her home, keep her home and protect her family, right??

A woman should be the glue that keeps them together. That woman no matter what happens, she is expected to stay. Expected to be patient. Expected to show love, to be submissive, to be the best wife ever, a perfect mother.

This woman is expected to stay no matter what happens, even if it kills her then she will have died for a good cause.”

In conclusion Anittah said, “Marriage is a good cause, saving face in society is a good cause, living a fake life for publicity purposes is a good cause. Its a good cause to die for… But please forgive me for not willing to die for the cause. I am not willing to be a martyr.”

Peleka Ujinga Huko! Mistress Viciously Beats Wife For Asking Her To Keep Away From Husband

Side chicks or side plates are a constant topic of discussion in Kenyan gossip circles.

That they are a present factor in many marriages is not in doubt, but what harm they cause a relationship is up for debate.

They are supposed to be a man’s dirty little secret. The one only his closest boys know about.

Even his mother cannot know about his illicit affairs. That the side-chick/mistress is to keep herself hidden when the main woman is present is an unspoken rule.

But there are some-chicks who don’t know how to be discreet. They feel like they are the main woman, facts be damned.

Take this next example for instance. A woman identified as Queen Moyo was dumbfounded when she found her husband Thamsanqa Maseko kissing and fondling her neighbour Fanizani Phiri in Zimbabwe.

She said: 


Hehehe! No chills were given!

So Phiri is a serial side-chick, without any shame whatsoever about making her harmful behaviour known.
The story does not end there as the two would later have a violent confrontation. The melee led to the arrest of both the women.
Moyo narrated her ordeal saying that she had met Phiri on the street and asked her to leave her husband alone.
Phiri responded, but not the way Moyo was expecting, with blows and kicks, even scratching her face.
Then Phiri added to her already disturbing behaviour by running to the police station and reporting that Moyo was the one who had attacked her.
This resulted in both of them being fined 10 dollars. Maseko her husband was called to help Moyo but he refused saying that he did not want to be involved in the affair.
Such a wonderful husband this!

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‘Don’t Be A Mat In This Life.. Stop Forcing Friendships,’ – Annita Raey

Radio Jambo presenter, Annita Raey has called on Kenyans to embrace real friendships and to never ever strain in a bid to sustain their so called friends in their lives.

In a long post on his Facebook page, the mid-morning show presenter went ahead to teach them on how to value themselves as well as the importance of being alone at times.

Je Mumeo Amekataa Kulala Kitandani Chenyu? Bi Gertrude Mungai Ana Mawaidha (AUDIO)

Read the post below.

Self Love.. Self acceptance.. Self respect..
If they only need you for something..
If they always deduct and divide in your life
If they don’t add any value…
Stop keeping them.. Stop straining to sustain them… Stop trying to impress them…
People treat you how you let them and how you show them…
Don’t be a mat in this life… Stop forcing friendships.. Stop forcing relationships… Stop forcing situationships…
Learn that it’s okay to be alone… It’s okay for people not to want you… It’s actually okay to just be alone..
Be happy and content with yourself coz if you aren’t who else will be..
Lovely morning Y’all…

Nani Ataokoa Jahazi? Meet 28-year-Old Mother Of One Who’s Desperately Looking For A Husband

Photos of a woman dressed in a wedding gown, holding a placard with a message, “I need a husband” have gone viral on social media.

The 28-year-old mother of one who identifies herself as Nyambura, was spotted walking along Tom Mboya street with her 7-year-old daughter with hopes she might land her prince charming.

Need for a husband. Pris Nyabura 28-years. I have a girl child 7 yrs. 0737350766. Read the placard.

Her photos elicited a number of reactions from Kenyans, some who supported her move while some were against her courageous move.

Apollo Wokabi:  Welcome Isaiah 4:1- This one oh God help her…Better this than prostituting.

Imbugwa Atonya Wycliffe: Nyabura looking for plan B.

John Herviy: Have you ever seen such posts in the western region??? Wanaume waluhya wanatambua there duties.
Kedogo Velky Kigwiru: She has a wedding gown already and the daughter has a radio…entertainment sorted.

Will Miss Nyambura land her prince charming?

See the photos below.

jahazi1 jahazi



Kenyan Man Whose Wife Died During Childbirth Pens Yet Another Heartbreaking Message

Dan Sonko is a lonely man. The father of two who lost his wife during child birth is yet to come to terms with the loss of his better half Druscillah Sonko.

He always writes emotional messages reminiscing the moments they spent together. Well, Dan has once again shared a very touching message about his wife.

The power couple were to celebrate their 5th anniversary in a few days time but unluckily, Druscillah went to be with the Lord.

Here is Dan Sonko’s moving letter to his wife. Go through it:


It’s Sunday…..I had told myself that I was going to keep these messages in my heart.
Today was impossible. Last night was long.
You should have been here….then God

In 18 days, we would have been celebrating 5yrs since we took our vows. A milestone of sorts….then God

Your boys are doing well my love, we really are. We could have been better….then God

I wish you could see their smiles. I wish you could see them growing. I wish you could see them winning. You were supposed to….then God

I keep your memories alive. I keep our promises. I protect and defend ours. I push on babes. It would have been a smoother journey….then God

He brought us together and He took you home. Rest well my love.

I Love You….I Do and Always Will.”

Dan Sonko

Sonko’s followers were touched by his message and they joined hands to pray and console him. Check out some of the comments:

Morine: She is proud of who you have become, a strong father in the world, bless you Dan

Thisker: Even though God may not explain Himself. He will Always reveal Himself

Natasha: Just do something for Dan dear Lord..too much to bear.sending hugs n love your way❤

Maggy: God makes things happen with reason bt take heart man….I like you spirit

Liz: May the Lord give you strength and comfort that surpasses human understanding

Cynthia: I don’t know you but this has touched my heart the God  above will to continue blessing you

Queen: Soo emotional..May you find peace

Veronicah: Its so sad but take heart nd take good care of your beautiful kids..God has a reason

Brenda: It will be well. You can keep these diarized and some day, when you are ready you can author a book which will help other people deal with a loss like this. Praying for you to have strength.


USISEME HAUKUAMBIWA! Dear Kenyan Men, Here Are 8 Characteristics Of A Wife Or Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Care About Your Future

Every man dreams of dating or marrying that educated, well-mannered career woman. There are some who are lucky to get the woman of their dreams but others fall for the bad ones.

Well, here are the characteristics of a girlfriend or wife who doesn’t care about your future!

1. You send her 250 airtime bado anatuma please call me

My brother if she is this type then you’re not her number one priority. Why send her airtime than she calls other men who don’t even give her a single cent? She is just using you.

2. She asks for 1500 for her hair, you give her 2k bado anaitisha fare

Are you insane? Some will even go to that local salon get their hair done for as low as 500/- use matatus and spend the balance to buy guarana.

shocked dog

3. You send her 2k via Mpesa bado anaitisha ya kutoa.

She doesn’t appreciate the little things you do for her. Dump her bro. She is not wife material.

Kenyan Sponsors vs Mafisi

4. You have 1k in your wallet and the fare for two people is 100 and she has 200 Bob in her purse and she can’t save the matatu conductor the hustle of looking for change by paying.

Clearly, your wife’s money is not yours but yours is for both of you.

Stingy Person


5. You take her out for lunch, you spent 2k for lunch bado anaitisha taxi

Some women want to live large yet they are very poor. Why ask for a taxi yet you commute from place to place using matatus? She asks for a taxi so that she can document the whole journey on Instagram and Snapchat. Dear men, if your wife or girlfriend demands alot please allow her to leave. Why die of stress?

6. You take her for shopping, you walk along 4 aisles and you are done with your shopping, she traverses the whole super market for her shopping.

If she does this she is nothing but an attention seeker. They will always take photos in every corner of the store/supermarket just to show the whole world that she went shopping. Do you want to settle down with a socialite? Clearly NOT!


7. You promise her 2k for her hair and she creates an album of all the promises you’ve made complete with a hit single reminding you of her hair money. Some become alarms.

8. She wants pizza every weekend which cost 1500 yet a bag of cement cost 750. Hizo ni bags mbili za foundation ya nyumba anararua per week. At the end of the month ameangusha foundation ya nyumba by 8 bags of cement.


This man is the envy of many after revealing his wife doesn’t allow him to pay the family’s monthly expenses

Gone are the days when women used to stay at home and wait for their husbands to cater for the needs of their family. Women nowadays are taking up the role of the head of the family. They hustle hard for their children and even for their husbands.

Well, a city husband has taken many by surprise after he revealed that his wife is the one who foots the bills. This is so unlike many women who always confess that they cannot share a dime with their husbands, insisting men are the head of the family and should take care of all the bills.

According to this husband, his wife is from a wealthy family and she never allows him to use his salary. She foots all the bills. So she has requested him to quit his job and stay at home to take care of their children. But he is confused on whether to follow his wife’s advice or not.

“My wife is from a very rich family. I knew what I went through before I could marry her, because they felt I was a gold digger. I just earn 150k and I have been managing it with my family.

My father-in-law just gave my wife a good paying job with 820k every month, that is her monthly income apart from allowances. He said he is more comfortable with his daughter’s financial security in case anything happens to him tomorrow.

Life has been good to us, my wife does not even allow me to touch my salary, she even adds to it. Now we have been changing baby sitters because of one funny behaviour or the other. My love for kids is out of this world. So my wife suggested I quit my job and stay home with our kids since my salary is practically doing nothing.

She also said she will be dividing her salary into 2, every month she gives me 400k to do my manly things, or if I am not comfortable we run a joint account. It sounds nice but I need to be sure I am not making a terrible mistake I will regret in the long run. I need your opinion. What do you all think about this idea.”

Check out the reactions

Biola: Don’t leave your job

Lazarus: Don’t even try it, where is your pride as a man? Even if its a 2 naira job pls stick to it, else you will start washing pant, you sound like a lazy man to even consider it

Juli: No matter how small ur income is…… Is better den depending on your wife cos she won’t respect you… don’t leave your job

Dan: Bros that job is your power, don’t even compromise by quitting your job just because your wife earns way more, and makes you feel its a reasonable thing to do under the circumstance, you are the man, you call the shots. Her dad didn’t give you that job, she didn’t give you the job, that’s your only power, don’t lose it.

Aime: Don’t… It’s a trap… She’ll treat you like shut later on when she’s tired… Just manage while you look for a better job somewhere else

Okila: U’ll be less of a man, no matter how small your income is,u are doing something. ….don’t do it, u’ll actually turn to that gold digger

Loly: Dear husband, you had better not quit your job cause of woman&love for money,stay focus&glued with your job like never before

Duni: Bros, do not quit your job for whatever excuse, be the man of the house and please, be in charge too.

Neil: I must commend your wife for her kind suggestion but I will advise to keep joy job or else you will lose your self-esteem. It means you will be at the mercy of your wife when she refuses to provide.

Renee: Please don’t quit your job. Your the man of the house no matter how little you earn.

Phoenix: Quitting your job will be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your life…. Women can never handle a man’s responsibility and still respect the man in a long run…. my brother be wise keep your job, work hard God will bless you with what you are doing.

Sylvia: You need to be a man uncle, have your financial freedom and stop depending your wife