NAIVASHA: Man commits suicide after quarreling with wife over his drinking habits

There was drama in Karagita estate in Naivasha after a man committed suicide after a quarrel with his wife over his drinking habits.

The man allegedly used money meant for house rent to buy alcohol sparking a confrontation with his wife before deciding to take his life.

This came as area leaders expressed their concern over increased cases of suicide in the town with middle-aged men been the most affected.

According to a witness Mary Waithera, the couple had for months quarreled over the husband drinking habits with the deceased promising to change.

She said that on Sunday night, the man arrived home drunk and penniless leading to a physical confrontation after it emerged that he had used the rent money on alcohol.

“He locked himself in the bedroom and took a pesticide and was rushed to hospital but he died a few minutes after arriving,” she said.

And elder in the estate Patrick Karani decried rising cases of suicide among the young people noting that there was a deeper problem.

“Since the year began we have recorded over five cases of suicide among youths and in majority of the cases it had to do with money,” he said.

Source: Anthony Gitonga

Nandi man hacks wife to death at chief’s home, commits suicide after domestic quarrel

A 38 year old man in Nandi County hacked his wife to death using a panga before hanging himself following a domestic quarrel.

The man from Kapkatet village had separated with the woman who had gone to live at her uncle’s home near Ndalat three kilometers away.

The man trailed the woman at a home near Ndalat and hacked her several times after which he fled and was found hanging on a tree at his parent’s home.

The woman was identified as Ednah Kurgat, a mother of three children and she had gone to live with the uncle Philip Songok who is an Assistant Chief.

Residents said the three had separated last year after a domestic quarrel and efforts to reconcile them failed.

Emmily Sawe who is an aunt to the woman, witnessed the incident and narrated how he pleaded with the man to spare the woman but the assailant turned hostile.

“She slashed her several times on the head and other parts of the body as I pleaded but he went on and killed her”, said the aunt.

The man later jumped over the fence and disappeared into the bush after the attack.

Villagers later found the man’s body hanging on a tree at his father’s compound.

Sawe said the assailant who was hiding on the fence, jumped in the compound after the deceased came out of the house and started to cut her with a panga.

He said the attack was sudden and shocking.


Police were called to the scene where they found a jacket, a mobile phone and bottle of Vodka alcohol left behind by the man.

Area MP Vincent Tuwei and Deputy County Commissioner Sammy Makhanu visited the scene and condemned the attack.

“We have very high incidents of domestic violence in this area and that is because of high consumption of alcohol and drugs among the couples” said Makhanu.

Tuwei and the administrator asked residents especially couples to involve elders and church leaders in sorting out domestic quarrels.

Makhanu said they would enhance the fight against alcohol and drug abuse in the area which has also witnessed high levels of crime.


-Mathews Ndanyi

Mapenzi sumu! security guard kills self after wife indulges in ‘extra-marital affairs’

Shock as Baringo North security guard working in a local road construction company commits suicide after reports that his wife has an extra-marital affair.

The lifeless body of Kokwon Lochale, 43, was found hanging on a tree in the bush near Bartabwa dam on Thursday morning.

“He had gone missing since Wednesday night after reportedly quarreling with his wife, then we began the search only to find him dead” a witness, Isaac Chemormor said.

The man is a casual laborer (security guard) at Mattan Company currently working on the ongoing Kipsaraman-Bartabwa-Kinyach tarmac road.

He had just arrived home last week to spend the Christmas with his family after the roads company allowed its staff to break out for holiday until next year.

Last week, the area MP William Cheptumo and officials from Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) summoned the company for shoddy work.

Sources close to the bereaved family said for several years the couple had endless wrangles over “wife having hidden illicit love affairs with other men, especially his colleagues” a relative hinted.

Reports also say the two had unresolved disputes over payment of the children secondary school fees and meeting the family basic needs.

However police took the body to Baringo Referral Hospital Mortuary while investigations have been launched to ascertain the root cause of the death.

Some witnesses and family members have recorded statement at Kipsaraman Divisional Administrative offices pending police investigations.

Baringo North Sub-county Deputy Commissioner Joseph Opwocha condemned the incident saying he has got no much to details to comment on because the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) is currently handling the case.

“We will be able to get back once we get the full details but for now I urge the residents to calm down and stop spreading propaganda” Opwocha said.



13-year-old girl commits suicide following fight over TV remote control

A fight over a remote ended on a sour note after a teenager girl committed suicide in Elemetaita trading center in Gilgil.

The 13-year-old girl took her life after fighting over a TV channel with her cousin in an incident that left area residents in shock.

According to a witness Ibrahim Wainaina, the girls who are in holiday had been watching one of the Soap Operas when one of them decided to change the channel.

“This angered one of the girls and a fight ensued before the victim rushed out of the house and committed suicide by hanging herself in another room,” he said.

Gilgil OCPD Emmanuel Opuru confirmed the incident adding that the body had been collected and an inquest file opened up.

“We had an incident where a 13-year-old girl committed suicide after fighting with her cousin over a remote and the body is in Gilgil sub-county hospital mortuary,” he said.

Meanwhile, the eight year old boy who was brutally murdered and the body dumped in a Naivasha estate has been identified by the father.

This came as police launched a manhunt for the step-mother who was last seen with the class two student in Karagita estate on Sunday evening.

The lifeless body of the minor was found on Monday morning by the roadside with indications that he had been strangled.

Emotions ran high as police moved in to collect the smartly dressed body with residents raising concern over an increase in cases where bodies were been dumped in the area.

According to area assistant Chief David Kaviku, the step-mother had gone into hiding since Sunday when the minor also disappeared.

Kaviku said that the father of the minor had recorded a statement with the police where be admitted that they had fallen out with the wife before the minor went missing.

“The minor has been positively identified and police are seeking the step-mother to record a statement over the incident,” he said.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident adding that they were also awaiting the post-mortem results to determine the cause of death.

“The step-mother who has gone missing has been mentioned adversely as the last person seen with the boy and we are seeking her over the murder,” he said.

-Anthony Gitonga

Joseph Irungu ‘Jowie jowi’ attempted to commit suicide

Langata police have recommended the prosecution of Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe’s fiance, Joseph Irungu, alias Jowie, with the offence of attempted suicide.


He is the prime suspect in the murder of Monica Kimani in Kilimani.

The murder case against Irungu is still pending under investigations by DCI officers from the homicide unit on Kiambu Road.

Investigators said yesterday they had sufficient evidence to prove that Irungu attempted to take his life on the night of September 21 at the home of Maribe at Royal Park Estate in Langata.

DCI officers from Langata police have been probing how Irungu was shot on his left side of his chest.

Irungu and Maribe had reported to Langata police that the man was shot by criminals on a motorbike who trailed them to their residence.


Lawyers opposed to the bid to detain Joe Irungu for 14 days

According to the initial police report, Irungu claimed to have dropped his fiance home after which he went outside and confronted the men who shot him and fled.

Investigations have, however, revealed Irungu was not shot by criminals as he alleged and that he attempted to commit suicide.

At least six people, among them Brian Kassaine – a close associate and neighbour – have recorded statements with the investigators.

Kassaine and his wife Catherine have recorded almost similar statements on the events of the night when Irungu is said to have shot himself with a gun he had borrowed from the businessman.

Catherine was the last witness to record her statement with the police on Tuesday.

Maribe’s househelp and two security guards at the home have also recorded their statements with the police.



They will be testifying in the case in which Irungu will face the charge of attempted suicide.

If found guilty, Irungu could be jailed for a maximum of two years. Catherine in her statements told the investigators how she and her husband were woken up by a bang on their door on the night when Irungu shot himself.

Catherine said she and her husband took Irungu to Langata Hospital after he shot himself. Fresh details of the statements recorded by the husband also emerged yesterday.

The 35-year-old Kassaine, who has since been arrested and detained for 10 days at the Langata police station, revealed how Irungu went to his house and asked if he had kerosene.

Kassainee told investigators he told Irungu he did not have the paraffin, after which he left. He later learnt Irungu needed paraffin to light a fire to burn some clothes.

At the Muthaiga police station where Irungu is remanded, investigators said he declined to record further statements. “We are holding onto his initial statement,” an investigator said.

-The Star

Bongo Flava queen Lady Jaydee reveals she was on the brink of committing suicide

Lady Jaydee the queen of Bongo Flava who a while ago announced that she will be relocating to Germany has been going through a lot of backlash.

However, some of her fans have always helped her get through tough moments.


“Currently, I am staying at a hotel in Germany; I haven’t found a house yet. However, I have friends and relatives in the country who can accommodate me. The most important thing is to stay far away from people who are happy when one is going through trying times,” said Jaydee

The Tanzanian R$B artist yesterday tweeted revealing that she wanted to take her own life by taking poison but decided not to since it might have been something she would regret.

‘Forget The Past, You Deserve To Be Happy!’ Fans Tell Singer Lady Jay Dee As She Celebrates Her Birthday



She expressed herself saying how she had to remind herself what she went through in order to achieve what she has achieved and it would be foolish of her ruining all that.

lady jaydee



She said that she is still here and is even stronger and whatever she went through didn’t happen for her life to come to an end  but instead to make her stronger .

11-year-old Boy Commits Suicide Over TV

There was shock at Irigu-ini village in Kigumo sub county after an 11 years old boy committed suicide following a disagreement with his cousin over television  programmes.

According to OCPD Ibrahim Mchuma, the minor Peter Ng’ang’a Waithira was watching TV with his 14 years old cousin when the argument occurred.

Mchuma said the boy was a standard six pupil at Kigumo Township Academy and lived with his single mother and one sibling.

But the OCPD noted that the boys’ family lives in the same compound with his extended family and that he wanted to watch one TV programme while his cousin wanted to view a different channel.

It is said the boy left the sitting room vowing to do something regrettable that would forever remain edged in his cousin’s mind.

“The boy got angry when the cousin switched the TV channel and walked away only to be found dead moments later,” Mchuma said.

Mchuma noted that the deceased’s body was taken to Githumu morgue and appealed to parents to take time with their children and teach them better ways of conflict resolution.

Area chief Mburu Gitau on his part noted that Ng’ang’a who was the first born in his family had a hot temper and was easily ticked off.

The boy, he added, took his own life using one of his clothes, to the shock of the entire village.


Nyandarua Man kills 3-year-old niece, attacks mother before attempting suicide

A man killed his three-year-old niece, seriously injured his mother and then attempted suicide by slitting his throat in Nyandarua County on Thursday.

The 27-year-old committed the crime in Ol Kalou Constituency.

A resident told the Star that the man had intended to kill his wife and four-year-old son but that the woman fled while the child was in school.

He then went to his mother’s house where he found his sister’s daughter and cut her in the head with a panga. She died at the scene.

The killer then attacked his mother and left her unconscious before heading to school to pick his son.

At the school, head teachers asked if anything was wrong. He told them that he had killed his mother and niece.

“The teachers raised the alarm so he fled and jumped into a nearby dam. Residents found him trying to slit his throat and pulled him out,” the resident said.

The area chief said the man’s mother was taken to a nearby hospital and that she was unconscious. She suffered injuries to her head and other parts of the body.

Police took the suspect for treatment and the child’s body to a mortuary in the area.

The killer’s father said he returned home from Nairobi four days ago and told his wife that he intended to commit murder.

“He went to Nairobi a few months ago for work at construction sites. His wife informed me of what he said so I told her to stay alert,” he said.

The father said he tried in vain to talk to his son to find out what the problem was.

“He could be under the influence of drugs. His acts could also be as a result of cult worship,” he said.

Residents accused police of laxity, saying they took too long to report to the scene. They said that by the time officers arrived, they had disarmed the suspect and taken his mother to hospital.


Police Officer Hangs Self In Unclear Circumstances In Donholm, Nairobi

A police officer committed suicide in his house in unclear circumstances in Donholm area, Nairobi.

The officer identified as Patrick Mwangi Macharia attached to Soweto police station died after hanging himself in his house and left a note besides his bed.

His body was found in the house by his daughter who had gone to visit him yesterday morning. The body was moved to the mortuary and this increases the number of officers who have committed suicide in the last months to almost 20.

Meanwhile, a suspected thug was last night shot dead in a botched robbery in Pangani area and a pistol found on him.

Police say the suspect was in the company of three others and had been attacking and robbing locals and motorists when an alarm was raised. The other suspects managed to escape on foot.

Police say the suspects had attacked and robbed many pedestrians while armed with pistols and other crude weapons. More police patrols have been enhanced in the city to address cases of armed robberies.

-Cyrus Ombati

NAIROBI: Two Men Commit Suicide In Separate Incidents

Two men committed suicide in two separate incidents in Nairobi in increasing such trend. The first incident happened in Buruburu area where a man jumped to death from a hotel he was.
The hotel was on the second floor of a building and it is not clear what motivated the incident. Another incident happened in Mukuru slums where a body of a man was found long after he had committed suicide in his house.
Police say such incidents have been on the rise in the past months.
There were 421 cases of suicide in 2017, 302 in 2016, 221 in 2015 and 301 in 2014. Majority of the victims were men. In 2017, 330 men committed suicide while 224 men committed suicide in 2016, 177 in 2015 and 239 in 2014.
Meanwhile, the more than 40 suspects so far arrested and charged in court over National Youth Service scandal are expected to know their bail terms today before a court.
The group had applied for the bail prompting the chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti to announce he will make a ruling today. They include Principal Secretary Lilian Mbogo and NYS Director General Richard Ndubai.
Yesterday, a court had issued warrants of arrest against two directors of Arkroad Holdings, one of the alleged beneficiaries of the Sh468 million scandal. Ogoti ordered the police to arrest the two individuals, Antony Makara Wamiti and Peter Wagura Kimani, as soon as possible and present them to court.
This was after their attorney, Wandugi Kirathe, was unable to tell the court the whereabouts of his clients.
The two are said to have – through their company, Arkroad Holdings – unlawfully received payments worth Sh24, 866, 800 from the NYS for goods not supplied.
-Cyrus Ombati