I’m using Kamuti to prevent someone’s hubby from leaving me – Kenyan woman


Like Jim Reeves sang, this world is not my home I’m just a passing through, that is exactly my to go song whenever I hear/witness nasty stuff.

Well I have been humming to that jam the last few days, after one chic called in and confessed to using Kamuti on someone’s husband.

According to the chic named Cate, she has a moneyed ka sponsor who is obviously someone’s husband. She revealed that thanks to her mom’s assistance, she uses kamuti to keep the man hypnotized for their own benefits.

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She says that her mother who is a mganga, helps her get some bizarre stuff which she mixes in the poor man’s food to get him hooked. In return she gets monetary benefits in exchange for sex.

After being with the sponsor for a few years, the man has already bought Cate and her mom a house while his wife and kids live in a rented house.

Read her confession below.

Siku hizi mapenzi lazima uingize kamuti. Mimi nilikuwa na date bwana ya wenyewe lakini mganga aliniambia nimpatie private parts za crocodile.

First mamangu mwenyewe kwanza ni mganga, sasa ananipatia namuekea kwa chakula, ana perform na hakuna mahali ataenda.

Wakati wa kula zile chakula, unajifanya mgonjwa ili yeye mwenyewe ale.

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Why didn’t she look for her own husband?

Mwanaume mwenyewe ni mtamu, nimekuwa naye kwa miaka miwili na siwezi mzalia kwani nataka tu pesa. Mapenzi ninayompa ni ya uchawi.

How much does she get from the sponsor?

Per day yule jamaa huniwachia elfu tano bora tu nimuoshe miguu na nimpe kila kitu anataka.

Mimi nimenunuliwa nyumba na bibi yake ndiye anakodisha, mimi mambo ya kukodisha siwezi. Akileta nyokonyoko tutamfukuza na mamangu kwani kila kitu tume register na mamangu kwa jina langu.

Mimi nampa dawa kila siku na ikiisha nguvu narudi, akiruka akili.

Jambo Massawe: Bwanangu alinifukuza na akaoa dadangu (AUDIO)

Mob burns houses of 17 suspected witch doctors in Homa Bay

Tension gripped three villages in Suba South on Thursday as a mob torched 17 houses whose owners were accused of witchcraft.

The incidents took place in Mwikongo, Kisaku and Kitawa villages in Kisaku sub-location.

Homa Bay County Police Commander Marius Tum said at least 200 villagers raided the houses. They burned down two granaries and left a 70-year-old woman injured.

“Nambi Oindi got injured as her granary was torched,” Tum said, adding she was taken to Camilus Mission Hospital in Migori.

Kisaku Assistant Chief Nicholas Otieno said some of the victims were linked to the killing of two men two years ago.

“The [attackers] said they had swallowed their anger for too long,” he said.

Tum said security teams assessed the damage and started investigating.

The police boss discouraged the public from resorting to mob justice and told them to help police find suspects.

The victims appealed for help in finding other places to live.

Kenyan thief surrenders himself to Tanzanian police after employer uses witchcraft on him


The last time we saw something like this, it was a man who ran off to a police station with a swarm of bees after it was alleged he had stolen.

The Ugandan man had stolen household items, and the employer used vudu to get him to surrender the items.

Well, recently a story of a Kenyan man who stole from a posho mill in Tanzania has gone viral.

The employer is said to have used juju to have the stolen items returned. And sure enough the man returned the items only that the bag of maize was stuck on his body.

But really Kenyan do have this thing about taking their bad manners to other countries. Unfortunately for this man, his bad manners caught up with him.

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23 Ugandan radio stations shut down for promoting witch craft

Uganda communications commission (UCC) has suspended the licences of at least twenty three radio stations for claims that they were promoting witch craft.

This harsh decision came about after several warnings that had been sent to the stations.

Mr Ibrahim, manager consumers affairs, UCC,in an interview with NBS TV Uganda, said,

“On 27th march 2014 ,the commission put out a notice that actually appeared on the new vision that was warning and alerting the public on the presence of conmen ,if i may call them,we call witch doctors who were promoting their services on various broadcasting stations.This was contrary to the witchcraft act section 2 cap 124 and it is also contrary to the computer misuse act section 19 and section 21.We do not aid and abet conmen to actually take advantage of unsuspecting member s of the public promising them heaven and earth ,promising them that they can actually cure AIDS and cancer and things of the like.”

The country’s commission issued a permit to suspend and revoke the operating license of any media house on the grounds of serious and repeated breach of the license conditions, and any fraud or intentional misrepresentation by the operator.

The media is very influential and any listener would be convinced by the adverts about witchcraft and conmen .

The manager consumers affair Mr Ibrahim said,“we had a hearing yesterday of a cross section of those broadcasters that were affected ,there those who claim the only reason they have been running these programs of conmen or witch doctors is because they are having it difficult in the business and because witch doctors pay a lot of money.”

Clearly this ignorance at its best, coming from media personality who don’t care about their listeners. So the commission has taken the matter seriously this time and explains that truly there is an outcry from the public.

Even after they were suspended, other media stations shut down and others continued working especially the ones based in Kampala but the manager explained that the stations that resist the suspension ,more actions will be taken.

This might even lead to confiscation of their equipment.

Disgraced Embu Man Stabs Nephew To Death, Accuses His uncle Of Witchcraft

A man in Embu has been arrested for allegedly murdering his uncle’s eight-months-old baby.

Erick Njiru, 27, is alleged to have turned his anger on the infant after suspecting that its father tried to bewitch him.

The suspect is being held at Runyenjes Police station.

“The suspect stabbed Lukas Nyaga’s 8-month-old baby boy Fedelis Muthomi with a pen knife at Gatitu village in Embu East Sub-county at 7pm on Friday night,’ police said.

Embu East OCPD Njoroge Mbugua said the suspect visited Nyaga’s home on the fateful day and found the baby sleeping in the bed as his father watched over him.

He said an argument ensued before the suspect grabbed the baby and started running away with him as his father pursued.

Mbugua said Njiru immediately produced a pen-knife from his pocket and stabbed the baby in the head and escaped.

The OCPD said Nyaga and other family members rushed the infant to Kyieni Mission Hospital where he died as he received treatment.

Kyieni East location’s chief John Kareko said the suspect will be arranged on Monday.


Heshimu Mali Ya Wenyewe: Suspected Car Thieves Dance Naked After Being Nabbed By ‘Evil Powers’

Witchcraft is real. At least that is what two suspected car thieves found out in Mombasa after they were affected by what appears to be evil powers.

The two suspects had allegedly stolen a Nissan Fuga and were driving it towards Bamburi Mtambo from Bamburi Mwisho.

However, the two mysteriously stopped the car, parked it outside a clinic, got out of the car, undressed and started bathing in a nearby pool of mud water.

“They were saying the weather was so hot and they needed a bath,” said an eye witness.

A snake was allegedly following them.

The two suspected car thieves however picked up the snake and started speaking to it. They danced with it as if they were having a conversation, according to eyewitnesses.

They took turns carrying the snake around their neck.

Some eyewitnesses said they recognized the car, which they said belonged to a man living near Anwarali, in Kisauni constituency saying the two will only be “released” after the car owner arrives at the scene.

Hundreds of curious onlookers milled around them with the Police, who arrived later, had a hard time controlling the crowd.

The incident caused a massive traffic snarl-up as onlookers tried to get a glimpse of the two.

Occasionally, the two caused near stampedes as they threatened to throw the snake into the crowd.

All the while, the live snake never left their hands.

Incidences of people using witchcraft to capture thieves are not uncommon in Mombasa and other parts of the country.

In January, a suspected thief was found lying outside a house from where he had stolen a goat in Majaoni area of Kisauni constituency.

The suspected thief had tied the goat with a rope and used it as a pillow.

He was stark naked.




Punda Amechoka: Mathira Residents Opt For Witchcraft To Catch Notorious Thief

Mathira residents in Nyeri County have sought alternative ways of trapping thieves after days of being terrorised by them.

Tens of villagers at Kagati village are watching in debrief every hour pass awaiting for the coming Sunday date when a suspected village thief will be cornered.

This is after one of them and a pub owner in the nearby shopping centre opted to seek the services of a witchcraft after his pub was broken into and items stolen.

As per the villagers, the process to tracking down the thief is manifested by a brown rooster that has been perching on the roof the pub for four days from last Saturday.

They said that the bird will in clockwise direction go round the roof of the pub where upon the lapse of the days given, the identity of the suspected will be known.

They said that conventional ways of curbing insecurity in the area have been unsuccessful claiming that security officials have done little to help them.

One of the villagers Stephen Mwangi claimed they have suffered a lot from a group of armed thugs that terrorizes them both by stealing and even killing.

“The owner of this pub has suffered setbacks to the level of nearly closing down his business after it was broken into seven times. We are tired of this,” he said.

Mwangi claimed that the witch doctor who visited the place last weekend promised to get the results once the rooster goes round the roof of the house for one week.

But a retired assistant chief from the area Clement Wandeto said the he could agree or disagree with this exercise, saying that he has adopted a wait-and-see approach in regard the matter.

Tens of villagers are now milling around the scene on daily basis and not ready to disturb the peace of the bird which though behaving a normal way claimed that it has goes without feeding.


Watatu Wauliwa Kwa Kushukiwa Kuwa Wachawi Kilifi

Wanawake wawili na mwanamume mmoja wameuliwa kwa kudaiwa kuwa wachawi katika kaunti ya Kilifi.

Wakaazi wanadai kwamba watatu hao walimroga mhudumu wa boda boda aliyezama maji wikendi iliyopita.

Wananchi waliojawa na gadhabu wanasema kwa sasa wanawasaka wengine wanne wanaodaiwa kujihusisha na uchawi.

Visa hivi vimekua vikiendelea sana katika kaunti ya Kilifi huku wazee wenye mji wakishukiwa kuwa wachawi. Wengi wao wametafuta hifadhi katika kaya Godhoma wakihofia kuuliwa.



WITCHCRAFT? : Naivasha Residents In Shock After Waking Up To Tens Of Dead Chicken On The Road

Residents of Naivasha woke up to a bizarre incident where tens of dead chicken were dumped along the busy Moi South Lake road in what is believed to be witchcraft.

The chicken were incidentally placed on one side of the road and a few meters apart raising fear and suspicion among tens of flower farm workers who reside in the area.

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It’s alleged that the chickens were dumped overnight and it was not until morning that they were discovered by the workers.

Following the bizarre incident, public health officers led by their in charge Carolyne Vata visited the affected route before picking samples of the dead birds.

The officers were also dumbfounded by the incident ruling out normal dumping as they embarked on their investigations.

According to one of the area residents James Tanui, the birds were dumped over night on strategic locations along the road.

MAAJABU: Mkenya Afunga Pombe Mshipi Ndani Ya Gari, Marekani

Tanui who hails from the nearby Sanctuary village attributed the move to witchcraft adding that this was normal during elections period.

“This is purely witchcraft but our worry is who is been targeted and who are the masterminds behind this bizarre incident,” he said.

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The sentiments were echoed by another area resident Geoffrey Onyambu who said that the incident had left them in fear.

He noted that prior to the 2007-08 post election violence that rocked the town, a similar incident occurred and called on police to investigate the issue.

“If it was one person discarding the birds he would have done it in one section of the road instead of dumping them one after the other,” he said.


“To Me Witchcraft Is Nonsense!” Jose Chameleone Refutes Claims That He’s Illuminati

Visiting Ugandan star, Joseph Mayanja popularly known as Jose Chameleone is arguably the best musician in the East African region. Having stayed in the music industry for 16 years, Jose Chameleone has managed to become the most sought after artiste around despite many having faded into insignificance.

Known for hit songs such as Wale Wale, Nkoleki, Valu Valu, Dorotia, Tubonge, Agatako and Pam Pam, Chameleone’s music has always dominated both the local and international airwaves a clear indication that he is creative and talented.

The Tubonge hit singer has also worked hard, his way up and his lavish lifestyle is a clear indication of that. From his palatial mansions to driving expensive cars, Chameleone is a clear indication that indeed music pays.

Well, Chameleone has been of late accused of using black magic/ Illuminati to gain fame and popularity. He refuted the claims saying that there are people out there trying to tarnish his name.

He says he is a believer in Christ and that’s why he has risen from grass to grace. He further says that “witchcraft is nonsense”.

Jose Chameleone is in town to record the fourth season of Coke Studio Africa.

Courtesy, Caren Nyota.

Watch the video below.