Gertrude Mungai’s Tips On What You Need To Eat To Keep Miss Victoria Clean And Healthy

Sex and relationships expert Gertrude Mungai was on fire on Wednesday morning. This time giving women free tips on not only how to spice up their bedroom affairs but how to keep their genitals healthy and odour free!

When asked about the simple and natural things women need to use or feed in order to get rid of bad odour this is what she had to say.

These are the simple things that women need to do to keep Miss Victoria clean and healthy;

Sometimes we clean her too much! Don’t use soap or any other form of detergents because she is self cleansing, that is why women have discharge and it simply means everything is perfect.

Another thing is exercises are great because the more you sweat you need to know even Miss Victoria perspires that’s how it cleans itself but you need to clean up well after that.

Also women need to know that they should not put on the same underwear for three years! There are special underwears which are specifically for Mombasa  Raha, some are uncomfortable and they are unhealthy. Also note that you should not sleep in your underwears.

Gertrude Mungai also could not finish her ‘Mombasa Raha’ ‘Sermon’ without guiding ladies on the best foods they need to consume for a healthy and an odour free Miss Victoria.

When it comes to eating you must make sure you eat a balanced diet at all times. She said.

According to Mungai, these are some of the foods which plays a huge role when it comes to a woman experiencing bad odour from her Miss Victoria.


Njahi, Matumbo, njahi, Omena and all foods with a lot of garlic and spices.

But it doesn’t stop there because she advises women to eat all that but soon after they should eat Pineapples, which can be eaten in so many ways.

Listen to the clip below.

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