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EMB walinisingizia kuwa niliiba milioni 2 – Peter Blessing

Peter Blessing anasema mkataba wake na lebo ya Bahati ilikuwa ya miaka 20. Katika mahojiano na Word Is, alikamatwa baada ya kuamua kutoka kwa lebo hiyo.

“It was written that I had obtained Sh2,039,000, which is not true. I was in EMB and when I told them I was getting out, that’s why I was accused of that. That was the thing that brought out all that drama. I was signed last year and I hadn’t even finished six months,” alisema.

“My contract was for 20 years with EMB. Bahati told me to sign the contract and we work together. I had high expectations. I never thought I’d get out this soon. I wanted to fulfil my dreams. I’m from a poor background, so I don’t know why someone would put me behind bars.”

Among the things that led his exit was the “disrespect” his mother was getting from EMB staff. “There was a time they were calling my mum and they weren’t talking to her well,” alisema.

“There is a time I went home without a phone because they took my phone. Weezdom called my phone and it really hurt her. That’s when I decided to dump EMB. I am a man, I can take insults but my mum can’t, she will say it.”

Aliongeza, “The things that were happening were unacceptable. I am a Christian but my mum will say anything that she sees to be wrong, which I don’t have the courage to. It is hard for me to say the things that are happening at EMB.”

Anasema akiwa amefungiwa seli, Bahati angekuja azungumze na maafisa.”It was my first time behind bars and it really hurt me. I never understood why someone would do this to me. Bahati came to talk to the police and he thinks I was lied to by people. I had thought of moving out for a very long time. I cried a lot,” Blessing alisema.

Alithibitisha uvumi kwamba alilipwa Sh3,000 baada ya kutumbuiza katika show ya Bahati mnamo Desemba 31.

“I was told to go and look for a house with the Sh3,000. These are the things that stirred me to get out,” alisema.

Bahati alikataa kujibu tuhuma hizo.

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