Raila Odinga Junior reveals Lamba Lolo hit makers are his favorite artists

Raila Odinga's son Raila Odinga Junior has come out to reveal that boy group Ethic, are his current favorite Kenyan artists.

Ethic are popularly known for their 'Lamba Lolo' song.

According to Raila Junior, what won his musical heart about Ethic, is their authenticity and how they package their trade.

"Ethic, Ethic ni maboyz wangu kwanza nataka ku bond na huyo Swat mtoto wa Eunice, yeye hunibamba, kwanza hiyo song yao Instagram." Said Odinga Junior.

Odinga Junior who religiously follows Ethic on social media, says that he actually wants to meet the group members and is even more than willing to organize a show for them free of charge.

He said.

I just wanna meet those guys I can even do a show for them for free. S.W.A.T nitafute I'll do a show for you guys for free.

Mimi nawapenda you know they are original, they are not manufactured like in commercial songs, I love them cause they are so real hao hunijaz sana.

Kwanza I even follow them on IG wakitoa track tu ivo mimi niko huko nawaskia cause they are very original

Earlier this month, S.W.A.T, a member of Ethic was captured in a video that viral with rumours that he was caught stealing.

Ethic rubbished the claims saying the boy and a couple of friends were simply running away from the police in order not to get arrested.

Asked whether he heard of the news and what he made of it he said:

Niliskia but haikuwa hivo, unajua alikuwa akihepa makarao at that time vile tu alisema. As a fan of Ethic vile I saw that clip, he had his T-shirt who goes to steal with a T-shirt (With his name on it).

Vile watu walimgonga online asiskie ubaya that's just Kenyans hating, akuwe tu strong na aendelee na muziki wao.

Asked to name his favorite Ethic song Odinga Junior named their latest jam 'Instagram' as his new go to jam as well as 'Chukua Selfie' by Khaligraph, Fena, Jua Cali and Naiboi and Nyashinski, this because he produced the music video.