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Mombasa Woman Burns Husband With Hot Cooking Oil Over Cheating Claims On Christmas Day

Everyone is celebrating the festive season with most of traveling to be with our families and loved ones in different parts of the country.

But sadly, this is not such a happy holiday for one Bruce Omondi, whose wife, Evelyn Atieno, burnt him with hot oil on Christmas Day over accusations of infidelity.

Bruce Omondi is being treated at Coast General Hospital for serious burns on the face, stomach and his private parts following the shocking attack.

He said that his 30-year-old wife woke up early on Christmas Day, went to the shop and bought two litres of cooking oil and boiled the same before attacking him.

“We had quarreled the night before. She called me a prostitute only to wake up in the morning to attack me with hot oil while I was still asleep,” Omondi told reporters.

He added; “I came home late last night and found her asleep. I asked her why she had not cooked, but she told me to go and eat from where I had come from.”

Omondi and his wife have three children in their marriage.

He said the woman had been threatening him for the last three years they have lived as husband and wife, and it looks like the day finally came.

On Wednesday, December 28, Likoni OCPD Willy Simba said they are still pursuing the woman who is still at large, leaving behind a three-months old baby.

Cases of domestic squabbles resulting into injuries of partners has been on the rise lately across the country.

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